Friday Four: Fake it Till you make it?

REALLY- who does that?  Would I be too bold if I asked how are you paying your bills? What if I told you how my husband and I are handling ours with all 6 kids with our income?


1.We took the Jones off our Kwanzaa list. The Jones, will get you in trouble! I have to make a working family budget with a real paper and pencil. Sometimes,I even use because it is easy, free, and quick. When we have a surplus, even then, I SPEND IT cautiously! Sure you should treat yourself every once in a while but if you are taking your gas, water, light bill to cover those shoes you seen in the window, let me be first to say, “Girlfriend, is a fool, and the shopping request is denied” Your kids can’t eat those shoes! Never under estimate the power of a saved dollar. (GROWN WOMAN TALK)


2. Find creative ways to get what we want. When I say barter, you say” (what?”) Barter, (what?) Barter, (“what!”)

I’m just gonna throw a few other ideas out now that have proven golden for us. We use coupons, co-op trips with friends, sell our creative skills, product test, volunteer, shop consignment shops, do it ourselves, host specialty groups like QC Hip Mamas & QC SAHM-membership has it‘s privileges, and behave politely; people like helping nice people.

I help moms become mothers!

3. Keep it with in the circle. With in my family and friend circle, I have many professionals. I choose to utilize them before I go mainstream. Okay, here is where I get serious, ask not for a hook up, but for a break. There is a big difference! Beat the system or an old rug. Not a good family member or friend. Working together builds you both up. Keep in mind though, a perfect system requires trust on both parts.

Charlotte, N.C. Johnson and Wales Graduate offers classes for kids

Cooking classes for kids in Charlotte


4.When we are attacked from all sides, we look to the hills from whence cometh our help.  


 I should have placed this first. But shucks, why not save the best for last? God knows what you need before you even think about it. Today, understand that you’ve been set up by God to be blessed and what ever you are going through, it has to work this way, to get to the next level. No matter what comes or goes. (Thank you Yolanda Adams) But seriously, be grateful & wise with what you have right now. Once you’re ready for more, you’ll get it!

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  1. The layout will get better. I promise. In the meantime, try to win those Globetrotter tickets! Just leave me a message on Facebook. Send it to QC Supermom ok! Thanks!

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