Friday Four: I Love 2 BreastFeed!

This is day 18 of my Supermom challenge- today…….Breastfeeding!

Why don’t more mothers do it?

Even Michelle Obama promotes it!  Why mammas, won’t you feed your child your milk? Don’t you know that it is worth $2.00 per oz on the open market!

First Lady Michelle Obama recently asked women to breast-feed more as she did with her children as part of her “Let’s Move” campaign. She believes there are health benefits with breast-feeding your children.I know it is. Both of my daughters skipped an entire grade level. My son took college classes in high school.

A statistic I read suggest that only 55 percent of Black women breastfeed their children. Whites and Latinos are both higher than 75 percent.  I’m not sure if that is true, but. I know that I would love to see more moms pop their boobs out for their youngons!

Right now my youngest is 9 monoths (well in 7 more days) & he is the 5th that I have nursed.I have never considered anything else. You do know that humans are the only mammal that nurtures its young on the milk of another species of animal.  Uug! Its just sooo unnatural that it cant be a good thing.

Just in case you need just a little encouragement, here’s my four reasons to breastfeed:

  1.  Breastfed children are healthier & smarter!
  2. Nursing burns 500 calories per feeding*
  3. Stops /delays ovulation
  4. Suitability – Your milk is best suited to, and so it is more gentle on, your baby’s body systems.

Now, are there women who should not breastfeed?  Yes. There are cases in which a mother should be advised not to breastfeed her baby:

  • Drug users
  • Women who have had previous breast surgery
  • Women with infectious tuberculosis

If you can’t Wet Nurse-

  • Wet nurse – a woman who nurses another’s baby:
    1. many upper class women hired wet nurses during various periods of history.
    2. infants orphaned due to maternal death have been wet-nursed.
    3. women worked as wet nurses for pay.


    Buy YOUR BreastMilk Online!

    Whatever your reasons for not breastfeeding — health, intense discomfort, or unrelenting frustration — the first order of business is to give yourself a break. “Breastfeeding is best, but good parenting is more than breastfeeding” .

    Click here for more info on breastfeeding!

    Breastfeeding your adopted baby

    Fathers that breastfeed!

    Just when you think that you\’ve seen it all: Milk Sharing!

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