Register to Become a Holistic Birth Doula!

The Pink Grasshopper Holistic Birth Doula program is comprehensive in it’s scope.
We teach a practical and well rounded body of information about childbirth…
all the basics…yet the material is presented holistically and
with a balance of the intuitive and the clinical.

The Curriculum
* Reproductive Anatomy
* Pregnancy Physiology
* Labor and Birth Medical Terminology
* History and Duties of the Labor and Postpartum Doula
* Compassion, Care and Cultural Awareness Skills
* 6 Holistic Therapies for Pregnancy and Birthing
* Maternal Social Services
* Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy
* Prenatal Care Assistance
* Labor and Birth Assistance

* Birthing Ball and Rebozo Techniques
* Birthing Options
* The Role of the Father
* The Birth Plan
* Breastfeeding Support
* Infant Care including Baby Bonding Techniques
* The Doula Business 101

You will learn –

• Feminine anatomy and hormones of the reproductive system and the female cycles.

• How to understand birth as an organic process and how to support a mother’s choices in various places…home, hospital, birthing center.

• How to articulate and navigate through the cultural perspectives concerning birth.

• How to nurture a pregnant woman.

• How the baby navigates the pelvis during the process of labor

• How labor unfolds without interference and how to facilitate women in that process.

• Options in childbirth…choosing caregivers, waterbirth, positions for delivery

• Understanding the cervix…dilation and effacement, cervical lips, ruffling the membranes, Bishop’s score for induction.

• How to understand some of the controversial topics in childbirth…ultrasound, induction of labor, rupture of membranes, Group Beta strep, cord clamping, neonatal jaundice…

• How to employ healing modalities that facilitate self-direction in mothers and families.

• How to tend placentas and offer Placenta encapsulation.

• How to create win/win and collaborative solutions when things do not go as planned.

• How to present yourself as a doula in the community and how to integrate your practice of woman care with the knowledge of birth.

Certification requirements are easy and simple. The reading of

Protecting Your Birth: A Guide For Black Mothers

How racism can impact your pre- and postnatal care — and advice for speaking to your Ob-Gyn about it. by The New York Times ( Bring a copy to the workshop for discussion) Prerequisite

And birth experience (Those who has either birthed a child or attended births.)

Due before certification

The cost of the 3-day program is $360. Payable via PayPal, or Vimeo. Pay Here

November 20- 22, 2020 See and RSVP here.

About the trainer: Kelle Pressley Perkins aka “Jabela Ledsi”

Encouraged to support women between the birth of her own nine children, Kelle has been helping families with childbirth education, labor & birth, and lactation support since 2010.  Moving to Charlotte in 1998, she met and so many implants with no support like her, infused to serve. It became very important to help educate others who felt the same way.  Her initial mom group, Queen City Stay At Home Moms began partnering with both local & national nonprofits, and businesses. The goal was to create a safe and resourceful community through blogging, job sharing and product reviews. That grew quickly to free training and long term educational opportunities.

Kelle, used her education from Johnson and Wales University as a spring board to increase her brand as a solid life style brand ambassador for moms. Going back to workshops to learn more about fertility, childbirth education, and postpartum was a natural choose. Teaching parenting classes, to expectant families, birth moms, and adopting parents came next, In 2012, she was able to take the leap away from parenting classes, and focus full-time attention on caring for women.  Bridging the gap between Childbirth Education and many other cultural challenges that face mothers of color. She has served in many capacities, along the side of numerous state and federal policy changers. While learning more about the wisdom of women’s bodies, Kelle realized there is yet so much more to learn.  In that quest to learn more, and more work need to be done to save more moms and babies of color. She is very honored to learn from many granny midwives and elders on how birth used to be and why we must remember the mom after delivery.  This is what she wants to share with YOU. Register today.

Your Doula, “Jabela” The Pink Grasshopper

Jabela and the new mom, newborn and birth photographer.

This Birth Doula workshop includes all of these steps required for TPG Certification:
Hours for workshop— 8 am –  5pm EACH DAY

 Tuition includes a childbirth education workbook, breastfeeding course workbooks, business forms, online mentoring, continental breakfast, nutritious snacks and beverages.

For More Information, Contact Jabela (980) 247-2072

LOCATION for Training – PRIVATE LOCATION in Charlotte and Mooresville NC. Will be given upon registration.

Your place in this Doula Workshop is not held without your ‘paid’ tuition.

– Refund PolicyA refund, less $30 processing fee, 
is given if participant cancels two weeks or more
before workshop date.

If cancellation is less than two weeks prior to the workshop date, no refunds are given .

​All lunches are on your own.  Feel free to bring your lunch or dine at one of many nearby restaurants.

Nursing babies may attend.  
You know your baby best. Please keep learning needs (your own as well as others) in mind if you choose to bring your young baby. If you need childcare, bring your baby. We have a child care provider on staff. Small fee added per day.

Friday Four: Kids Coping With COVID and BLM

Before COVID, our boys had a pretty good schedule. They were well engaged. Appropriately exposed to technology and pretty balanced with homeschool work and foolery. COVID has caused havoc among homeschoolers of color too! Adding the trauma of being black …….this is a conversation that should have been on the table.

First, let’s clear up some stereotypes. Yes, all five of my sons play basketball. Yes, we love watermelon. Yes, we travel as a family, which includes their dad (some of the time). Yes, we read books. And yes, we are very black. Oh. we also homeschool and grow food in our back yard. There, that was easy.

Now here’s the problem, anti-black bigotry in America can take many forms, some overt, and some harder to measure. Today, I’m talking about microaggressions. Little to mid-size insidious moments that build up to bigger issues when not checked. When half of their world has been shut down, and the other half is trying to figure out how to COVID homeschool, so much is freshly illuminated with social media and our kids see it all! As many times as they choose to. And that adds to the problem.

When our children see and hear us adults experiencing racial discrimination not only do they have that mental anguish. Reports are coming through daily speaking on the secondhand exposure to racism, such as harassment of black men, killings of unarmed black men by police, can harm the mental health of black Americans.

If you reading this post is like me, raising black sons, know that they need to be confident in whom they are. There is a definite need to build them up now so they aren’t easily torn down by outside influences. I have my sons repeat affirmations in the morning. Nothing long and elaborate. Sometimes it’s as simple as, – “I affirm that I have been wired to move forward.” With all of the voices in the world that have the ability to affect our children’s perspectives and thoughts of themselves, it is important that we are intentional with this daily.  Our new normal may not look anything like pre-COVID. That goes for protesting too.

I’m one of those parents that have marched, protested, wrote letters, and even delivered messages directly to our representative on Capital Hill. Annnnnnnnnd I’m still not sure if it’s the most successful thing to do. Now that I have these boys and can’t place them all in one carrier, i have to figure out a way to allow them to protest safely. Meaning No Rioting in the streets. It’s just too dangerous!!

A Riot Is The Language Of The Unheard. – Dr. MLK Jr.

Riot- a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd:/an impressively large or varied display of something.

Because I don’t want my children to participate in riots. I was pushed to help them discover other healthy ways to express themselves. So I helped them create their own t-shirt line. They did just about everything themselves. From selecting quotes from famous black men to finding the best platforms to sell them on. I figured if the external messages of hate, inferiority, and even no ambition can be widespread, why not share my babies shirts? They are sharing hope, empowerment, affirmations, and constant reminders of how great they are! ( Below is their slideshow. I have changed nothing. To order one go to Facebook- Click Here! )

Black Lives Matter is about the lack of consequences when black lives are taken by the hands of the police. Here are four more nuggets of fact for your Friday Muse:

  1. 84% of white murder victims are white
  2. Because of systematic racism, blacks have a higher poverty rate, suffer from poorly funded schools, and are more targeted by police.
  3. Black Americans are 2.5 times as likely as white Americans to be shot and killed by the police.
  4. Black men make up just 6% of the nation’s population.

So now. COVID is here. Everything is heightened across the board. Including our children need to be supported and constantly encouraged.

Wednesday Wow- Village Postpartum Meals

This is a quick post. I wanted to share something that everything the everyone can do to help a new mom get off to a great start. It doesn’t matter if you are a man, kid elder, or broke college kid. You can jump on this meal train!

When considering postpartum recovery and optimal nutrition, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. The first is that you’ve just spent nine months growing a human, and you’re physically recovering from labor. It’s also important to remember that lactation also places high demands on the body, and decreased micronutrient stores can heighten postpartum depression risk.

Spicy foods are also emphasized. In South Africa, high-protein foods are encouraged, while cold foods are avoided as they are believed to reduce milk production. Foods such as eggs and seafood would provide additional protein along with iodine, B-vitamins, zinc, choline, DHA and a variety of other nutrients that help speed healing and also enrich breast milk.

Which kind of foods should you go for?

• Soups, porridge, kitchari, congees

• Fresh, organic vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy greens, etc (for the first few months, keep the cruciferous vegetables at a minimum)

• Fresh, organic fruit (if available, otherwise frozen berries are great)

• High-quality protein and iron-rich foods such as eggs, hummus, and bone broth

• Wild caught fish like sardines and salmon (avoid tuna)

Healthy fats like avocado, EVOO, ghee and coconut oil.

• Nutrient-rich grains such as buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, millet and

• Calcium and probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt and fermented vegetables to assist the gut microbiome.

• Herbal teas and spices such as fennel, and ginger.

So let me jump right in it;

Energy Balls-

Energy Oatmeal Balls require only 4 ingredients! Quick oats, peanut butter, honey, and mini chocolate chips are all you need for these perfect snack-sized energy oatmeal balls.  #snackrecipes #oatmeal #healthyrecipes #recipeoftheday #energyballs

These no bake lactation bites are seriously one of the easiest recipes you will ever make in your entire life.  You just need six total ingredients for this super easy lactation bites recipe. The ingredients that you need to make this recipe are:

  • old fashioned oats
  • chocolate chips
  • creamy peanut butter
  • ground flaxseed
  • raw honey
  • vanilla

Those are the only ingredients you need to make this delicious lactation energy bites recipe!

5-Ingredient Easy White Chicken Chili Recipe | gimme some oven

SOUP- Brothy Chicken Soup – with onions, garlic, and cilantro is a common postpartum recovery meal. 

Bone Broth.

Bone broth is full of incredible healing nutrients and especially collagen, which is key for connective tissue healing, skin health and even the health of your digestive tract. The collagen in bone broth is especially bioavailable and rich in different types of collagen giving you the best of the best. Collagen can also be found in whole fish soup and organ meats, and you can also choose to buy a collagen supplement (usually in powder form) to add to your smoothies, oatmeal, soups, stews etc.


I had to throw in one lasagna recipe because it is one of the “classic” meals for new moms. But this recipe contains a superstar: LIVER. Yes, liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Some call it “Nature’s Multivitamin.” It’s an excellent source of protein, with an easily absorbed form of iron. It includes significant amounts of B vitamins as well as vitamin A, D, E, C, and many trace elements and minerals.


  • 12 lasagna noodles
  • 2 medium zucchini, quartered and diced
Sunday Dinner: No-Holds-Barred Lasagna Bolognese Recipe | Serious Eats
  • 2 medium carrots, quartered and diced
  • 1/2 yellow onion, diced
  • 1 cup baby spinach, roughly chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 tablespoons fresh basil, roughly chopped + extra for garnish
  • 1 cup ricotta cheese
  • 1 medium egg
  • 2 cups mozzarella cheese, grated
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, grated
  • 2 cups marinara
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • Coarse salt, ground black pepper to taste

Here’s another list of really good information.

Homeschool Cottage School

Parents, I feel your pain. It’s rough right now. And I don’t even have children in public school. Opportunity hoarding is alive and present. Your child (ren) should not be a collateral residuals of COVID-19. Start your own POD or Cottage School! We did it and you can too!

The concept of “pandemic pods, learning pods, micro schools, Cottage schools” has garnered a lot of interest over the last several weeks, the idea essentially being that groups of 10 or fewer students will learn together in a home environment. Either a parent, or rotation of parents, will teach the students — or the parents of those students will pool together funding to hire an instructor.  Our school has space for 25 students. Which is fine because we have the space and honestly, there isn’t a established authority to govern how many students we can have.(per say). We’re all winging it, in efforts to ensure our children have a decent education that will overcome the deficiencies of solitary online learning a way to mitigate the health risks associated with sending students back to a physical full time classroom.  

Homeschooling since 2005, we have taught our nine children and countless others in various settings from homeschool to private 1-1 tutoring sessions. We are fortunate to still have many of our referrals as close friends today.

I don’t think it’s a great idea to send your kids to school in the middle of the pandemic,” says Mulligan, 40. “A lot of us started freaking out. At the same time, she adds, she and her husband found it difficult this spring to juggle working from home while managing their 6-year-old daughter’s virtual schooling. “

Some- privileged parents have a back up plans and resources that other COVID -19 homeschooled students lack. I have created a cottage school because I think all students deserve a solid education. Not just my children.

I want my sons and our community to thrive holistically, in a safe environment. Many of my colleagues, feel the same. Some of them are low income and find it challenging to to do both work and provide high quality education. Our micro school provides the opportunity to close the massive gap in education that is widening day by day. As a parent, this is just not acceptable. So I’m inviting families into my space to grow together. I have over 15 years of experience. We are currently homeschooling our last for fellas and my a teaching teach is holistically amazing!

Our desire is to partner with other homeschooling parents to offer the best possible experience for our children both academically and socially. As parents, we all want the best possible education for our kids. Therefore, many parents choose to seek out experienced educators to teach subjects they feel less comfortable or unequipped to teach. Our team of educators provide that extra support in particular areas of study to give your homeschooler the best chance for success!

If you want to secure one of our remaining spots, click here!

Our Organized Microschool School Focus:

Cross-curricular, project-based, hands-on learning in a safe, clean, nature loving space

Character education & social skills development

Building community & lasting friendships

Fostering a life-long love of learning- holistically

We offer flexible education and payment programs for grades K–12 that help each student achieve the unique goals. Course offered range from STEAM to Sports Boot camp, We will not suspend any child, all students* wear uniforms, and children on the spectrum are welcomed.

Right now, we 15 spaces available for enrollment. at our private home. And I am willing to help other parents start one up similar to ours. Feel free to contact me directly at 980 335 6036 or email me at Let us help you do school at home, affordably and diversity appropriate. Don’t let your child get behind!

Click HERE to REGISTER for Fall classes. They start September 14th!

We are accepting financial donations hired tutors and healthy snacks. Donate here. THANKS!

Dad, The Labor and Birth Doula.

Due To COVID-19 many doula’s will be coaching from the sideline and dads will be walking into the active labor and birthing coach position. (which I think is how it should be) So how does that look for the new dads with absolutely no birthing experience? Well, That’s nothing to fear with a little training.

Congratulations Pops! You Did It! LITERALLY. Now is not the time to panic. And just so you know that i’m not being impartial, I asked my husband of 9 (nine) babies to help me out with this post. It’s my goal to equip you not traumatize you. So get comfy and keep that same energy you had at conception. okay?. 🙂 Let’s get prepared now shall we?!

First things first- Attend Youtube University. Signup for QC Supermom’s “Daddy Doula Crash Collection” It’s a comprehensive stash of videos of birth! After watching you will be much more comfortable with birth. You be able to identify what is normal and what isn’t. You’ll need this information just in case your doula isn’t around and she needs your confidence to push through random situations, ask intentional questions, as they may arise and to help make better decisions.

Things You Can Do During Her Pregnancy:

Massage here , Listen to her, learn birthing affirmations and pregnancy / labor keywords Historically more moms are cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, and doing everything in between. For brownie points , especially if she’s showing signs of stress, pick up a extra task in the home. Stress is never good for a pregnant mom or baby and it shows that you are truly supporting her.

During labor. Make her feel save. As her man, birth partner, baby daddy, etc., make your presence known. Ensure that shes comfortable and that you care. Regardless of what she says. Be in the moment. PERIOD! Turn on your protector zone. We know a lot about what encourages oxycontin to be present in a woman’s body in abundance just as we understand what can inhibit its flow. She needs you to know these things as well.

A list of oxy-pro factors:

Being warm
Being intimate
Not talking
Feeling safe and loved
Dark environments
Familiar places
Deep relaxation

List of oxy-antagonist:

Unfamiliar places and vibes tense body postures
Being inhibited regarding movement
Bright lights
Cold Fear
Answering extra questions
Chit chat

Knowing these basic things about how our bodies have worked for thousands of years should inform our behavior right? Yassssss, I knew you would get it!

Continue to check in mentally with her. Your role is so much profound than mine ( a doula) But don’t forget to take care of yourself. Self care allows you to be a better care taker for your pregnant wife. So stay fit. Which ever way you prefer to do so. Your testosterone can come in handy during this entire process. From exciting her and providing her with sexual pleasure. You Will Not Hurt The Baby’s Head to holding her heavy belly to offer her a break from carrying your baby. But listen, now is not the time to go on a diet. She is gaining weight for your baby….. you get what I’m saying?

Note: Your testosterone may be too low if you have no ambition, no middle of the night erection, or/ and if you don’t smell manly after a 30 minute workout. (seriously) Drinking or smoking too much? That maybe thee problem too. And definitely get enough rest. If any of this sounds too challenging, call a trusted family member of friend. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help keep you in line.

I want you to be focused on your job in the labor and delivery room. Your goal, your mission, your task is to offer your baby mama effective, creative, thoughtful support As we have said, when she truly feels this, her oxytocin levels will rise.

Doula Daddy toolbox Price include sipping and at least 15 items inside the nice plastic toolbox

Daddy Doula Tools:

Birth Affirmations ( I sell them on my webpage also) Doula Dad Crash Course (Open donation required for access ) Vegan Lactation Treats Doula Dad Tool Kit (Make your own or buy one from my website prices startat just $30) Doula Dad Emergency Childcare New Support For Mom

Get Your Stuff Together

You need to know how to time her contractions, exactly where you’re going, and the quickest route to get there. Ensure your batteries are charged and back stocked. You should also know how to read her blood pressure and baby’s heart rate vitals as well. Even though the wonderful nurses at your hospital are already checking on this.

Oh, please make sure all the important phone numbers are in your phone (Midwife, babysitter, Birth Center, other family etc), She’ll love you for being so reliant and well prepared. Trust Me!

If birthing at home, discuss with your Midwife how to prepare the birth space and get down to your local hardware store. You’ll be surprised at what you will need – hoses, hose fittings, tarp, towels – lots and lots of towels. It sounds like alot, but deep breath, you got this!

Also make sure your bag is packed. It should look like your doulas.

If you are local, come hang out with me and some other really cool dads. Once a month I put ya;ll together and I answer all of your questions. It doesn’t matter what you ask. I’ll answer it. Or I’ll have my husband there to do it for me. I’ll post those dates as they arise. Sign up for the newsletter by sending me a message and requesting to be notified. That’s it. Simple right?

Seriously, you should come . It’s recommended by other childbirth educators, midwives and obstetricians all over the U.S., here’s some of what we cover when we’re together:

  • What should you never say to a woman in labor?
  • How can you actively help with pain relief in childbirth?
  • How protect your pregnant woman if things get ugly with your birth team?
  • What can you do to make childbirth faster and easier for your woman?
  • What should you be doing during each stage of labor and birth?
  • Why are the first hours after the birth so important to your baby’s health
  • and more based on current group needs.
Affirmations to ingest

In the end pops, you will do just fine if you actively find ways to treat your woman like the life-giving Queen she is. She [more than] deserves it after her body grew twice it’s size. Did this overwhelm you? I shared a lot but let Love lead you. If anything makes you feel uneasy, I’m here. And I’m available online if you aren’t in the Charlotte, NC area. Don’t Be Fearful! She needs you daddy doula!

P.S. Don’t forget to rub her nipples! (you know if she likes it to help with labor and milk production.)

(NOTE: the picture above came from Huggies. Dope right? )

Wednesday Wow: Get Milked! (Increasing Mom’s Flow during COVID-19)

I’m hearing many moms are having problems with her breastmilk flow. I can understand how only how stressful these times can be for any new breastfeeding mom. So instead of answering each of you one on one, I have put together this collection of solutions. These are a few strategies I’ve used with six of my nine babies. COVID-19 will not stop your milk flow! Let me know how these work for you.

1. Stay hydrated.

Try to drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day. Or a good lactation tea. I’ll share the recipe further down in this post.

2. Eat a well-balanced diet.

Breastfeeding moms need an extra ~500 calories per day. Choose nutritious food that give you energy, such as protein-rich foods like oatmeal, adding flaxseed meal or  brewer’s yeast smoothies or yogurt, eggs, and veggies.

3. Don’t forget your vitamins!

Continue to take your prenatal vitamins. They have calcium, Vitamin D, Iron, Folic Acid -important vitamins and minerals.

4. Nurse often and follow your baby’s lead.

Nursing babies do not follow a schedule, they set it. So, try to go with the (milk) flow and feed on demand. Which means that every time your baby is hungry, you feed them. This certainly is not always possible, especially for moms who work outside the home. Which can be demanding but definitely worth the effort.

5. Let baby feed fully on each side.

Milk production is a demand-supply system so the more often baby feeds, the more milk production occurs. When your breast is fully empty, it sends a message to your brain to produce more milk. Added bonus, when you baby completely empties a breast, they are sure to get all the fore milk and fatty hind milk behind it, which is great for their development.:)

6. Bake lactation cookies.

Some women find that lactation cookies help—and even if they don’t, it’s still a good healthy treat ! You can bake some at home and modify the ingredients to your liking or buy pre-made cookies. (click here for recipe.)

7. Brew lactation teas.

Do you like to drink? Tea, that is! If so, you may want to try out lactation teas  You have to love a strong to tea to see results. So if it’s something you can do – go for it.


Make Your Own Lactation Tea

  1. Mix two parts whole fennel seeds with one part whole fenugreek seeds.
  2. Store in a small airtight jar.
  3. Add half a teaspoon of tea to one litre of boiling water and sip warm throughout the day. …
  4. Ideally, make the tea in a thermos in the morning and keep it by your feeding chair for up to six hours.

8. Take Galactogogues supplements.

Galactogogues like Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, and Brewer’s Yeast are herbal based supplements that can be taken separately or in a combo formulation. We have been growing these herbs on our urban farm for three years now. But most vitamin stores carry them as well.

9. Use a breast pump.

Pumps feels odd at first, but they work too! Use one to ensure your breast are empty after feeding. You should also use it when away from your baby to keep your milk flow up.

Many times moms feel like failures if she can’t nurse her baby. That isn’t the case. As long as your baby is being fed and growing you’re doing a good job. Some women have insufficient glandular tissue, chronic issues like PCOS, milk production issues, or other factors making breastfeeding very difficult or not possible. As a doula and fellow mom, I support you.

Here’s Cassie Sweetz page to order some lactation treats. (Click here)

Mother’s Day 2020

This Mother’s Day, get your mind together and prepare for a celebration of symbolic joy. If you are like me, you are expecting a heartfelt, mindful, and Earth friendly celebration of all the hard work you’ve done for your children since last year.

This list does NOT include Walmart, Amazon, or Target.

Here’s four amazing and local gifts that make awesome Mother’s Day gifts for any mom.

A shaper- It’s confidence in a garment. Super great for new moms and those currently in a fitness journey. Every mom wants o feel as attractive as the moment she made you. Even if she hasn’t said it. A shaper could even be a gift for you. Mom whole life will get pulled together in three minutes or less. Here’s me in mines. ‘Yes, I’m feeling myself!’ My husband and kids love to see me dress up with this under my clothes. I can also say that it feels great on my back. Mom can wear this all day long! It won’t go anywhere . And to push you to buying, here my personal shopper code!

  1. 2. A book –
  • Not just any book but a collection of thoughts that encourage, guide and inspire your mom to be an even better human. We so often get stuck just being your mom. Other loose sight of what’s important. This collection of books will help her gain and keep focus of what most important and strategically guide her to achieving her goals.

Get 3 Books for $33 (includes shipping)
*Plus 2 BONUS digital PDFs

52 for Christianpreneurs
30-Day SMART Goal Planner The Face of Civility!

Live plants! Cut flowers die. Succulents are known to reduce 5G emission. These custom gifts are perfect because they not only clean the air, lasts forever*, but are so beautiful and relaxing to look at. They are created right after the order is received and shipped out immediately. (See them here on QC supermom page)

4. A hot home cooked meal, or desert. I promise you it does have to be elaborate but take your time and do your very best. We ultimately want a peaceful day with our sweet babies. No silly fights or messes to clean up. Just loving, peaceful vibes. Need Ideas? Try my Pinterest page. (or here )

For work      Mandazi, African Donuts - light, fluffy and incredibly tasty.
  • I have over 12k users visits each month. It’s a fun collection of things to choose from. I’m on assignment. And my kids know it. Each year they get an opportunity to assess how I perform as a mom based on very specific questions. This year a few of my older kids helped create this questionnaire for my younger four boys. It should be interesting to see what they think of my mothering swag over the past 12 months. #MOMReview . Want to take it with your children? Click that link —>…

End Of Life Doula

The main facts in human life are five: birth, food, sleep, love and death.” ~ E. M. Forster

Everyone loves to see and hear about a successful birth. It’s an anticipation that everyone looks forward to celebrating. Death on the other hand, can be so hard to discuss. It’s scary and energy absorbing. But it’s a journey no one can escape. And my cultural history says that it is a event that too should be celebrated. For me it make sense to extend my current doula practice from birth to the grave as an end of life doula.

In 2016, I lost my first doula baby. I was not prepared for that at all. I know I didn’t provide that family with the full support they needed. I was hurt too. I did workouts with the mom, food prep, slumber parties with the couple, runs to the er, – everything. But when we found out the heart beat wasn’t there, I as a mother of nine, could not relate. I didn’t think to begin planning for the baby’s final moments, memory keeping, and offering to call their specific loved ones. I could only offer prayer of endurance, restorative meals and light house work.

A more formal name is given for this work. It’s called “end-of-life, or death, doula” — a professional who provides non-medical care-giving services to people who are dying and to their families. Some doulas have private practices, and others work in connection with hospices, hospitals and community organizations.

In 2018, I did my first hospice job. It happened by chance. I was helping out one of my sons teammates mom. She had a family business of private care. That particular weekend her entire staff was unavailable. I offered to help her if she would help me with the boys busy game weekend. Mannnnnnn, it was an experience. What I provided was called ‘active dying care’. It’s the time-frame of three days before the last breath. (typically) . The German husband was in his 90’s. His wife was micro managing and the adult son wanted very little hands on responsibilities. So for 36 hours straight, I swabbed, sung, fed, and monitored this man. For 36 hours, I answered the stressed out wives question about near death signals and observations. For thirty-six hours, I stayed awake and prayed that my presence brought him comfort and peace, and to his wife a glimpse of assurance, rest and a sense of control. The husband had already outlined his final wishes so I didn’t need to go over that part. But if needed, I would have took out my resource bank.

Hospice- “They figure out with the family where they are at, what do they need, what’s causing them to become overwhelmed, what kind of services are they looking for,” says registered nurse Merilynne Rush, a practicing doula for 10 years and co-owner of the Lifespan Doula Association. “Different doulas offer different kinds of services.”

Many people don’t know that in 2005, I lost my 11 year old daughter. She transitioned on my birthday after a very long and overwhelming illness. Then less than two years later, my mom followed. Her process was much different from my daughters. That was my best friend I had to say goodbye to. It was tough. Yet nothing in comparison to January 2020 when my dad passed. I was named after him. My sisters and I made sure he didn’t suffer needlessly. To this day, nursing homes, rehab centers, and even the funeral home speaks well of how we took great care of our dad and his business. It wasn’t easy, but it was what we had to do. I want to make this process easy for others like my dad and their families.

As an instructor, I’ve been supporting families to become their own best advocates and successfully navigate various social and basic human rights systems for the past 17 years as a full service doula, home-school educator, nonprofit associate, author and entrepreneur. I’ve trained over 300 people to become doulas and has been training end-of-life doulas since 2019.

My goal is to make death better for the dying and their family. To make it less overwhelming and more prepared for like birth.


Hospice is reserved for when curative treatments have been exhausted and patients have less than six months to live. Palliative care, on the other hand, is a team-based medical specialty focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness — care that you can get at any age and at any stage of your illness.

Thank You! You Just Helped My Family Of 11 Get Closer To Our Dream.

Thank you for requesting to make a donation.

You just made me smile. Really Big From the Inside Out! That’s Where all the joy is stored you know. This farm has been a ringing in my spirit for years. Seems like everything I’ve done over the last five years was a road of serendipity to my family’s destiny. So for that I say “Thank you for your donation to Phase 1 of the Pressley Farm!”

Growing up, we were forced to work in my pastors affiliate gardens. There wasn’t a regular childhood. It was really structured. Just when we thought we had a relaxing day to lounge and hang around the house, we were sent to our paternal grandfather’s field. I hated it. It was always beans, beans, and corn, then more beans. But we did it. I learned how to sow, harvest, process, and cook. Then we were taught how to preserve, heal, trade, and gift with the gazillion beans. Even then, I did it reluctantly.

Honestly, it wasn’t until I was older that I realized what my wise parents were doing. I began teaching my kids how to grow watermelons, and lemon balm at home and in community gardens. One of my daughters now make specialty teas, rolled herbs and pregnancy treats from produce that she grows with her own hands. They too have grown up in soil , but they love it. But I GOT it! My parents were stocking us up with transferable skills. These skills have helped feed my family in so many ways. Today, I continue teaching urban horticulture to my younger children as well as other co-op home-schooled children. And now I have the opportunity to bring those same life lessons to my community on a grander scale. Pressley Farms will be the platform.

At Pressley Farm, We will specialize in healing herbs and therapeutic workshops. Growing up in a lower income county, I understand how job, and food, insecurity can be the weight that keeps moms from thriving in small communities. I hope to change that by training mothers in urban horticulture and other parallel skills that will assist them in progressing to their highest potential…. as so many others have did for me. Even when I did not see my own potential, they did. So I gotta pay it forward. And I need your help to do so.

I will end here for now. I hope that you will consider becoming a regular patron. Every bit helps in making this seed grow! I’m creating really nice incentives to make it worth your wild. Check back very soon!

Thanks again!

Farmer Pressley

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Friday Four: Congresswoman Alma Adams presents, The State of Black Maternal Health during COVID-19

It was a good night to be in! LOADS of valuable information was shared about saving black pregnant moms. I had the honor of sharing information about Momsrisng and how effective doulas can be during this intense time.

But first things first, please go sign up for updates and action posts from! I can’t tell you how much I love that organization! Then go sign up for updates for Representative Dr. Alma Adams office. She ‘s like the mom I would want if I didn’t have the wonderful one given to me! SERIOUSLY. Now…….. back to the symposium. It was GREAT! I learned so much. North Carolina and the United States as a whole gotta do better for our black pregnant moms. Rep Adams office did and amazing job putting together a powerhouse of industry and community advocates that shed so much light on these disparities and vile practices.

Representative Alma Adams 5th Annual Women’s Symposium took place at 6:00 PM Thursday, April 16. via Zoom: click image to watch. I’m in there some where.

She and her staff was joined by other Black Maternal Health Caucus Co-Chair, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, as well as Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. I kid you not! Cory Booker even complimented me on my Momsrising t-shirt that I had on! #HowSway right? I truly gained nuggets of value from every panelist and look forward to teaming back up with them in the future if the opportunity arises. But right now, I wanted to offer four ways a doula can help a pregnant mom during COVID-19.

Since many people still don’t know what a doula is, I will explain it. A doula is an unmedically trained birth worker. We exist to make a pregnancy smooth and easy for everyone involved. We provide a wide range of supplemental services before, during and after labor. We are there from preconception to post delivery to answer questions, make connections, help moms find her own voice, and provide customized services that make moms life empowered. If our practice was on a flow chart, It would be right under midwives. Only because we work outside of the labor and delivery room, not legally covered to deliver babies in most states, and in most states, our fees are covered privately.

But most doulas know it’s time to call the dr. when the baby is measuring too small for your pregnacy, (smaller fetal height), too much cramping, bleeding, severe back pain, funky- bloody discharge, little fetal movement in late pregnancy, and possible ongoing fever just to name a few alarms.

To learn more about my birthing services, please click here. The uncertainties of the Coronavirus automatically puts pregnant moms in a high risk category. Which is understandable. Most would also understand how frustrating it could be as well. And that’s my friend where your doula could be a God send for you! Here’s four ways a doula can help RIGHT NOW:

1. Via Video Call – Your Personal Workout Buddy.

A. Your doula can help your prepare your body for delivery. The moves she share will help you get pregant, stay pregnant, ease delivery and assist in getting your body back in shape after delivery.

B. Counseling. Most doulas are moms. Not all are moms or women, but most are. They understand how you are feeling. Even if it’s something she isn’t familiar with she has a listening ear to offer solutions and comfort.

C. How – To’s – Get the best information for your birt of choice! What to putin your diaper bag, Practice how to communicate with the hospital staff, Learn how to wrap your hair,/& belly, how to pick out car seats, and more.

D. Spiritual Health- DISCLOSURE – not all doulas rely on the ways of their African ancestors as a resources, but I do. I sing, I touch, I hmm, and truly connect with my moms to ensure she is confident in her new role as much as possible.

2. Via Phone. – A Caring and Resourceful Voice

2A. Affirmations. You can get affirmation read to you to help start your day or help you get through it.

2B. Verbal Check Ins – You’re quarantined. Your mate will be in your face. You have zero desire to get dressed or much less brush your teeth. Neither do I . Use the magic of voice. Your doula can sense how you’re doing with particular questions and cues. If needed she can make suggestions and referrals to assist you remotely.

3. Via Email/Text- Get It In Writing.

3A.Your doula can send you reminders to workout, help complete your birth plan, remind you to call your boss for paid leave*, assist you in order your exercise ball, etc.

4. Via USPS, General Delivery – Rain, Shine, Sleet or Snow……. it’s Coming To The Do’ (door)!

4A. Let’s all admit it. There’s something exciting about getting mail. Many doulas create/ & sell birthing supplies like bath salts , aroma therapy, herbal blends for lactation and more.

4B. She can have a healthy, non – contact, locally sourced meal delivered to your front door.

As you can see, a doula is loaded with resourcefulness. Some more than others. The key is to ask questions, and be flexible. She wants to help. She’s certified to help and because everyone is quarantined….she’s available to help! Shucks, I’m available- Call me!


Protect Our Election and Postal Workers- Click here please!

Tell Governor Roy Cooper: We need mass release NOW. Our community is counting on you to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Being safe at home has never been more important. Unfortunately, fear— fear for our health and for our families— has motivated the panic buying of firearms, particularly by first-time gun owners.[1][2] But fear-purchasing firearms isn’t a way to safety. In fact, research shows the opposite: Bringing a gun into a home makes the home less safe, and this is particularly true in the current moment when domestic violence is increasing.[3][4][5]

Sign on to our letter to governors, urging them to address panic gun buying and reduce the risk of gun violence as part of their efforts to secure everyone’s health and safety in the face of pandemic (scroll down to see the entire message that we’re sending to governors). *When you click, you’ll automatically sign on if we already have your information.