What every mom should teach their son

It is suggested that African-American mothers are harder on their daughters than they are on their sons and that African-American mothers spoil and favor their sons simply because they are males.

Learning of this myth led me to examine my own treatment of my children. When my daughter Samya was born, I was so fulfilled. So much that I went on to have 6 more. Earlier I asked my11 year old daughter if she felt that it was a truism for our household and she said Yes. It really surprised me. I guess that I have some things to look out for this week. I have four boys and 2 girls(4), and 1love each one dearly, and felt that any preferance was based on personality not gender. Here are the guidelines I have used for raising my sons:
  • Instill In Them Rock Solid Faith In God
  • Instill In Them Community, Civic and Political Responsibility
  • Instill In Them The Value and Importance of Education
  • Instill in Them The Value of Marriage and Family Unity
  • Instill In Them a Respect For Their Fellow Man
  • Insure That They Participate in Rites of Passage
  • Insure That They Have Proper Male Role Models

Men who don’t have a rock solid faith in God, almost always react to the issues of life by either traveling down one or more of these paths: giving up, resorting to drugs or alcohol, holding grudges, seeking vengeance or becoming passive, Or, they turn to: rage, anger, crime, abuse, sexual immorality or suicide. A rock solid faith in God affords a man the advantage of responding to life’s challenges, temptations and dangers with the Word of God and prayer.

Yes, I kow that I am responsible for setting the tone for my sons. To be frank, if we fail or refuse to do it, it will not get done! It’s a must that I impart to them a rich spiritual heritage. One that serves as their lifetime compass and eternal roadmap. By doing so, I will position my boys to see beyond dire circumstances, hopelessness and insurmountable challenges and tap into God’s unlimited resources to help them reign victorious in life.


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