The EOG test scores came in


NC gives students end-of-grade test.It allows them to measure their educational growth for the current school year. Only my daughters took them this year. With my kids, the results are always the same! One does well, and the other one well…..long story short- it t’aint what it should be!

Soooooooo- today post will be  short and sweet. Pray for my child that I don’t hurt her tonight. The end, good night!

Halley Berry’s Daughter said WHAT?

himThis has been a busy week. I’ve been all over the place with workshops, births and the children’s educational pursuits. The other day, something came to my mind, and I had to remember why is it that I never talk about my husband.

Yes, the wind beneath my wing, my main cat, my biggest driver, baby daddy, my King, anchor, my barrel of crazy. “Rajah.”

I think because of my mission is to uplift motherhood so much I’ve always focused on strengthen the mother child bond over the husband-wife connection. Let me put a pause in the thick of things to shed light on the importance of a great marriage via Nahla Berry.

I came across this heading, ”  Halle Berry’s Daughter Creates “Top Ten” List For Married Couples  ” It was a  segment of Late Show With David Letterman with an adorable “Top Ten Ways to Stay Married” list, created by her 6-year-old daughter, Nahla.

My first thought was…. how in the world would she know such things, but if you listen in, the little angel has a pretty good head on her shoulders. Bless her heart.

In the comments, someone mentioned that she know these things because of her moms failures. I say whatever it takes to make you a better person- go for it. I learned a lot watching my parents and other couples around me. I knew right away what I wanted and didn’t want in a relationship. I also watch myself. I didn’t want to ever be ” that type”  of wife. You KNOW WHAT I’m talking about. Go on and let your mind drift  anywhere you like.

When I met my children’s father, I MUCH thinner, more wild, and less enlightened. I’ll be the first to tell you that, over the last 16 years, I’ve been able to improve on two of the three things posted. He can accept that because I have accepted his changes as well. Why? Because he is still a great partner, meanest cheerleader and respectful friend. I guess it’s fair to say that, I get more production over problems with him.

The SUPER parents

The SUPER parents

In closing, I thinks it’s a great list and should be considered by any soon to be bride. Take a look and tell me what you think while I figure out wear I’ll wear my wedding dress to next.

When hoarding pays off!

I am not a hoarder!hoa I only like to keep great information together for future reference. And I have no problems getting rid of things. Contrary to what my family may say. For example, my magazine from 2006, it will be recycled today, right after I rip out the reference friendly bits that I need.  I came up with a plan. Sort, compile, and back up everything starting with my overcapacity file cabinet.

It’s amazing what you can find while cleaning up. Instead of stapling, storing, and stuffing, I’ve recycled others information into a new gift to share!

What took up needed space in my file cabinet is now recycle, reduce and reused. With so much information I figured there was no better time to write my 2nd book. So I enticed my husband to take the children out for a few hours over the last 4 weeks and BOOM!  I have a quality product to show for all of that quiet “Me Time!”

Take a look. This collection is great for new moms, teens, baby’s, and dads  with over worked body parts. It’s a teaser, if you want to see more, you’ll have to visit my gift shop. I have over 50 all natural treatments there. Many of the ingredients you can find in your kitchen or local health store. You’ll love every one of them. I did! spa tip 3

Facial Exfoliater

2 heaped tsps of fine oatmeal                1 tsp, baking soda

Combine ingredients. Add enough water to make a paste. Apply and gently rub skin. Rinse and pat dry.


High Energy Smoothie

½ C of plain yogurt   ½ banana        ½ mango      ½ cup orange juice        ½ cup  of ice

Blend & Slurp.

spa tip 2

Aromatherapy for Pain Management

2 drops of pine oil        3 drops of eucalyptus    3 drops of frankincense

Put in 20 ml carrier oil jar*

Use this up to 3 years for best results.


Foot Bath

Add 4-5 drops of peppermint, rosemary, and thyme to a large bowl of water . Soak for a few minutes and air dry feet on dry towel.

spa tip 12

Homemade Shampoo

¼ C of your favorite herbal tea, strongly brewed

8oz liquid castle soap

Add soap and tea. In a pot, stir mixture until well blended. After usage, store in capped bottle.

My Baby Bump Salve

6 grams jojoba oil                 4 grams coco butter                        2 grams vegetable glycerin

36 grams evoo                     5 grams distilled water                   10 grams avocado oil

Combine oils and butter into heated proof cup. Place cup in boiling water and melt. Remove from heat and stir well with a popsicle stick.  Place water, borax and glycerin in a separate —– (This process was way too long to post here. I’ll have it in a book for you. Just know thatit is really good :) )

spa tip

CoCo Mango Foot Bar

1 lb CHOPPED organic goat milk melt and pour base soap

½ C COOLED* fresh coconut, grated, flaked and toasted till golden      2 oz of organic mango butter

Grind coconut and set it aside.

Melt melts in double broiler. Pour the melted butter over the melted soap base. The sprinkle coconut on top.   —-Too much to share here. Get the book in 2 weeks and have it all to enjoy at home..

So you like them or Naaah? LOL,  that’s how the young ones suggested I ask. Take care ya’ll!

**** 10% of sales from this purchase will go to Queen City Stay At Home Moms********

Friday Four: 4 Things Not to do or say to a Mom in Labor- EVER!

This song by Katy Perry helped my last birthing mom through her labor pains.

This song by Katy Perry helped my last birthing mom through her labor pains.

Last week impressed me. Not in a good way either. I seen first hand why a solid support system is a must for a successful labor and delivery.  What I did like about the entire situation is my daughters learned a few lessons as well.

The birthing process puts mom in a critical position. As a young girl, my mom always said it’s like having one foot in the grave and one on land. I seen the wrong support end in a infection for mom and baby last week and hope that I will never see anything like that again.

This is for ANYONE that has anything to do with a laboring mom. Please read and follow these simple suggestions.

1. Don’t say “Goodie, see I told you it would hurt”  or “Stop yelling!” Yes, the teens mom said this to her. I don’t want my daughters on the laboring  bed either (as I was at 17 years old) but I would never say such cruel things to her. Life will be challenging enough. Instead say some thing to encourage her like, “You’re doing a great job” or “you’re laboring beautifully.” statements like that can make her feel confident when she doesn’t and also prevents the staff from saying things like “She looks tired.  Do you want an epidural?”

2. Don’t take pictures of her with her hair all over the place unless she’s okay with that type of stuff. Even then, I’m sure the baby does not want to see mom looking a hot mess. At least put one of those hospital caps on and rub her lips with Shea butter. She’ll love you for it.

3. Give her sips of water after every contraction in hard labor-
Have a cup or bottle ready, full of her favorite labor drink, (water, herbal tea, coconut water) with a bendable straw. This will help her labor efficiently. It will not only give her energy but helps keep her hydrated. So just do it.

4. “‘You can’t push yet.” (Doesn’t that just sound crazy to you?)  My nurse asked me to wait while the call the doctor from the cafe three floors down. My girlfriend, and the nurse delivered that son of mine.  There is no such thing as “Hold it!”


I should have added more than 4 on this topic. Maybe I’ll add more later. I’ll end with this bonus tip:Hire a Doula!  Think of us as a helper for YOU too-  This is a person who can remind you what you know, can spell you if you need to pee or eat an energy bar, and who can be supportive for everybody involved.  This isn’t something that everybody wants or needs- but if it is something she wants- it will benefit you too.

The birth experience is important for the whole family.  Mom, however is the one who will be giving birth. Make it pleasant and think of what you want in the end…. a happy, healthy, baby!

Here are just a few more resources: boot camp

More tips

Jabela, The Doula 

Wednesday Wow: Creating Your Personal Routine

Making a consistent daily routine (that was born out of our large family’s priorities that we developed) has helped me to learn to get the important things done FIRST and let goes of the things I don’t really need to do!morning workout execise

First figure out what’s important to you. It will not be what your parents, friends, or neighbors may agree on. Most people put in your life – God, your marriage, children, health, working, serving, ect. you choose that. From there, learn how to refuse, accept and what to walk away from.

When looking at my personal priorities list, it seem like I do a lot. However, having these defined priorities helps me to know what I can and can’t take on. For example:

  • I’m not doing a garden this summer
  • My teen daughters help me with cleaning and cooking
  • This summer, with my moms groups, we’ll split more family meals together
  • I don’t do our household finances (hubby finally took that over)
  • On Thursdays, we eat dinner at Earth Fare, so I don’t have to cook from scratch.
  • To get out of the house quicker, we taught (most of) the children how to dress themselves.
  • The children hair and clothing only requirement is that it must be cleaned. Matching and laid to the side is not my goal.
  • My husband is okay with a pile or two of my media, papers, books, product review/ gadgets around the house.
  • When I tutor or consult, my clients meet me at the library. The kids practice independent reading.
  • I don’t iron our clothes
  • I take the children to music classes, community events, etc to take a home school mental break for myself.
  • We have 8 living children. EACH of them have their own playmate.
  • I have a great network. They offer my teen daughters internships so they will learn new skills.
  • I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook (other than for my blog)
  • I take Fruitients (African Mango- Irvinga Gabonensis), Credible Cravings, or homemade smoothies for breakfast when I need to get the day going very fast
  • My sons take baths together, two by two.
  • I use a lot of solid black fabric to cover unsightly marks and needed repairs on the desk.

Next Monday, I’ll show you how I spend my time daily.Instead of trying to cram everything into your day (and feeling burnt out and discouraged when everything doesn’t fit), first start with 24 hours and then add activities with realistic time’s assigned to those tasks.

How do you manage your day?


My 5th Doula Baby is here!

My daughter texts and say,”Mom, please come do your doula thing. I’ll pay you.” Now, how can I say no to an offer like that? So off I went. When I walked in the laboring mom was not alone. She had a her mom, boyfriend, little brother, and dad there,doula her Shawnte so obviously I didn’t know how I would fit in, but very soon, I seen the need.  This teen parents had so much on their mind. Missed working hours, their own major medical appointments, and feeding their own younger children. I sensed quickly that although they were physically there with Shawnte’, they we’re not mentally. That’s why my daughter asked me to come.

Me giving a pain relieving massage.

Me giving a pain relieving massage.

As I entered the door, I sprung into work. after saying hello to everyone, I asked mom to be how she was feeling and gave her, her very 1st gift, a much needed massage. While doing so, I asked her if she knew what was about to happen. How her body would open up a like a lotus flower. I also asked her what did she know about labor and delivery. To my surprise that she knew nothing ,so I filled her in with a clear conversation and pictures between labor pains.

That conversations seemed to relax her a lot, so then we started to discuss other birthing things. When it seemed like she was getting uncomfortable, I started reciting labor affirmations to her. With her being  teen, AND having so many people in the room, she couldn’t really focus on what I was saying so I tried something else….. The birthing ball and Youtube! This warrior was smiling, and singing Katy Perry’s “Hear Me Roar.”

Cervical Dilation



After cries, scratches, moaning, even more questions, and 30+ hours later Destyn arrived via C Section. No, it wasn’t our plan, but he’s here, healthy and well loved. Mama  deserves a recovery smoothie, Post recovery smoothie by Jabela The Doulaand I earned one on one time with my newest love! All hail Prince Destn!! And yes, my daughter will pay her bill, in spite of the fact, that I loved the job.:)  Whoose next?

Newborn Blessing and birth announcement

Friday Four: A Doula’s fourth-of-july of July

I am proud to be an american in-spite of everythingHappy 4th Of July!!!!

I delivered my 5th doula baby a few hours ago!!! Talk about a true “Labor Day!” Speaking of Independence Day, what all do you really know about it? The Europeans man of freedom from Britain? Cook out time with family and friends? A break from work. A celebration of giving birth?

I know it looks like play time, but we're working here.

I know it looks like play time, but we’re working here.

My husband says, it has been watered down over the years and it doesn’t have an significant meaning to him. That’s his meaning of 4th Of July.

My preference is different. As a child, I was in love with the idea of “Working and making loads of money.” It’s true! With age Does comes wisdom. Yes, I love keeping utilities on and helping others. But I can’t wait till my working hours level off.  As a mom,that work from home, it’s easy to pull 40-60 hours a week- Easy!!!!

Labor Day is viewed as the unofficial last day of vacation before the start of the new school year (and mourned by students all over).  Stated differently, it is the Back-to-School kickoff (cheered by parents all over!).

To all the hard working folks out there, I salute you. On behalf of everything we do, let’s take the day off and let our fro down.

Here, look what I found online and on our family book shelf!

My 5th "Doula" baby.

My 5th “Doula” baby.

The 4th of July

(”aka’ Independence Day)  is a national U.S. holiday. It always falls on a Friday.What better day if you ask me.

What are we celebrating? The contributions and achievements of the 155 million men and women who are in the U.S. workforce.

Although, it began in Canada, Stemming from 1870’s labor disputes in Toronto, in 1872. We celebrate the country’s Declaration of Independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776. The actual legal separation of the former 13 colonies actually took place on July 2, 1776, but but the declaration document written by Thomas Jefferson (later the third president of the United States) was not ratified until two days later.

In the late 1800s the average American worked 12-hour days and seven-day weeks to eke out a basic living. Children as young as 5-6 years old worked in factories and mines.

John Adams, later second president of the United States, wrote that “The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. “

Women business owners employ 35 percent more people than all the Fortune 500 companies combined.

He was almost right, though the celebration has taken place on the 4th of July from the beginning. Early festivities often included 13-gun salutes, parades, and fireworks. Then in June 1994, Congress voted to make Labor Day a national federal holiday.

Question: How many rays are on the crown of the Statue of Liberty?

One for each continent, according to the

carowinds today

Well did any of this surprise you? Here’s how I spent Labor Day- With MY FAMILY chilling out. The girls went too but they didn’t stick around. Every once in awhile they checked in and graced us with a smile. :)

I hope your day went well. Learn more here!