Blogging is a habit. So, I go hard!

How can I change the World?…………

What better way to share my  experiences than with a good blog?

 The rewards are endless. Think about it. I can meet all of my goals for the most part, right here. On this blog I can share my:
  • spiritual growth, one small step at a time
  • creative strategies  in attaining total childhood wellness
  • personal motherhood experiences with 6 wonderful kids
  • womanhood, because sometimes  I have to sneak time to restore myself and
  • life as a wife of a veteran with thick locks (trust me, there is a difference)
    I hope that I haven’t left anything off. If I did, I’ll plug it in later. But that’s what Queen City Supermom is all about. Right now, I use  to give away awesome” mama tools”and to organize fun play dates. I do it for my babies, they love them, and it ensures that they will always have a little social life outside of the house.  I also hang out and  give goodies to . That group is a refuge. For now, go ahead and call it a No Sir club. 
    Right now, I have a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush and  some Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey ZingZamZoom tickets to give away on one of those sites. Hint: It’s the QC SAHM one. Gosh, how I love giving away other people’s things. Anywhoots, blogging also give me an opportunity to work on my “handicap”. Shhh, I am dyslexic. (I really hate talking about this) If you know anyone that is, you will understand why I keep my blogs so short.
    Never will I use it as a crutch though, I learned a lot watching the movie ‘RAY. The way I see it, posting three times a week, as well as on the other pages, no one will ever know unless I tell them; and I’m not saying anything! Now, I will share this tip. Never go into a business boot camp without disclosing that information.  YOU WILL PAY FOR IT!   I did the same four tedious assignments three times. WoW! \”I Go Hard by Rihanna\”

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