Wednesday wow; The Mother Daughter dinner

  Dinner and entertainment  from 6pm to 8pm, inside the school cafetorium  at  $6.00 per person,  Money is due No later Than Friday March 4th 2011 ( heck, I already missed that cutoff date!)

Seriously, I am just now looking at one of the many papers that my daughters brought home from school last week. This one in particular, is for the annual mother daughter dinner and I have already missed the deadline for registering. Heaven forbids that I miss this $6.00 per person date with my girls. I got to start calling somebody on the PTA at 830 this morning!

I really like the idea of this dinner because it enforce a few subtle yet significant messages.

  1. My girls will remember going to a school dinner with me. Every day, it’s my hope to show them that I love them, although it may not always come across this way since I keep that mother -daughter line very clear. But its times like these that I look forward to allowing my girls to be funny, fancy and free little girls.
  2. I always try to take my kids on a date alone or with just one of the younger boys at least once a month. Even if it’s to the market. This time however will be different as both of my girls attend the same middle school. It think it’ll be fun. We’ll make it a complete girl’s night out by shopping for shoes or fashion jewelry together and helping each other get dressed. Yes mom, it is these little things that make all the difference for their self image.        
  3. They learn how to eat in public! Don’t get me wrong, my girls know how to behave with a fork and knife in hand. But as they say, practice makes perfect.
  4. I also get a chance to talk to the staff in a comfy atmosphere. I have to stay on top of everything. Think about it, these people have my kids over 6 hours a day, I have to mingle with these people!


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