My Love Scenario

Getting ready.I might have never gotten married if it wasn’t for my mother. First, let’s take a logical look at the argument that we shouldn’t get married because so many marriages end in divorce.
Let’s make the same analogy with other subjects and see if they make sense for you. “We shouldn’t buy cars because so many people have accidents.” “We shouldn’t have children because so many parents have bad relationships with their children.”
I see a problem with this kind of reasoning.
So, instead of not buying a car because cars are dangerous, we obey the traffic laws and wear our safety belts.
We maintain our cars so that they don’t break down. And we don’t do stupid things like drinking and driving which greatly increase our risk of having a fatal accident. Makes sense, right? We can make the benefits of driving outweigh the risk by the way we drive and by the things we do.
Trust me; there are moments when I thank God for my husband. Those are the times when he says or do things out of the blue that just take my breath away. Then those other days come, and Lord have mercy! “Omg”, why in the heck did I do it; is the only thing that come to my mind. When the dust is settled, and all the cards are down, I love saying “my husband” to any one that will listen.

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