Just How Behind Is QC SuperMom?

You may be wondering what’s up with QC Super Mom. I mean I have not yesterday as promised., Well, it’s not because I don’t have oodles to share (because I do) but just because these days I am behind EVERYTHING. Not just on my blog but in my life too.

I’m in a awesome business boot CAMP and it is just now kicking my butt some 15 days later. Now, I also prepare taxes, so I don’t even need to mention how crazy it is with that. Now you tell me , how can I prepare taxes with a sick computer? Yes my laptop is sick! I do have a desk top but I promise you, five minutes on there and you will want to pull out ALL Of Your Hair. That sucker is so Slow!!

But hey, it could be worse. Now imagine if I had NO means of getting online, combine that with me still waiting on my mobile phone to arrive, being overwhelmed alone at the house with the three babies till 3:30 pm……wait a minute-all of that is true! O ‘well, once I get my laptop back running strong….I’ll have some really good stuff for you to discover! So watch this space for some exciting tit-bits (and don’t you dare unsubscribe).

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