Wednessday Wow!-Heay,you-Off the tap!


He bit me!

I have nursed 5 of our children. I feel that it has paid off. While home schooled, our daughters have skipped an entire grade level, and our boys are as smart as a whip!

There’s nothing that compares to breast feeding. Well to eleborate, it’s a gift that only moms can deliver. Then there’s no mixing, no ice-packing, no big powders to tug around (I don‘t have to worry about any recalls), better smelling baby poop, works my metabolism, AND 100% natural! Who wouldn’t try it. But he committed breastfeeding sin 101!

He bit me five times already today!

I wonder if he understands that the tap is about to shut down for him?

Then all of the flaws of nursing reared it’s ugly little head.

Like not packing a light blanket or wearing a button down shirt. (Now, I refuse to go in anyones bathroom to feed my baby) Most places will make accomidations , so don’t let that deter you at all i fyou’re considering joining the Super Mom Milk Making For Our Babies Club(no, it’s not a real club, it just sound funny).

I think I’ve done well. He’s 7 month old people! I nurse him 5 times in a 24 hr period. He defiantly has gotten his share in. Time for him to crawl to his sippy cup & home made baby food. Oh gosh, I am going to miss this form of bonding with him .

Try this recipe with your sweetie.

Homemade baby food is simply the best way to start your baby on a healthy diet. I like this recipe because it has a bit of imagination going for it!

Peach Pudding…..collect:

2 medium peaches
1 cup water
1/2 cup short-grain white rice

How to make it:Add water in the saucepan. Once the water has boiled, add the short-grain rice. Remember to reduce the heat. Stir briefly, then cover the saucepan. You’ll need to cook the rice until it’s soft and all the water has been absorbed. Next – wash, pit, halve and peel the peaches. Steam them  in a steamer basket in boiling water. Cover tightly. Cook from 2 to 4 mintues. Strain. Puree both, rice and peaches in a blender to a smooth puree.

 There, all done.

He survived his very first spoons of baby cereal.


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