A Real Interveiw with QC Super Mom

QC SuperMom and son, Amen Ceazer

A Mothers Gift: A real interview with QC Super Mom


Right before we had our 7th baby, I was asked to appear on FOX Rising, a local news station here in the QC (Charlotte, NC- that is, for my non- residential readers). I was asked what was my purpose of being a mom. The interviewer asked me if all mothers had a “gift”. Well, I guess that made sense. As I do call myself QC Super Mom. If anyone had an answer, I figured they felt I would have an insightful answer. (yes……..I have arrived ya’ll)

After I picked up my then 16 month old son, I began to answer as following:

A mother’s gift is to give life. But in the daily demands of feeding and forming, cleaning and cautioning, tending and teaching, her gift can get lost in the layers. She needs to remember that her work begins with herself. To be attentive to others, she must listen to her own heart. To care for others, she must take time for herself. To teach self-love to others, she must act lovingly towards her own body and her time.

I was really in the zone, right about now. So I continued to say that ;

If she finds her own sparks, she will fan them in those around her. If she frees her own spirit, she will help others soar. If she focuses each moment by being wholly present, she will point the way to holiness and to God.

By the time I was through talking, I felt all types of breezes blowing through my hair and scalp. Low and behold, I quickly realized that my fast behind son had pulled my hair wrap off! I wanted to forget about everything that I had previously said except for the spark part and wear his little behind out! Dang kids make you go there! Just when I was giving them accolades! When Ringling Bros. Barnun & Bailey come to town Wednesday, I think I’m gonna lock them in the cage for a few minutes……..just joking!

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