wednesday wow: cat fight at the school bus

This evening, at the bus stop, my 10 year old daughter got in a cat fight. With our next door neighbor no less. Needless to say, mamma gots some business to handle in a few. She doesn’t know that I already have the details.Lucky for her, she was defending  herself, (and quite well I must add. ) The funny thing about it, is that it was with our neighbor, Lucky. The other girl in the picture, another honors student!  I can’t say that I’ve never fought a neighbor growing up. But I’ll never tell her that. I’ve been serving her the ace card in the silent treatment game……….(she’s so scared!) Ok, time to chat with my boxer! I’ll see ya’ll on the flip side…….

Natural hair: The real kinky stuff

We are in day 8 of the Super Mom challenge. The mission is to share and use the very best motherhood tips of the day over a 30 day time period. The goal is to share the challenge of what else..... TOTAL CHILDREN WELLNESS. Today, let's talk about hair!

Does your child like her hair? Can she wash and condition it herself?  Seriously?  Is it as healthy as you would like it to be?

I was surfing online to pull in little educated bits of information, and boy did I get a brain full of tips and tricks. With all the information out there it leads me to think that too many bad hair days are an unnecessary evil.


Sesame Street- I Love My Hair!


I love the natural look.  As a mother, my girls look up to me as a  model of what a women should look like from head to toe. Sometimes I do scare them with my fashion and hair mix, but for the most part, I think that the fashion, skin and hair police will remain at bay.If you’re like me,you  know when you’re excited about something, you want to share it with the world. Well here it is; a few of the links that I’ve found to be very helpful for my daughters & I.

The first thing you’ll learn about is your hair type. My oldest daughter & I have very tiiiight


So the convenience, of locating a handy charts detailing my hair type, as well as some recommendations was a plus. Here’s what I discovered.


Type 3c hair has tight curls in corkscrews

Circumference: Pencil or straw

The curls can be either kinky, or very tightly curled, with lots and lots of strands densely packed together

Getting this type of hair to blow dry straight is more challenging than for 3a or 3b, but it usually can be done

The very tight curls are usually fine in texture

3c celebrities: Heather Headley, Alicia Keyes, Jada Pinkett-Smith


Use styling creams, butters and oils for type 3c hair

This hair type needs extra moisture and tender-loving care because it can be fragile

Detangle hair with a lot of conditioner in your hair and use a comb or detangling brush.

Do not use a brush or comb on your dry curls

Reduce tangles by sleeping on a satin pillowcase or wrap hair in a satin.

This was just a starter, I will go back surfing for cute styles to put their hair in.

This is a must see of a good perm gone bad in a young girls head.

What are your thoughts about this haircare challenge?

Friday Four: Gold Digger!

This is day 3 of my 30 day Supermom Challenge- today’s topic:

Define a teenager Gold Digger?   –noun 1. a person who seeks or digs for gold in a gold field. 2. Informal . a woman who associates with or marries a man chiefly for material gain. gold digger definition 1. n. a woman who pays attention to a man solely because of his wealth. (Certainly also applicable to men as well.) : Sam called Sally a “gold digger,” and she was devastated. Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears. Fourth Edition. Copyright 2007. Published by McGraw Hill. SSSSh! I think my 18 yr old son’s girlfriend is a gold digger. We can’t get rid of her for NOTHING! I may not be on “Parental Control”, but I can vent online. So here are my four tips to spotting a teen-aged GOLD Digger!

She might be a gold digger if …………….

1. She doesn’t leave (his parents house) till you put her out.

 2. She keeps tabs on him better than the GPS in his dashboard.

 3. She only wants to hang out in his bedroom when she visits.

4. She doesn’t have any goals of her own other than grabbing up the next pair of Gucci heels.

5. She invites herself to family outings as if she was.

6. NO matter what the fella do, she won’t leave him.

Gold diggers, Gold digger gold diggers……..can you give as much as you ask? Maybe if you are equally yolked I don’t think that you can ask for the moon when you are only prepared to see the trees.  But heay….I might be all wrong. Maybe you can be a empty brain and deserve a genious. ….. So I asked a friend and this is what she said when I asked, are you a gold digger:

                 Hell naw… I don’t have to dig for gold. God has promised me diamonds. I expect to meet and marry God’s perfect man for me by His divine right. I expect for him to be a lot of things including patient, nurturing, extremely intelligent, handsome and spiritually in tune. God knows the type of lifestyle that I will live and I am sure He will not join me to some guy who can’t imagine living like that. How would I get along with a dude who uses thumb tacks to hang his curtains?

 How could I expect to maintain happiness with some guy who expects poverty and struggle for his life? What would I do with a man who is afraid to spend money on a proper watch? I may not have much right now but I do expect ABUNDANCE and the man that God has for me will either HAVE ABUNDANCE or be a visionary and well able to grow his business so that we grow together. We will both be a blessing to many by the fruit of our hard work, using our God given gifts. Am I a Gold Digger? I’m not. My God is a diamond dealer and He will provide me the biggest, brightest diamond to join forces with so both he and I will shine!

My response is WHATEVER! I still say that you have to be equally YOKED! As a mom, it’s  our job to teach our children to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.  Ensure that your  children knows there worth, and make sure they seek to find someone that has the same goals. It’s not being mean, it’s being a MOM ….Now, what say YOU?

Wednesday Wow-Pre School Prep

My philosiphy is very simple.  So much so that ANY Parent can do it! If you want a learner- start early. I host a weekly class called Preschool prep. Preschool Prep assit parents with teach children the letters, numbers and shapes while they are very young – at the age of learning to talk. The idea is that children can learn to recognize and name letters just like they learn to recognize any other object. As children are innately programmed to rapidly expand their vocabulary and object recognition during the early toddler time period, why not make letters, numbers and shapes a part of those things they get to know first?

Self esteem in orange.

The class is for 18 month olds to 5 year olds.  Sometimes I invite other alternative educators in to enrich the kids. Below is Kimberly N. Howard, MBA from

Beyond Boundaries Arts

Ok, so here’s my offering for todays 30 day challenge- today, I’m teaching my 24 month son the letters of his name. I guess I could have started a long time ago, but better late than never -right? Flash cards, contruction paper & markers will be my only tools daily for the next two months while working with him.  

Well, this is short entry today. I’m about to be out. I’ll see you all on QC Supermom (Facebook) ! Take Care of Yourself!

30 Day Super Mom Challenge!

If the tree isn’t healthy, the fruit will rot. Have you ever heard that before? I know that I’m not alone in the pursuit of perfected mothering, or total children wellness. Because motherhood is not for the faintest of hearts, I want you to join me in a 30 day Super Mom Challenge! It’s simple; just tell me how you mother. The good, bad, and the ugly! Make the video, or share the comment- I want to know your motherhood tricks & tools:

  • What do you feed your children? Are they allowed to put items in the cart?
  • How do you make them feel special? I date mine at least once a quarter.
  • What do you use in-house as behavior modification? Do you whip, ignore, talk to them or take away?
  • Do you let your kids have opposite sex company in their bed room?
  • How do you keep your kids from hiding those chips in his clothes drawer?
  • What qualities do you teach your child to look for in a mate?
  • Do you give “green” for grades?
  • Are you paying for childcare, camp? if so how much & why did you choose the provider?


The sky is the limit! Just share! I will also submit my videos on YouTube, here and on my blog page! With my 6 kids and crazy hubby, you can imagine it’s gonna be a whole lot of “laughs!”

Everyday check the site (QC Supermom) & learn a new resource every day, by  the end of the challenge you will have learned a new motherhood tool & will have helped another mother out!

So share each day for the next 30 days and learn from others. We can do this together! Motherhood should be enjoyed.  Let’s make this fun! Start today! The mother/ member with the most shares will win an Alba skin care gift basket!

Go head! Upload your videos to me on face book! It’s QC Supermom & I’ll see you soon.

Friday Four: The Praised Doula

Ever heard of a doula? I had one with my 8month old son. I also had a mid-wife.  Trust me, there is a difference! Today’s doula is taking care of the mom before, during and after the birth of the baby. They even help with breast feeding.

The doula! Serena

My “practicing doula” delivered my son, with the help of the hospitals nurse. The doctor was down stairs having dinner with my husband and other kids. She really did a great job, soothing me during the contractions and by getting rid of my nervous husband. (Bless his heart). The mid wife I had made my doctor’s visit less evasive. She didn’t do any extra probing or peeking; and I felt very comfortable talking to her about my personal pregnancy related issues. But back to the doula topic.

A doula is a non-medical assistant; she does not perform any procedures, medical checks, or make any diagnosis or decisions. Instead she dedicates herself entirely to emotionally and physically supporting the mother, her partner and any other friend or family members present at the birth.

Here are my four reasons to use a doula:

  1. Tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications
  2. Reduces the mothers request for pain medication and &/ epidurals.
  3. Helps mother  eliminate postpartum depression
  4. The doula, seeks to empower her clients with her knowledge of the birth process and its variations and the choices to be made while respecting the integrity of the clients’ choices.

Sometimes parents think that a close friend, family member, or a friend who is a labor & delivery nurse or maternity nurse would be a great labor support, because they’ve had experience in birth. The person who will support you MUST trust birth, trust you, and have enough experience in birth that she can be a creative resource in helping you through labor’s sudden twists and turns. If the person at your birth is used to managing problems in birth, she will not necessarily know how to reassure you or make suggestions for getting through normal labor.

And if finances are an issue, ask around for volunteer or low-cost doulas, ask for doula services as a shower gift, or save your pennies. Doulas are worth it! 

If you still want to know more, click this link –What Is a doula? or this one   Birth Film Doula.  I can’t say enough about the services that a doula offers. If you are pregnant you should consider the benefits of having one.

Wednesday Wow: Picture Day at Walmart

I’m gonna let you add the punch line to this one, okay!  Here’s the set up. I took my 6 kids to have their picture taken. One fell asleep on the way there, another wanted to nurse as soon as we got out of the van. My 10-year-old had an attitude because I picked out her shirt. (I didn’t like the one she had on), the 4-year-old was sorta ticked off because he couldn’t wear his church vest, as it is his signature look. (I’m thinking that I should have gave in on that one) The  11 year  and the 18 yr old were pretty cool as cucumbers. 

On top of all of that, Amen, my 2 yr old put up his dukes and asked the lady photographer, if  she wanted to fight? Really……who does that?

Pictures, pictures, pictures- Next time hubby and I’ll jump in and cheese for the camera with our babies. On another note. I’m not a big fan of school pictures,  they are too stale for me, and I never know what my child will end up looking like by picture time that day.So unun- I don’t even bother. My mom had this picture of me when I was in elementary school. I had tire tracks cornrows and gray lips! I did! One of my braids even popped out of the track. But I was smiling hard! Whew, talk about funny. I am sure my mom put that picture up somewhere and I am surely NOT gonna look for it!

These days I let my kids go to Walmart or their auntie will take their pictures. It was important to me to get these done for two reasons, I had a coupon AND Keithric, my 18-year-old is leaving me this year.  This transition to college is something else. I’m ready for him to go, and thrive out of the nest, but at the same time, I want to keep him longer. (The boy cooks – COME ON ) The picture will be going with him to college when it arrives at our local store.

That’s Eaim in his vest. Is he cool or what?  As a reward for them behaving so well, here’s what their dinner was: 

  •  dirty rice
  • corn bread
  • salad
  • and fish or honey mustard chicken wings

Ok, So what if I didn’t actually cook it myself! My oldest two actually cooked the dinner, but I purchased the ingredients! I know that counts for something. Gosh, I do LOVE being a mom! Oh, by the way, if you weren’t the winners of the Harlem Globetrotter tickets, you can still come out &  enjoy the game. To get a discount, use my QC Supermom code MB2011. It will save you $5/ticket.

A link to more information, a show schedule, and how to purchase tickets can be found here:

The Anne Frank play@ Imaginon

Ever heard of Anne Frank? How about the Holucast?  My daughter was invited to watch a live play of Anne Franks “And They Came For Me”  at Imaginon, here in Charlotte, NC.

She was too proud of herself. She invited Deanna to tag along as her guest.  Afterwards, they were engaged in a discussion. The boys & I listened from the “Crying Room” after enjoying a wild play date down stairs in the toddlers area with other patrons. I guess I’m not the only one that comes in with busy behind babies. It was a sound proof viewing & sound room. Even if if it wasn’t but 10 minutes, I enjoyed watching  my girls sit, listen and engage like young ladies.  That was pretty cool.

As a culture kid, she had to write about the show.

Here’s what she wrote: My review is on Anne Frank’s “And They Came For Me”. The play shared  the life of a jewish  little girl, named Anne. From her diary, to the stage, we  revisited her life as an happy go lucky little girl to a  unwanted peice of filth as jews were considered at that time. 

This tyrant named Hitler went from being an outcast to a ruler. He demanded that all Jews were worthless and to be destroyed. It was ordered that they blow up houses, buildings, shoot the very youngest of kids and to arrest Jews for being Jewish. This made no sense to me. But to many Germans it made perfect sense because they took orders from Hitler. The life of the common Jew was very hard. They had all types of restrictions. They could not participate in any public sports, no shopping at German owned stores, and was given fake showers! Well, instead of water, the shower poured out gas that killed them with each breathe they took. The enslaved Jews had to carry out the dead bodies. Who does that? Really?

The Jews went through a lot to exist, and sometimes other Germans helped. Not all Germans believed that the Jew were worthless. At some point the food and other goods became very scarce. Some German families still showed compassion and love by hiding, feeding, and providing shelter to the Jewish stowaways. One family in particular was the family of Anne Frank. She, along with her parents and sister hid until they were discovered and sent to a concentration camp. Her mother starved to death, I’m not sure what happened to her sister, but her dad found her diary after she died at 15 and shared it with others, on various platforms. My mother toured the concentration camp years ago and told us about it. Yet, it doesn’t compare to hearing it from the mind of a young girl like me.  I’m so glad that I had an opportunity to see history so I can appreciate my present and future.

The end. Cassie Pressley


Wasn’t that awesome? Would you like to see a live performance at Imaginon? Yes? Well in a few weeks, you just may have an opportunity to win your own performance tickets. So make sure you keep up the reading on my blog! Trust me your kids will LOVE it!

On another note, CMS spring break, is coming soon. My plan is to get my kids, a a few community kids in the kitchen and learn some math, reading, science, logic, geography, and cooking skills. What you didn’t know that when you cook, you’re using all of those skills?

Well you are, and I will be conducting these classes. If you’re in the QC area I encourage you to sign up today, because  I have limited space. At $15/class or $65.00 a week-ya better hurry!

Also, I’m giving away those Harlem Globetrotter tickets in the morning. Have you entered yet for the drawing? It’s not too late. Just “like” QC Supermom on facebook. That’s it!

Get ready to be entertained!

Friday Four:The Japan Tsunami;4 Comments

Japan was struck by a magnitude-8.8 earthquake off its northeastern coast Friday, triggering a 13-foot (4-meter) tsunami that washed away cars and tore away buildings along the coast near the epicenter. (March 10)

I have surveyed some of my friends sites on Facebook and have listed them here to share with whomever reads my blog.

1. Tip. J.      She said:  While we are at work, speaking with friends & family, enjoying Happy Hours tonight, and surfing the Net, please do not forget that our brothers and sisters in Japan are in crisis. The west coast/Southern California has cleared their beaches in preparation to be hit. Just because it’s not happening to me and you doesn’t mean WE shouldn’t be praying diligently. Real talk…race, color, religion, geographical location -Tip Jones

2. Greater Carolinas Red Cross  said:   Hi Kelle! Thanks for helping to spread the word. The Japanese Red Cross hasn’t yet asked for our financial assistance, so we haven’t put out a call for fundraising (though that might change in the coming hours). Probably by this afternoon, …the REd Cross will have ways people can help – they can check or fan American Red Cross or follow @redcross on Twitter. Also – you can talk about Safe and Well ( where people can register themselves as being safe and family members can search for loved ones. 

3. Bianca Incongruous Wade said:     Praying for the families in Japan and also the states that are on watch. Know what’s going on around you.

Hawaii was even impacted.  The governor of Hawaii ordered the evacuation of coastal areas and warned residents to take the threat seriously. Even our president chimed saying  that he was monitoring the threat to Hawaii, his home state, and the US West Coast which is expecting waves later on Friday.

4. Richard Lloyd Parry said

 I  looked through a window and saw buildings shaking from side to side and wondered if I was goig to die?

Japanese media confirmed that was killed at least 22 people.
The Onagawa nuclear power plant is caught on fire. A powerful earthquake struck Japan. After the main shock, with strength of 8.9 on the Richter scale, occurred several aftershocks. Then came the great wave of the tsunami, which broke many miles inland. Numerous fires broke out. There was a huge explosion at the refinery near Tokyo. In the north country will automatically switch off five power plants, train traffic was halted and the flights was suspended.

Wednesday wow; The Mother Daughter dinner

  Dinner and entertainment  from 6pm to 8pm, inside the school cafetorium  at  $6.00 per person,  Money is due No later Than Friday March 4th 2011 ( heck, I already missed that cutoff date!)

Seriously, I am just now looking at one of the many papers that my daughters brought home from school last week. This one in particular, is for the annual mother daughter dinner and I have already missed the deadline for registering. Heaven forbids that I miss this $6.00 per person date with my girls. I got to start calling somebody on the PTA at 830 this morning!

I really like the idea of this dinner because it enforce a few subtle yet significant messages.

  1. My girls will remember going to a school dinner with me. Every day, it’s my hope to show them that I love them, although it may not always come across this way since I keep that mother -daughter line very clear. But its times like these that I look forward to allowing my girls to be funny, fancy and free little girls.
  2. I always try to take my kids on a date alone or with just one of the younger boys at least once a month. Even if it’s to the market. This time however will be different as both of my girls attend the same middle school. It think it’ll be fun. We’ll make it a complete girl’s night out by shopping for shoes or fashion jewelry together and helping each other get dressed. Yes mom, it is these little things that make all the difference for their self image.        
  3. They learn how to eat in public! Don’t get me wrong, my girls know how to behave with a fork and knife in hand. But as they say, practice makes perfect.
  4. I also get a chance to talk to the staff in a comfy atmosphere. I have to stay on top of everything. Think about it, these people have my kids over 6 hours a day, I have to mingle with these people!


Ok, enough for now, go win those Harlem Globetrotter tickers for Friday, March 25 at 7 p.m. ! “Like” me on Face book or follow me on Twitter- just let me know that you actually read this stuff I write and that you want these tickets!

 (Now if you don’t want to wait to win yours, by all means use my discount code  MB2011  to save $5 on each ticket you purchase)