Supermom votes too!

Yesterday was a great day. Not just because it was my birthday, but because I got out to vote! I got two interesting pieces in the mail and I found a good home for my puppies. I’ll tell you more, but first a message from MomsRising!

My daughter voted too. They had a kids voting area there. How awesome right? v

As I arrived to my voting spot, I was interviewed by a Fox News reporter. He asked me why did I decide to vote early. I responded by telling him, “Man, on any given day, I will have 4- 6 children with me. Right now their is no line, my decision now will be my decision later, and doing it now is one less thing I have to plan to do later.” He asked me what was responsible for the large voter turn out. Now, since we were speaking in a majority African American location, I assumed he wanted to know what motivated so many African American to vote in the massive numbers. To that I smiled and said, “We organized!” Scare tactic in Mecklenburg County 2014

He quote me in his coverage saying: “For other people that I’ve been speaking to, they want to wait and get more information,” Kelle Pressley, an early voter, said. “They want to make sure they’re making the right decision so they don’t waste their vote. But for me, as a busy mom, I ultimately think it works for me to vote early.” ME, via Joe Bruno, Fox News

Every one know small frequent gathering are the way to go, and it looks like it’s the key to a successful campaign so far.

I also wrote my name down for a walk in position. Can’t wait to see how that turns out. I’ve been doing that for years now and haven’t got sworn in yet!  Go Figure!

The mailings I got included a Voting report card. Turns out I have a very good score. It was sent by some Color Of Change organization out of Washington. The other piece I received was from a special interest group. I really didn’t understand the message. What I got from it was a suggesting that if we don’t vote more of us, meaning African Americans will be shot. See I couldn’t follow that because, We have Obama in the house and that made it worse. Just a thought ya’ll. I LOVE My 1st family.

Now why did I vote? I voted because I like thinking that I have a voice. I will never put my neck on a chopping block and say that voting is the resolution to every problem and that what the selected officials  say and do will be true, but somehow I think it’s my responsibility to make an effort. Now that I know my children are watching I want them to feel that they matter also. If voting helps with that why not?

Voting early, gives me one less thing to plan. By getting it out of the way, I can have a peace of mind knowing that the decision I came to, the desires of my heart was made where it counts!

(If you click the links you’ll get more information on each topic!)

Friday Four: Table Manners 101

Table Manners Are Served!

Table manners should be taught very early in a child’s life. Waiting until they are older can easily cause frustration. In our home, we are not too proper. We don’t set the table with napkins or 3 sets of tableware. But there are a few rules we parents insist on. DISCLAIMER: By no means am I saying they are followed at every single dinner. What I am saying is we expect and encourage them to follow these simple rules of respect.

Life goes by so fast, and conversations are so short, we, parents must find ways to protect snippets of quality time together. What better way than at the dinner table? Try my top four tips for creating a happy

1. Sit down, napkin goes in your lap.

Not only is it the right thing to do, but it will prevent any food spilling on clothing or chair cushions. Nothing works my nerves more than to see pasta all in my chairs and on the floor after dinner.

2. “Excuse me, please pass the …”

Most times food is place on their plates. It’s rare that we put anything on the table. But if it happens, just ask. As the main chef, I love to see empty serving bowls.

Seating Etiquette for Restaurants

Traditionally, a man cedes the inside seat, whether a banquette or a chair, to his female companion. “The woman faces out, and the man faces in―he should want to look at the most beautiful thing in the room,” says Tracey Spillane, general manager and partner of Spago Beverly Hills. If you’re dining with someone of the same sex, the guest gets first dibs on the best seat (and view).- Jabela Ledisi

3. Complements to the chef.

Select your favorite item on your plate and complement the person who prepared it. Most times, it’s my daughters and any influence to get them cooking more is good for me.

4. Bread basics.

This may be one of my biggest pet peeves but is a very simple rule to teach your munchkins. When they are ready to dive into their dinner roll or bread slice, the polite thing to do is to cut a pat of butter and place it on their bread plate. Tear off a bite-sized piece of bread, add a little butter then eat the piece in one whole bite.

Bonus tips: These should go without prompting, but I will review them to be sure.

• Please and thank you.

• Elbows off the table.

• Electronics do NOT come to the table. Engage and converse with your relatives.

• Bring the food to your mouth, not mouth to the plate.

• Chew with your mouth closed.

Now how to influence them to behave? It’s simple, PRAISE THEM for every good thing they do during dinner. Correct with simple explanations, and don’t offer rewards for good behavior. The explanations help kids feel empowered to make good decisions next time, and rewards only serve as a way to teach kids to seek rewards. Feeling good about one’s fine table manners will eventually be enough reward and will last a lot longer than a toy or treat.

Got it? Get it! Good. Now if you want to know how to set a proper table, here go you.- CLICK here! For more table manner tips, click here.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened at your dinner table? What dinner rules do you have in your home?r

Wednesday Wow: Getting past postpartum depression (prt2)

On last week, I share 1/3 of of my series on postpartum depression. I hope you liked it. Here’s part 2. Feel free to share and add your business information if you supply servicesw for this illness.

  1. 30 minutes of sunlight per day.

    I have met too many moms beating themselves up with guilt and shame because postpartum depression has a grasp on their JOY. I feel it weighing on my heart to share this message and take a stand. I want moms to know they’re not alone in this struggle. Let’s shake the shame, lose the guilt and help these moms take back their JOY♥   Please LIKE and SHARE if you or someone you know is or has been affected by postpartum depression. visit for answers and support from experts and fellow moms.

    I have met too many moms beating themselves up with guilt and shame because postpartum depression has a grasp on their JOY. I feel it weighing on my heart to share this message and take a stand. I want moms to know they’re not alone in this struggle. Let’s shake the shame, lose the guilt and help these moms take back their JOY♥
    Please LIKE and SHARE if you or someone you know is or has been affected by postpartum depression. visit for answers and support from experts and fellow moms.

  2. Take time with your appearance, grooming, self care. Looking good and caring for your body can help you feel better.
  3. Nurture yourself. What feeds your soul or makes you feel wonderful? Do these things, go to these places.
  4. Keep to a routine. It can be a daily routine or a weekly routine. Even seasonal “routines,” activities or rituals done at particular times around the year, strengthen our sense of rhythmicity and resilience.
  5. Laugh regularly and hard. Visit with people who make you laugh, read your favorite humorous web sites, or watch a TV show that always provides a chuckle. When turning to youtube or the internet, set a timer, and after 30 minutes move on to activities in which you connect with someone you can physically interact with and touch. The internet is wonderful, but during times of depression it can actually serve to further isolate us by creating connection experiences that don’t involve all of the senses through which true attachment is built.
  6. Pray or meditate. Spiritual transformation and growth are a common part of the transition to parenthood. So much about your life has changed. This impacts your control in the world, as well as meaning, purpose, and identity. Exploring spiritual significance is a healthy means of integrating motherhood or fatherhood into who you are.
  7. Sing. Songs can express any emotion and may be used either to release emotions you are feeling or to create in you emotions you are reaching
  8. Listen to a variety of music.
  9. Spend time with other adults. Talk with supportive and understanding people. Perspective, normalization, and community are essential for the new parent.
  10. Keep a journal. Express your thoughts and feelings by writing them out.
  11. Get involved in the outside world. Help others. There are volunteer programs that welcome parent-baby pairs. Call your local nursing home and ask about opportunities for visitation with healthy residents.
  12. Find a support group. Local birth doulas, midwives, and childbirth educators should be able to help you find a postpartum depression support group in your area.
  13. Use essential oils for depression. To a warm bath or to 2 ½ T massage oil (such as grapeseed oil or almond oil) add 2 drops neroli, 2 drops petitgrain, and 2 drops orange oil. Enjoy a massage or soak for 10-15 minutes. These three oils come from three parts of the orange tree: the flowers, leaves and twigs, and the fruit. The wholeness of them when used together restores balance. Bergamot, jasmine, neroli or clary sage are also recommended for postpartum blues.**
  14. Use essential oils for fatigue. To encourage deep rest – 3 drops of lavender, marjoram, or roman chamomile in a warm bath before rest. To create a sense of more energy: 2-3 drops of geranium or bergamot and 2-3 drops of rosemary to a morning bath or in a bowl of water or a fragrance burner to scent a room: 2-4 drops of any of the following: petitgrain, geranium, mandarin, rose, bergamot, ylang-ylang, lemon, lavender, or rosemary. Especially recommended is a combination of lemon and geranium.** t

** Any time you are adding essential oils to water it is best to first add them to a small amount of milk, and then add the milk to the water. This helps the oils bind to the milk and prevents chemical skin irritation from direct contact with the strong oils.

Marvel Universe is coming to the QC!

Marvel Universe LIVE! Featuring the most Marvel characters ever assembled in one production, this high-caliber arena spectacular will put fans right in the middle of one of the most electrifying battles between good and evil ever conceived.

My four little boys are so excited! They already have thier costumes ready and have been practicing thier moves waaaaay before me splling the beans that we were going. I think every boy has a dream of beign a super hero.  Can you blame them?

A hero is strong, respectful, energetic, charming,brave, and faithful….. sounds just like my little super heros. This will be our 1st Marvel Live show ever so I must make it special for them. It’s dates with the boys like this they will remember forever! And yes, I want to be the one who gives this to them. Details on how to win your family four pack is below!

We have been blessed again to offer a family four pack to one of my readers! Here’s how to get them. Send me a fun video or picture of your little Marvel super hero in action. I’ll share the very best one on my QC Supermom page on facebook.

Hurry, contest runs NOW until October 1st!  Send all entries to me on Facebook!


Friday Four: 4 WOMEN To Admire

Have you ever ran into another mom and thought, “Wow, she is so awesome!” It’s like they have been hidden from you and now that you’ve found them, your life will never be the same because you have found an endless pit of knowledge, inspiration and support and sisterhood. Well, I have been fortunate to run into many women like that. In one way or the other, they have made my life better because of the essence of who they are. My question to you is this, have you said “Thank You for Being You?” I’m sure your “Supermom” would love to hear it. We must get in a better habit of lifting each other up.  I’ve listed my top four women to admire beow. Take a look and feel free to share your top 4! I don’t mind long shout-outs, so say it like you mean it!!

1.  Lindsey D. her She is a beautiful, spunky,amazing mom of 3 and fascinating army wife. I love the way she keeps them actively and progressive engaged in a happy childhood, while preparing them for adulthood.  At the same time she keeps me blushing on her witty ways she keeps her husband content. Lindsey’s strong faith and support system keeps her going and I love learning from her!

2. mama Rose Rock- “The key is being there, being fully engaged and wanting to be there. It’s a conscious decision you make.”

In a recent interveiw, she stated;  You know, my husband would ask me, because we had a large family, did I feel like he and the children, you know, were in my way or that did I feel left out? And I never ever did because I stayed, raised my children the way I did, now I’m able to enjoy all of that.

You can read more on that recent interveiw here.

This lady is right on target. Parents, myself included, need to read this and put it into practice. Mama Rock makes it sound simple. And her basic outline is just that -simple and straight forward. Sometimes we have to tell it like it is, stop making excuses (parenting is work), and get back to the grass roots of child rearing. LOVE her to the moom and back!


“If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.” -Judge Judy t

3. Judge Judy- “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.” -Judge Judy

She has some of the best statements ever that I use everyday with my family, friends and business circle. I guess I’m a old head like that but the wisdom in each quote is profund. See more here, and here. I guarantee that you’ll love them all!

You can get her FREE book here! It’s called What Would Judy Do? I have read it and highly suggest it for all MOTHER, wifes and women! She made a comment that I live by. I say it this way “Mothers need to have thier own money. Even if it’s a small kitty. Husbands always want accountabilit, No grown women should have to always go to her husband for everything.”

4. Last but not least YOU! (Women only…. sorry guys)

Being a mom is challenging! As a wife, and work from home mother of 9 I know what ywe do everyday isn’t always how we seen our seves when we were little girls. When you give 110% of yourself during the day and is still can’t resist kissing those toes and checks good night, that makes you awesome! To you I say keep up the great work. It will pay off. Our oldest is a Jr in college and I’m already seeing the pay off to our selfless efforts!


Wednesday Wow: Getting past Postpartum (prt3)

This is the third part in the series. Let’s look at the help from Integrative Natural Health Practitioners


In addition to the natural postpartum depression remedies you can use on your own, integrative natural healthcare provides can provide powerful natural remedies for postpartum depression. The following are a list of some different natural modalities and how they might help with postpartum depression.

  • Massage Therapy: Deeply relaxing. Helps manage physical pain and the impacts of stress.
  • Acupuncture: Deeply relaxing. Helps resolve pain and imbalances such as disturbed thyroid function.
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy: Deeply relaxing. Light touch, fully clothed. Supports the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby stopping an inappropriate stress response, and provides overall support to your body’s innate healing and balancing abilities.
  • Reiki: Deeply relaxing, fully clothed. Helps manage physical discomforts, stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings such as guilt or inadequacy.
  • Yoga: Restores, rejuvenates, and releases bodily held tension. May create community. Many postpartum yoga classes welcome babies. In some areas, you can find yoga classes specifically for emotional balance or postpartum depression.
  • Wellness Coaching: Can help you figure out how to make the life style changes that will support your wellbeing.
  • Nutritionist/Herbalist/Naturopathic Doctor/Homeopathic Practitioner: These professionals are able to assess diet, thyroid, estrogen and progesterone levels, and more to make appropriate nutrient recommendations in the form of foods, supplements, or bio-identical hormones. Their training, certification, and licensing varies widely among practitioner and state. An ND, or licensed naturopathic doctor, is a medical doctor who approaches the body as a whole interconnected system, and uses homeopathics, botanical and other other natural and lifestyle medicine. They are not licensed for primary care in every state, but their training is extensive and phenomenal no matter where they practice. If you cannot find an ND, ask carefully about experience with postpartum depression and always discuss all treatments you are pursing with your primary medical care provider as well.

    I have met too many moms beating themselves up with guilt and shame because postpartum depression has a grasp on their JOY. I feel it weighing on my heart to share this message and take a stand. I want moms to know they’re not alone in this struggle. Let’s shake the shame, lose the guilt and help these moms take back their JOY♥   Please LIKE and SHARE if you or someone you know is or has been affected by postpartum depression. visit for answers and support from experts and fellow moms.

    I have met too many moms beating themselves up with guilt and shame because postpartum depression has a grasp on their JOY. I feel it weighing on my heart to share this message and take a stand. I want moms to know they’re not alone in this struggle. Let’s shake the shame, lose the guilt and help these moms take back their JOY♥
    Please LIKE and SHARE if you or someone you know is or has been affected by postpartum depression. visit for answers and support from experts and fellow moms.

When to see your doctor or a mental health professional

  • It’s never too soon! Any time you have health concerns talking with professionals may be a huge help and a comprehensive treatment plan is important.
  • If your symptoms persist beyond two weeks.
  • If your symptoms are worsening.
  • If your symptoms are severe to the point where they impact your ability to take care of yourself or your baby, give rise to thoughts of harming yourself or your baby, or make you feel desperate.
  • To test for physical causes such as thyroid function or changes in blood volume

Friday Four: Disney On Ice Princesses and Heroes Review

Talk a bout a must see! This was a great show!  Disney On Ice : Princesses and Heroes  should be of every families bucket list. The cast diversity, and storylines were perfect! Last week we offered one of our readers the chance to attend Disney on Ice: Princesses and Heroes with thier family!

There were are least eight stories told in under two hours. With all of the action and awesome lines, your child wouldn’t even notice it. Disney’s Princesses & Heroes will transport you into a condensed version of the loveable Disney stories of Jasmine & Aladdin, Snow White & prince, Belle & Beast, Ariel & Eric, Aurora & Prince Phillip, Rapunzel & Flynn Rider, Tiana & Naveen.

We had the perfect hosts in Mickey, Minnie & Tinkerbell!IMG_0547

“Be Our Guest,” and “Under the Sea,” pop with creative costumes and dynamic lighting designs, and are as peppy as anything

I grew up watching their movies. I get as excited as the children since it made me instantly takes me back to the days of my youth. So it easily becomes a 90 – 120 minutes treat for everyone.

 What is also cool it that each year they find a incredible way to keep it fresh without any story line -overkill. This year, there was FIRE and fireworks! Really- How cool is that?!?!?!?!?!

The skater’s skills were out of this world! They spun, they danced and they jumped (even on the water and fire!). It was truly the highlight of our week and we are already looking forward to next year.

 My hope is that in the very near future we’ll be offered a fruit kabob or candied apple beside those $12. bags of cotton candy. (Yes, a girl can wish !)

While tickets can be a bit pricey (though deals can always be found) it’s absolutely worth the excitement aroused and the gusto with which the little ones rush to the event!

"Children today..... what can I say!" -

“Children today….. what can I say!” -

Here’s my 4 simple tips for attending a live show on Ice:

1. Eat before you go. EVERYTHING in the area is exspensive. Your children will want it all.

2. Bring a sweater. It’s Disney On Ice. It gets pretty cold in there.

3. Get there on time. When the show begins the lights are turn off and let’s be honest, who likes to get up for  people to squeeze in the row. It’s a considerate thing to do.

4. Enjoy yourself. This is a vacation for your family. Make the most of it and have fun. Laugh, sing a long, take pictures and use a hash tag! Yes really, Feedback is golden. And your child(ren) will remember it forever!

Ooooh, the perks of being a mom blogger! Disclosure: Field Entertainment will provided my family and I with 4 tickets for Disney On Ice. All thoughts and opinions are my own. No compensation was received. Thank you again to all of the contestants in our fun contest! They were all great entires! See ya soon!


Tips for getting past postpartum depression

PostPartum despression is real. I have had nine babies and I think with at least 4 of them I wanted out. I got past it. It’s normal. Stop beating yourself up. Here is a list to help. I have made a 3 part series on this. So don’t miss out. Help is available.

I have met too many moms beating themselves up with guilt and shame because postpartum depression has a grasp on their JOY. I feel it weighing on my heart to share this message and take a stand. I want moms to know they’re not alone in this struggle. Let’s shake the shame, lose the guilt and help these moms take back their JOY♥   Please LIKE and SHARE if you or someone you know is or has been affected by postpartum depression. visit for answers and support from experts and fellow moms.

I have met too many moms beating themselves up with guilt and shame because postpartum depression has a grasp on their JOY. I feel it weighing on my heart to share this message and take a stand. I want moms to know they’re not alone in this struggle. Let’s shake the shame, lose the guilt and help these moms take back their JOY♥
Please LIKE and SHARE if you or someone you know is or has been affected by postpartum depression. visit for answers and support from experts and fellow moms.

Natural Remedies for Postpartum Depression

  1. Get extra rest.
    • Practice excellent sleep hygiene. If you have supportive adults in your life, make sure they know what good sleep hygene is and enlist their assistance setting up these patterns for yourself. They can offer you help with baby or household care to create time for you to rest, or you can be accountable to them for putting these practices into place.
    • Find formulas that are not habit forming and they are not contraindicated when taking other medications. And safe for breastfeeding.
    • Do not use over the counter sleep aids or natural supplements such as melatonin or valerian without the guidance of your healthcare provider. These can interfere with your body’s ability to re-regulate your sleep cycles and are not safe with all medications.
  2. Eat well. Nutrients make a huge difference in your body’s ability to regulate hormones and bio-states. During times of stress, change, and healing, your body uses excess nutrients. You need these vital components to balance your hormones and support neuro-transmitters.
    • Eat lots of dark leafy greens, whole grains, and other fruits and vegetables to assure that you are getting an adequate supply of the vitamins and minerals your body needs.
    • Molasses and nutritional yeast are foods that can boost your B vitamins, essential to stress management.
    • Eating one Brazil nut per day will give you a selenium boost which is helpful for fighting depression.
    • Turkey, often know for its sleep-inducing effects at Thanksgiving, provides calming.
    • Protein will help your body restore after depletion.t
  3. Reduce stress. Reducing stress can take two forms: prevention, and release.
    • Do every preventative measure in your control – say no to social or family functions you don’t have the energy for, turn down unnecessary obligations, ask others to pick up responsibilities that you currently carry. There may be a wealth of people in your life who are willing to help if you ask. Brainstorm who these people may be, make specific plans for when and how to ask them for help, and enlist a loved one to help you overcome any hesitations you have in asking for help.
    • Releases stress is a different task. Make a personal top ten list of stress-releasers, post it where you can see it, and put stress release activities into place whenever you feel your stress point rising! Rescue Remedy is a natural remedy that can be taken under the tongue or in water when you experience sudden or pronounced stressful feelings, or before entering a known stress-inducing situation. It is not contraindicated when using other medications or for breastfeeding. imagesCAF0HMIE
  4. Practice deep relaxation exercises. There are many deep relaxation aids that are deeply effective, and having one or two in your home, kept in a visible location, will prompt you to use them. Try to make a daily habit of spending at least 5 minutes intentionally practicing deep relaxation. Ask a loved one to keep you accountable, and to help with baby care to make this possible. Some aids you may purchase are a meditation CD, miracle balls to release held tension, a still-point inducer, or an acupressure mat. If you want to practice deep relaxation without buying anything, try taking long slow breaths from your lower belly while laying on the floor, sitting by a window and staring out to a mid-distance without focus, or taking a long warm, not hot, bath.
  5. Get exercise every day. Aim for at least 90 minutes a week. Research confirms that 5-10 minute bursts are just as effective as longer stretches, as long as the overall exercise time adds up. So pick up your baby and put on some dance tunes or park at the outer edge of the parking lot to get in more walking.


Part 2 will be available on next weeks Wednesday Wow Post. There are 3 in this series. I hope it helps someone! If  you are a professional that supplies services to help a mom dealng with such illness, please post your business info below. Thanks!

Feeling Free as a Bird

I know but one freedom, and that is the freedom of the mind.-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

What would you do if you could do EXACTLY what you wanted and just live as a Free Bird?

I would have my ring finger tattooed.
I would only eat what I could grow.
I would take dance classes.
I would learn to paint.
I would shop almost exclusively at thrift stores.
I would teach internationally.
I would learn to ride a motor bike.
I would make time to meditate daily.
I would earn another degree.
I would plan to take my entire family on a week long cruise.
I would play dress up and have a Selfie Photo Shoot. with earth tones or maybe even tropical colors. 
I would listen to old school gospel music every day of the week.

 I would not miss any of my son’s basketball games.
I would color my hair tomato red.

I would burn cds of my favorite music. (Old school I know.)
I would take more Thursday, Woman-Only classes at Home Depot.
I would shop for antiques and go to garage sales every Saturday.
I would have girls’ nights out to go to plays, operas, concerts and museums.
I would watch the sun rise with my husband and eat breakfast on the porch.

No time like the present to get free, huh? I think I will. Right after this homeschool day.:)IMG_0669

Mission Impossible: Puppies, free to good home

Oh My Gosh, who knew it would be this hard to find my sweet terrier’s puppies a new home. I am trying my best everyday because I know the longer I wait and the older they get it may be a issue for placement.

So I considered my options. Craigslist was one. Just as I was about to post the puppies for the taken, this came up ……. (and I’m glad they it did.)

So now I have to charge….. ok.

PETA and AALAS have been kind enough to provide the following perspectives on this controversial subject:

1. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) []

We are writing in regards to the “free to good home” advertisements that appear on the Craigslist website.

As you may be aware, animals given away for free can, and unfortunately often do, meet gruesome fates. They can end up in the hands of animal abusers like Barry Herbeck, a Wisconsin man who was convicted last year of torturing and killing animals he obtained through “free to good home” ads. He confessed to taking his kids with him when responding to the ads so people would be comfortable turning animals over to him. People known as “bunchers,” who obtain animals illegally from random sources to sell to research facilities for profit, often acquire animals by answering “free to good home” ads. Small animals advertised as “free to good home” are sometimes acquired by individuals who intend to use them as bait in training other animals to fight. Gerbils, hamsters, and young kittens are often acquired to be used as snake food.

Animal protection organizations all over the United States work diligently to educate people about the proper procedure for placing animals and frequently assist people in finding good homes for their animals. We routinely contact individuals who place “free to good home” advertisements to alert them to the potential perils for their animals and continuously receive appreciative calls from people who say they never knew these dangers existed.

Craigslist could do its readers and the animals a great service, while setting a very progressive example, by posting a brief warning at the top of the pets section about giving animals away for free. To supplement the warning people could be informed that they can contact us for more information about placing animals and screening potential adopters.

So I made this ad:

Star (Mom) Rock & Roll (sons)My sweet white terrier (house dog) just had 3 puppies (2 males & I female) and my husband says that the have to go! The girl is gone to my neighbor. I wish I could keep them together.  They are now 5 weeks and ready for shots and to eat independently (even though they are still nursing by choice). If you are interested in them, please inbox me. We do prefer them to be together.
I am not offering my fellas to any weirdo for fighting /food or any other non sense!
I can meet you at Earth Fare in SouthPark or at Imaginon downtown (***) ***-****

Hopefully they will be placed somewhere happy, safe and healthy really soon. If not, I guess they’ll be early Christmas gifts to the nieces and nephews. Now off to the vet we go. Dog Mama is due for a spay/neuter appointment. I can’t go through this again. The kids and I have fallen in love with them. It’s getting harder sneaking them in after my husband gets sleepy.