Friday Four: The Harlem Globetrotters

                                The Globetrotters are coming!   The Globe trotters are coming! Gosh, I can’t wait. I’m making this my boys night out! Yay! 4-point shot, here we come!

The comfort food of entertainment

This year, fans will get to see Special K Daley, drippling magician  Scooter Christensen, and ball-handling wizards handlers Franklin and Ant Atkinson take the court. With them wil be teammates Big Easy Lofton and Flight Time Land, who just finished last season’s The Amazing Race.

Get ready to be entertained!

Whew! I can’t wait!

Here’s what I expect:

  1. Entertainment
  2. High-scoring action and competitve play
  3. Non stop hilarity & “How do they do that” basketball skills
  4. Smiles & thank-yous from my boys

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Friday Four: The Harlem Globetrotters

The Globetrotters are coming! The GlobeTrotters are coming! Man, I can’t wait till next month! My boys will LOVE it for our date night! Yay! 4 point shot … we come!

Here’s what I expect when we go to the game next month:

Just in case you want to purchase your tickets: for the famous Harlem Globetrotters’ at the Time Warner Arena in Charlotte!

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Wednessday Wow!-Heay,you-Off the tap!


He bit me!

I have nursed 5 of our children. I feel that it has paid off. While home schooled, our daughters have skipped an entire grade level, and our boys are as smart as a whip!

There’s nothing that compares to breast feeding. Well to eleborate, it’s a gift that only moms can deliver. Then there’s no mixing, no ice-packing, no big powders to tug around (I don‘t have to worry about any recalls), better smelling baby poop, works my metabolism, AND 100% natural! Who wouldn’t try it. But he committed breastfeeding sin 101!

He bit me five times already today!

I wonder if he understands that the tap is about to shut down for him?

Then all of the flaws of nursing reared it’s ugly little head.

Like not packing a light blanket or wearing a button down shirt. (Now, I refuse to go in anyones bathroom to feed my baby) Most places will make accomidations , so don’t let that deter you at all i fyou’re considering joining the Super Mom Milk Making For Our Babies Club(no, it’s not a real club, it just sound funny).

I think I’ve done well. He’s 7 month old people! I nurse him 5 times in a 24 hr period. He defiantly has gotten his share in. Time for him to crawl to his sippy cup & home made baby food. Oh gosh, I am going to miss this form of bonding with him .

Try this recipe with your sweetie.

Homemade baby food is simply the best way to start your baby on a healthy diet. I like this recipe because it has a bit of imagination going for it!

Peach Pudding…..collect:

2 medium peaches
1 cup water
1/2 cup short-grain white rice

How to make it:Add water in the saucepan. Once the water has boiled, add the short-grain rice. Remember to reduce the heat. Stir briefly, then cover the saucepan. You’ll need to cook the rice until it’s soft and all the water has been absorbed. Next – wash, pit, halve and peel the peaches. Steam them  in a steamer basket in boiling water. Cover tightly. Cook from 2 to 4 mintues. Strain. Puree both, rice and peaches in a blender to a smooth puree.

 There, all done.

He survived his very first spoons of baby cereal.

The Attack On Our Brown Babies


Every post won’t be filled with peaches and cream. This one surely isn’t!:


Why are so many Black women having abortions?


Margaret Sanger, the woman who’s work led to the creation of Planned Parenthood, and the ways in which her views on race have soiled her legacy and scared many Black folks away from the choice movement (deep sigh). Today, I want to raise awareness of the high number of abortions performed for Black women, who are five times more likely to terminate a pregnancy and contribute to 36% of the country’s abortions, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

As a mother of 6 (+2). I had my first in high school as a senior. And it was a hard decision. Nah, let me stop, it was embarassing. Being the only senior walking around with such a big belly. I had two choices. One to abort or two, to carry and care for my growing virus as I called it! ………I chose life! I couldn’t live with wondering who and what I destroyed.

Don’t get me wrong- I am not imposing any moral codes upon anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the same set of values, as this post relates only to how I value life.

None the less, it would be nice to see the number of Black women who terminate their pregnancies decline. Why? Because in conjunction with our STD-infection rate, this number tells us that far too many of us are engaging in high-risk sexual behavior for the purpose of pleasure only…a pleasure that we can still have WITH contraceptive use. For that reason, I beg and plead with anyone who reads this blog (and with the people in my offline life and with the young women I mentor/have mentored in the past) to please, please, PLEASE protect yourselves, protect your partner and do all that you can to avoid a pregnancy (or illness) that you do not want. For real. FOR REAL.

My Baby

How I ended up with 6 children  (+2 more) is a long story. Lets just say that I’m so happy that I married a man that loves his big family!

Friday Four: Who is TIP Jones and why I’m cutting my apron strings

“Tip” Jones is such a lady. How do you go from being a security office to a director of a plus sized modeling studio? 50% knowledge and 50% fierceness! There are only a very few women that I really get nervous when opening up their  e-mail. She’s one of them! She misses nothing, and demand perfection. (Dang, I LOVE that though!) Her mission is to help women be the unbelievable! There’s a picture of her. Isn’t she awesome!

The "smartest" working woman in the QC!

In a conversation, she offered a quote I’ll share with you:

 There may be an opportunity of a lifetime, but there’s not a lifetime to the opportunity. -Roderick Hennings

Now, if you are wondering how do I know her, I’ll tell you. She was my drill sargent for that BOOT CAMP that I was in last month. ……….She’s REALLY good at what she does. Thinking outside the box is the norm for her. I’ll be using her services again. If you wanna know more about her, here is her link-

If you aren’t busy next month, drop in on her at Ashley Stewart. She is always up to something!

CUTTING MY APRON STRINGS!                   I declare I need to cut my apron strings!

I am so tired of my husband saying that to me. I know I will. One day I will, but Not Today! My 18 year old son, just left out to play basketball in Florida and I started missing him, while he was walking out the door. Of course I may Never -ever tell him that but, when he leaves for college in the fall, I don’t know what I’m going to do! Trust me, it’s not even because he is such a great person, it’s more because I’m so use to having all my babes with me. (Yeah, I know 18 is a man, but that bull, is another story altogether!) Enjoy your kids- they grow up so fast!Now putting on my Super mom hat. I’ll end with this:

1. Yes, I feel that I’ve done a great job raising him.

2. Yes, I want him to stand on his own size 15 feet.

3. Yes, I’m ready to one day visit him in college.

4. Yes, the idea of running around in an empty house, with my husband sounds promising. Hummmmm second thoughts I wonder if GSU will take the other 5 now too?

My 1st born

Wednesday Wow-I got free NB sneakers!

I  bet you never knew you could get free sneakers to wear!

Amen is testing products now!

 I just found out about it myself. I was surfing online and ‘BAM’ I made the discovery.  I figured as long as we saved money, it didn’t matter who got the sneakers -right? So my hubby and I entered Amen to be the sneaker product tester!

He is loving them too! Normally we won’t purchase plain white sneakers, but these are really cute. They have at least three different textures on them.  I can’t wait to see how easy it is to clean them. I have noticed that the bottom has gotten rather dirty already.I  guess  thats normal for how hard he play though. In that picture below, I think he was flirting……new shoes will boost your self confidence they say. 🙂

New Balance got testing in process!

New Balance newest sneaker tester

Oh So Sweet day!

Happy Valentines Day! Yay!

I made it clear early in the game. No store bought candy, no flowers and no store bought cards. Already this morning, my daughters are stepping up and giving me back some momma-daughter love. They

I Love You!

made me chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies from scratch. They even put one of the cookies on a stick! N I C E! My husband and I are going out this weekend to laser tag!  Talk about the big payback!

(Mind if I brag a little bit?)

The girls even made me a hand made card. What a way to start my day! But what I’m most proud of is the fact that they are thinking about my elder neighbor. My 10 yr asked if she could get her something. Cute right?  As for me, I’ve place a big heart on the front door that says ‘You are loved Deanna, because you are mine”. That was a example, but I posted a love note to each of the older kids on our front door. My 18 year old got an email message from me. He leaves out way to early in the morning for a real hug or anything. I reminded him that I’m his number one woman,  and to be safe.  (I’ll cut the hem string s later) Now that I have a few hours while they are in school, I am beyond excited to share this time with my best Valentine. For my husband……..I think he is gonna LOVE what I picked up for him! 12 years and it’s still all good!  Make it a great day yall!

The gift for my husband

Friday Four: Taxes and signs that your child loves you

Hey mom, I’ve enclosed more tax tips here for you to use this 2010 tax filing season. This is just a part of a two week long series. Enjoy!

4 types of income the IRS can’t touch

1.Flexible Spending Accounts

2. Your company can give you discount fare cards, passes or tokens to take public transportation to work. As long as it is not worth more than $120 a month in 2009, your company can deduct it, but you, as an employee, receive it tax-free as a de minimus tax benefit

3. Get educated. The courses don’t even have to be job-related. But they can’t be for any education involving sports, games or hobbies.

When you’re due for a raise, ask your company to get creative in your compensation. There are numerous ways to receive nontaxable compensation. Let’s look at some of the best alternatives to taxable earned income. 

Tax-free compensation

When you’re due for a raise, ask your company to get creative in your compensation. There are numerous ways to receive nontaxable compensation. Let’s look at some of the best alternatives to taxable earned income.

 Your newborn stares into your eyes. He’s actually working hard to memorize your face. He doesn’t understand anything else about the world, but he knows you’re important.

2.Your toddler runs to you for comfort when he falls down or feels sad.

Kids this age may not truly understand the meaning of “I love you,” but their actions speak louder than words.

3. Your preschooler wants your approval.
He’ll start to be more cooperative around the house, and he’ll look for chances to impress. “Look at me!” will become a catchphrase.

4. Your grade-schooler trusts you with secrets, like his first crush or his most embarrassing moment.

You’re his confidante, even if he shies away from your hugs in public.

Wednesday Wow- Taxes and Pool Sharks!

This is part of a series of tax tips. Over the last few days, I’ve shared many keys for preparing your 2011 taxes. Feel free to share the good tax news!

Independent Contractors and Self-Employed Individuals filing tips

  • Self-Employed Independent Contractor Year-End Income Tax Relief Tip # 1 : Give gifts to clients: Gifts to clients are limited to $25 per recipient per year, BUT if the gift has your embossed logo on it and tells about your services, it isn’t a gift, it is an advertising or promotional expense. There is a fine line here, a quick call to KP Tax Servcie or tax attorney for year-end tax help will help you stay on the right side of the law.
  • Self-Employed Independent Contractor Year-End Income Tax Relief Tip #2: Are your subcontractors really self-employed independent contractors or are THEY employees? While you may be a true self-employed independent contractor, you need to establish whether your subcontractors are self-employed independent contractors or employees.
  • Self-Employed Independent Contractor Year-End Income Tax Relief Tip #3:    Take your retirement contribution to the max. Self-employed independent contractors have the best income tax relief vehicle the federal government has ever offered

Self-Employed Independent Contractor Year-End Income Tax Relief Tip #4: Get that root canal before New Year’s. The secret to income tax relief is just like the secret to great comedy…timing. A self-employed independent contractor’s medical expense deduction is limited to 7.5% of the self-employed independent contractor’s adjusted gross income. If you haven’t reached that cap yet, go have those dental procedures or that bit of elective surgery (we’re not just talking about that nose, the swimsuit season will be here again before you know it).

 Hubby shows our kids how to play pool, his favorite past time!

Who doesn't love pool?

I got a husband that LOVES to go out on Saturday night to play pool. I am NOT the jealous type at all.  But every once in a while I want to hang out too. (at least I think I do.)  Why should he go swinging his arms right? So, I got him a pool table!  Last night he played pool with his sons on the new pool table. Yes, it’s a tiny one;  BUT it’s his to enjoy with the boys!   I think they are having loads of fun with it!
I just saw my 2 yr old cooking the balls, in a pot, on the pool table. He said “Look Ma-Hot!” Talk about crazy!