30 Day Super Mom Challenge!

If the tree isn’t healthy, the fruit will rot. Have you ever heard that before? I know that I’m not alone in the pursuit of perfected mothering, or total children wellness. Because motherhood is not for the faintest of hearts, I want you to join me in a 30 day Super Mom Challenge! It’s simple; just tell me how you mother. The good, bad, and the ugly! Make the video, or share the comment- I want to know your motherhood tricks & tools:

  • What do you feed your children? Are they allowed to put items in the cart?
  • How do you make them feel special? I date mine at least once a quarter.
  • What do you use in-house as behavior modification? Do you whip, ignore, talk to them or take away?
  • Do you let your kids have opposite sex company in their bed room?
  • How do you keep your kids from hiding those chips in his clothes drawer?
  • What qualities do you teach your child to look for in a mate?
  • Do you give “green” for grades?
  • Are you paying for childcare, camp? if so how much & why did you choose the provider?


The sky is the limit! Just share! I will also submit my videos on YouTube, here and on my blog page! With my 6 kids and crazy hubby, you can imagine it’s gonna be a whole lot of “laughs!”

Everyday check the facebook.com site (QC Supermom) & learn a new resource every day, by  the end of the challenge you will have learned a new motherhood tool & will have helped another mother out!

So share each day for the next 30 days and learn from others. We can do this together! Motherhood should be enjoyed.  Let’s make this fun! Start today! The mother/ member with the most shares will win an Alba skin care gift basket!

Go head! Upload your videos to me on face book! It’s QC Supermom & I’ll see you soon.

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