Wednesday Wow: about QC Super Mom

Yesteray made day 30 of my Supermom challenge. If you got somethingoutof it. Gret for you. I’m very happy to hearthat. If you didn’t ……well, that’s the brakes!  Maybe nex time!

I’m about parents directing, but not dictating, their families.
I’m about honesty, even if it isn’t what “should” be said.
I’m about discipline, not punishment.
I’m about changing what doesn’t work.
I’m about my “yes” meaning “yes” and my “no” meaning “no.”
I’m about protecting,not smothering.
I’m about sheltering,not enabling.
I am in love with my husband. And I like him most times, too.
My children are proof that God is faithful to His promises.
I love reptiles, insects, and ANYTHING that can fly and land on me, as long as they stay outdoors.
I am an parenting coach. Ihave 7 childen living and now I enjoy helping parents believe in themselves and take their rightful place in this kid-centered society.
I don’t always parent by the Bible, so if that offends you, you probably don’t want to read this blog.
Or maybe you do.
I love my family, eating well and Jesus Christ. And if you don’t, please give me a chance to tell you why.

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