Mother’s Day 2011

None of my kids have jobs, only one have a license, only one loves to cook, and  there’s even one that hate to see the younger 3 boys upset. All of them in their own little way showed me love yesterday! And yes, so did my husband. Within all of that, I got a little lesson on forgiveness.

As each Mother’s day for me is bittersweet.Yet,  I can’t help but be grateful for everything. Yup……..even the in laws! (I never thought that I would say that)  Morning Service was special. I had a sit down with my church mother & she put a few things in perspective for me. The thought for the day was forgiveness. I’ll tell you more about that later.

As the kids made gifts for their moms, they were reminded of real simple yet essential lessons about gifts from the heart and living in your now. I told them as they give their gifts to their moms remind them that it is just a deposit of whats to come. Eaim even made me something (see his medallion necklace above)

Table for 8 PLEASE!

To my surprise, no one acted the fool. I didn’t have to threaten anyone.  We had Tehun munching on fruits and veggies, which was a great break for my boobs. (YES!) Usually after the eating I’m ready to sleep. BUT there was another surprise in store………..the in-laws!

 I must admit, I DID NOT WANT TO GO AT ALL. I tend to hold grudges, and have been for years regarding Roger’s family. Growing up in a family oriented environment, I am use to family bonding and get togethers at the spur of the moment. His family Not So Much. They didn’t even come to the wedding. That’s a BIG NO- NO!Now the forgiveness part.

My church mom told me that I had to forgive so that my blessing wouldnt’ be blocked. She  gave me a story about her test & how she  dealt with it. She basically won them over with her kindness.  I’m not that Godly or wise  yet, but I defiantly felt better after I got there. My intentions was to support my husband  & just show up, and chill. When I got there, I was open up & welcoming to something new. The advice she gave me paid off. We are better now and I have a wonderful sister in law that I can’t wait to talk to on the phone  really soon. In conclusion. I learned that a word from the the wise was sufficiant. It’s never too late to forgive, and that Tehun is ready to come off my boobs! 🙂

  As for the rest of this day, I will be celebrating my daughter, Samya T. Pressley-Scott, birth, 17 years ago. May she rest in peace.

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