Wednesday Wow-Pre School Prep

My philosiphy is very simple.  So much so that ANY Parent can do it! If you want a learner- start early. I host a weekly class called Preschool prep. Preschool Prep assit parents with teach children the letters, numbers and shapes while they are very young – at the age of learning to talk. The idea is that children can learn to recognize and name letters just like they learn to recognize any other object. As children are innately programmed to rapidly expand their vocabulary and object recognition during the early toddler time period, why not make letters, numbers and shapes a part of those things they get to know first?

Self esteem in orange.

The class is for 18 month olds to 5 year olds.  Sometimes I invite other alternative educators in to enrich the kids. Below is Kimberly N. Howard, MBA from

Beyond Boundaries Arts

Ok, so here’s my offering for todays 30 day challenge- today, I’m teaching my 24 month son the letters of his name. I guess I could have started a long time ago, but better late than never -right? Flash cards, contruction paper & markers will be my only tools daily for the next two months while working with him.  

Well, this is short entry today. I’m about to be out. I’ll see you all on QC Supermom (Facebook) ! Take Care of Yourself!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wow-Pre School Prep

  1. Great idea! I have practiced this idea with my daughter. We utilize the My Baby Can Read program as well. She knows her shapes, colors, name, and simple words. We are learning the alphabet now. We should have been further along, but I took 4 classes this quarter myself & been slacken since Jan.

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