Wednesday Wow- A New Car!

I have needed a new car for the longest! My husband and I decided that the sharing thing isn’t working as we planned. This month alone, I’m looking at:

  • TODAY-Mingle  & Story Time at Imagion
  • 5th -“Do the Potty Dance” Party
  • 9th -PreSchool Sports
  • 16th- All Member Baby Shower

Yes, there is a real need at this point. I am not into a whole lot of flash, but I must get from point A to point B and I do not want to make payments! So my options are  few. I can check  out an auction, which is a great option since my husband is so good with cars. Then I could go to a car lot. I often think that I missed my calling as a attorney. A good haggle would be nice right about now. Or I could send out a mega e-blast  to my electronic lists and ask my friends if any one of them have a car for sale.

Sam trying to make a sale- Not me & not today!
According to CNN Money, the best day to buy a new vechicle is the day after Thanksgiving, known to many as “Black Friday”. But I’m not waiting that long.
All I want is a safe, decent looking vechicle,one color, 4 doors, intact interior roofing, with a horn,  that the kids & I can hop into to get back and forth in. I’m not asking for much, am I?

Oh, enough of the waiting already! A few minutes ago, I called my friend  from QC Stay At Home Moms group and secured her old car. See, Networks Really Do Work! She’s been trying to get rid of her SuZuki Sidekick for a while and I can’t wait tohelp her by picking  it up on Monday coming. Even if it’s a stick shift, which I can’t drive.

Before I forget,

The comfort food of entertainment

  If you haven’t entered in the contest for the free Harlem Globetrotters tickets,do it today! I will select a winner in a few days! How-“like” QC Supermom on facebook. Or let me know what you think of my blogs here. Hey, somebody has to win them right?


In closing, look what “Tehun” got! TWO Bottom teeth! Yay!


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