Wednesday Wow-I got free NB sneakers!

I  bet you never knew you could get free sneakers to wear!

Amen is testing products now!

 I just found out about it myself. I was surfing online and ‘BAM’ I made the discovery.  I figured as long as we saved money, it didn’t matter who got the sneakers -right? So my hubby and I entered Amen to be the sneaker product tester!

He is loving them too! Normally we won’t purchase plain white sneakers, but these are really cute. They have at least three different textures on them.  I can’t wait to see how easy it is to clean them. I have noticed that the bottom has gotten rather dirty already.I  guess  thats normal for how hard he play though. In that picture below, I think he was flirting……new shoes will boost your self confidence they say. 🙂

New Balance got testing in process!

New Balance newest sneaker tester

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