Friday Four:The Japan Tsunami;4 Comments

Japan was struck by a magnitude-8.8 earthquake off its northeastern coast Friday, triggering a 13-foot (4-meter) tsunami that washed away cars and tore away buildings along the coast near the epicenter. (March 10)

I have surveyed some of my friends sites on Facebook and have listed them here to share with whomever reads my blog.

1. Tip. J.      She said:  While we are at work, speaking with friends & family, enjoying Happy Hours tonight, and surfing the Net, please do not forget that our brothers and sisters in Japan are in crisis. The west coast/Southern California has cleared their beaches in preparation to be hit. Just because it’s not happening to me and you doesn’t mean WE shouldn’t be praying diligently. Real talk…race, color, religion, geographical location -Tip Jones

2. Greater Carolinas Red Cross  said:   Hi Kelle! Thanks for helping to spread the word. The Japanese Red Cross hasn’t yet asked for our financial assistance, so we haven’t put out a call for fundraising (though that might change in the coming hours). Probably by this afternoon, …the REd Cross will have ways people can help – they can check or fan American Red Cross or follow @redcross on Twitter. Also – you can talk about Safe and Well ( where people can register themselves as being safe and family members can search for loved ones. 

3. Bianca Incongruous Wade said:     Praying for the families in Japan and also the states that are on watch. Know what’s going on around you.

Hawaii was even impacted.  The governor of Hawaii ordered the evacuation of coastal areas and warned residents to take the threat seriously. Even our president chimed saying  that he was monitoring the threat to Hawaii, his home state, and the US West Coast which is expecting waves later on Friday.

4. Richard Lloyd Parry said

 I  looked through a window and saw buildings shaking from side to side and wondered if I was goig to die?

Japanese media confirmed that was killed at least 22 people.
The Onagawa nuclear power plant is caught on fire. A powerful earthquake struck Japan. After the main shock, with strength of 8.9 on the Richter scale, occurred several aftershocks. Then came the great wave of the tsunami, which broke many miles inland. Numerous fires broke out. There was a huge explosion at the refinery near Tokyo. In the north country will automatically switch off five power plants, train traffic was halted and the flights was suspended.


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