Friday Four:The Earth Day Special

Are you celebrating Earth day today?  (I didn’t forget about Easter Sunday, but let’s get past one celebration before the next one-okay……..Today, I’ve listed my top 4 ways to celebrate this special day. After you read these, let me know what you think.


Earth Day 2011: Mission Reduce Reuse & Recycle

My top four Earth Day offering today

1.Thumbs up- gas prices down! Both of us had somewhere to be today!  We carpooled! While we worked on the EggStravaganza  for tomorrow he handled his business &  picked us up on his way back in for the day. This was great because I hate driving!

2. Collaborative consumption. Short story made quick. “Tonya” wanted her taxes done. My daughters need their hair done. I get their next five styles covered! Yeah me!

3. Goodwill rocks! I refuse to pay $23 for a shirt that she’ll wear once or twice. Stores like  Goodwill and The Jr League are a God send!

4. EarthFare – I refuse to cook when all of that great food is sitting over there waiting to be eaten by  my family & I. (kids 12 & under eat free on Thursdays 4-7pm)


BONUS: Bunnies don’t lay Easter Eggs……….He Rose,my saviour rose for ME………. Celebrate!

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