Wednesday Wow: LOAVES And FISHES

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There’s something to be said about a male child that serves others. Even more when his sisters join in. Tomorrow is Loaves and Fishes volunteer appreciation dinner.  This year my 18 year old will be sitting next to his two younger sisters, D & Cassie. 

Get Creative

 Six years ago, when he was homeschooled, it was incorporated into his curriculum. Every Tuesday and Sunday, he knew where he was going. He never complained but I know it wasn’t his ideal way to spend his Tuesdays and most Saturdays.That expeirence has taught him a lot. Talking to him, I noticed that he was more  intuned with reality. Just because someone is driving a Benz, that doesn’t mean they got food in their belly, and that just because someone didn’t speak back to him, it didn’t mean that she didn’t like him or  have intentions of being mean. As he discovered on another visit she paid the pantry; she was abused by her mate and  only came out to get food for her kids and did not want to bring attention to herself!    He has seen a lot out there &  is reminded to be grateful, humble and helpful. I hope  those lessons learned will carry him into college & beyond.

Anywhoots, I can’t wait for tomorrow, to see other helpful people and break bread  with half of my kids with out coming out of my pocket or having to clean up..The  food is always delicious. Last year we got Rum cake and live flowers to take home. How awesome is that? Not exactly a reason to volunteer, but it surely makes it worth it my wild to ensure hat they make it there each week.  Think about it. It’s a win, win ,win situation all around!

Loaves & Fishes is a non-profit organization has been serving the working poor, families, homeless and seniors living in and around Charlotte for close to 30 years. What began as a simple first meal of fish and bread for 11 adults and 15 children has grown to nearly 500 groceries per day, served with dignity.  Their work has been made possible because of the generous donations of money, and planned giving, from caring individuals, families, small businesses, and corporations. Anyone can help! 

Most Needed Items

Salad dressings   Canned pasta    Crackers            Pancake mix/Bisquick
Canned pears       Canned fruit cocktail                   Pasta sauce
Peanut butter        Jelly                                                     Deodorant
Shaving supplies  Toothpaste

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