My BFF; Jack Frost

I LOVE when it snows! I doesn’t even matter that the school system has cancelled it for

Deana and Cassie delivering a basket of love to elderly neighbor.

Jack Frost's no. 1 snow bunny!

Let It Snow!

today either. But with 6 kids, three under four, what’s a mom to do? ……two words- PLAY DAY! The local news channel said stay inside. Is he serious? Yeah, Right! We get snow how often in the Carolinas? Queen City Super Mom and her chaps are about to have a play day with Jack,  Jack Frost that is. After my 18 year old son made breakfast, we started planning. We’ll, at least I did. Everyone else went back to their beds or the couch. I guess if I didn’t threaten them, excuse me I meant to say convince them, to get out of the house, gosh, yet another slip of the tongue! Ok, Ok, here’ it go; if I didn’t suggest that we made the most of this snow day, we would all be in the bed all day long watching TV. (Yeah, that’s better)

 So far, we’ve made a gift basket for our elderly neighbor. My 10 and 11 yr old girls filled it with soup, fresh fruit, whole wheat bread, and medicinal tea. That was really my way of checking in on her. She thinks she’s a young girl at times. Before coming back in the house, I just had to jump in that thick, bright, velvety snow and make a snow angel. It felt so good. You should have seen the look on my 4 yr old son face. “Mom, you ok? Get up off the ground. It‘s dirty and cold mom”. I could have sworn he whispered “idiot“. (He reminds me of Stewy from Family Guy at times) The kids jumped in and did the same. They got upset when I sent them around to the back door to get in the house though. I also went with my 18 yr old son, Jervon to pick up some groceries, just in case we got stuck in the house. I’ll get him and the hubby to make soup tonight while I finish my homework and figure out whose doing the laundry. I wonder what my BFF is going to do tomorrow.

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