Friday Four: Who is TIP Jones and why I’m cutting my apron strings

“Tip” Jones is such a lady. How do you go from being a security office to a director of a plus sized modeling studio? 50% knowledge and 50% fierceness! There are only a very few women that I really get nervous when opening up their  e-mail. She’s one of them! She misses nothing, and demand perfection. (Dang, I LOVE that though!) Her mission is to help women be the unbelievable! There’s a picture of her. Isn’t she awesome!

The "smartest" working woman in the QC!

In a conversation, she offered a quote I’ll share with you:

 There may be an opportunity of a lifetime, but there’s not a lifetime to the opportunity. -Roderick Hennings

Now, if you are wondering how do I know her, I’ll tell you. She was my drill sargent for that BOOT CAMP that I was in last month. ……….She’s REALLY good at what she does. Thinking outside the box is the norm for her. I’ll be using her services again. If you wanna know more about her, here is her link-

If you aren’t busy next month, drop in on her at Ashley Stewart. She is always up to something!

CUTTING MY APRON STRINGS!                   I declare I need to cut my apron strings!

I am so tired of my husband saying that to me. I know I will. One day I will, but Not Today! My 18 year old son, just left out to play basketball in Florida and I started missing him, while he was walking out the door. Of course I may Never -ever tell him that but, when he leaves for college in the fall, I don’t know what I’m going to do! Trust me, it’s not even because he is such a great person, it’s more because I’m so use to having all my babes with me. (Yeah, I know 18 is a man, but that bull, is another story altogether!) Enjoy your kids- they grow up so fast!Now putting on my Super mom hat. I’ll end with this:

1. Yes, I feel that I’ve done a great job raising him.

2. Yes, I want him to stand on his own size 15 feet.

3. Yes, I’m ready to one day visit him in college.

4. Yes, the idea of running around in an empty house, with my husband sounds promising. Hummmmm second thoughts I wonder if GSU will take the other 5 now too?

My 1st born


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