The Anne Frank play@ Imaginon

Ever heard of Anne Frank? How about the Holucast?  My daughter was invited to watch a live play of Anne Franks “And They Came For Me”  at Imaginon, here in Charlotte, NC.

She was too proud of herself. She invited Deanna to tag along as her guest.  Afterwards, they were engaged in a discussion. The boys & I listened from the “Crying Room” after enjoying a wild play date down stairs in the toddlers area with other patrons. I guess I’m not the only one that comes in with busy behind babies. It was a sound proof viewing & sound room. Even if if it wasn’t but 10 minutes, I enjoyed watching  my girls sit, listen and engage like young ladies.  That was pretty cool.

As a culture kid, she had to write about the show.

Here’s what she wrote: My review is on Anne Frank’s “And They Came For Me”. The play shared  the life of a jewish  little girl, named Anne. From her diary, to the stage, we  revisited her life as an happy go lucky little girl to a  unwanted peice of filth as jews were considered at that time. 

This tyrant named Hitler went from being an outcast to a ruler. He demanded that all Jews were worthless and to be destroyed. It was ordered that they blow up houses, buildings, shoot the very youngest of kids and to arrest Jews for being Jewish. This made no sense to me. But to many Germans it made perfect sense because they took orders from Hitler. The life of the common Jew was very hard. They had all types of restrictions. They could not participate in any public sports, no shopping at German owned stores, and was given fake showers! Well, instead of water, the shower poured out gas that killed them with each breathe they took. The enslaved Jews had to carry out the dead bodies. Who does that? Really?

The Jews went through a lot to exist, and sometimes other Germans helped. Not all Germans believed that the Jew were worthless. At some point the food and other goods became very scarce. Some German families still showed compassion and love by hiding, feeding, and providing shelter to the Jewish stowaways. One family in particular was the family of Anne Frank. She, along with her parents and sister hid until they were discovered and sent to a concentration camp. Her mother starved to death, I’m not sure what happened to her sister, but her dad found her diary after she died at 15 and shared it with others, on various platforms. My mother toured the concentration camp years ago and told us about it. Yet, it doesn’t compare to hearing it from the mind of a young girl like me.  I’m so glad that I had an opportunity to see history so I can appreciate my present and future.

The end. Cassie Pressley


Wasn’t that awesome? Would you like to see a live performance at Imaginon? Yes? Well in a few weeks, you just may have an opportunity to win your own performance tickets. So make sure you keep up the reading on my blog! Trust me your kids will LOVE it!

On another note, CMS spring break, is coming soon. My plan is to get my kids, a a few community kids in the kitchen and learn some math, reading, science, logic, geography, and cooking skills. What you didn’t know that when you cook, you’re using all of those skills?

Well you are, and I will be conducting these classes. If you’re in the QC area I encourage you to sign up today, because  I have limited space. At $15/class or $65.00 a week-ya better hurry!

Also, I’m giving away those Harlem Globetrotter tickets in the morning. Have you entered yet for the drawing? It’s not too late. Just “like” QC Supermom on facebook. That’s it!

Get ready to be entertained!

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