Friday Four: The Praised Doula

Ever heard of a doula? I had one with my 8month old son. I also had a mid-wife.  Trust me, there is a difference! Today’s doula is taking care of the mom before, during and after the birth of the baby. They even help with breast feeding.

The doula! Serena

My “practicing doula” delivered my son, with the help of the hospitals nurse. The doctor was down stairs having dinner with my husband and other kids. She really did a great job, soothing me during the contractions and by getting rid of my nervous husband. (Bless his heart). The mid wife I had made my doctor’s visit less evasive. She didn’t do any extra probing or peeking; and I felt very comfortable talking to her about my personal pregnancy related issues. But back to the doula topic.

A doula is a non-medical assistant; she does not perform any procedures, medical checks, or make any diagnosis or decisions. Instead she dedicates herself entirely to emotionally and physically supporting the mother, her partner and any other friend or family members present at the birth.

Here are my four reasons to use a doula:

  1. Tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications
  2. Reduces the mothers request for pain medication and &/ epidurals.
  3. Helps mother  eliminate postpartum depression
  4. The doula, seeks to empower her clients with her knowledge of the birth process and its variations and the choices to be made while respecting the integrity of the clients’ choices.

Sometimes parents think that a close friend, family member, or a friend who is a labor & delivery nurse or maternity nurse would be a great labor support, because they’ve had experience in birth. The person who will support you MUST trust birth, trust you, and have enough experience in birth that she can be a creative resource in helping you through labor’s sudden twists and turns. If the person at your birth is used to managing problems in birth, she will not necessarily know how to reassure you or make suggestions for getting through normal labor.

And if finances are an issue, ask around for volunteer or low-cost doulas, ask for doula services as a shower gift, or save your pennies. Doulas are worth it! 

If you still want to know more, click this link –What Is a doula? or this one   Birth Film Doula.  I can’t say enough about the services that a doula offers. If you are pregnant you should consider the benefits of having one.

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