Oh So Sweet day!

Happy Valentines Day! Yay!

I made it clear early in the game. No store bought candy, no flowers and no store bought cards. Already this morning, my daughters are stepping up and giving me back some momma-daughter love. They

I Love You!

made me chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies from scratch. They even put one of the cookies on a stick! N I C E! My husband and I are going out this weekend to laser tag!  Talk about the big payback!

(Mind if I brag a little bit?)

The girls even made me a hand made card. What a way to start my day! But what I’m most proud of is the fact that they are thinking about my elder neighbor. My 10 yr asked if she could get her something. Cute right?  As for me, I’ve place a big heart on the front door that says ‘You are loved Deanna, because you are mine”. That was a example, but I posted a love note to each of the older kids on our front door. My 18 year old got an email message from me. He leaves out way to early in the morning for a real hug or anything. I reminded him that I’m his number one woman,  and to be safe.  (I’ll cut the hem string s later) Now that I have a few hours while they are in school, I am beyond excited to share this time with my best Valentine. For my husband……..I think he is gonna LOVE what I picked up for him! 12 years and it’s still all good!  Make it a great day yall!

The gift for my husband

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