Wednesday Wow: Me…..a doula? Get Out!

I want everyone to have a happy “birth – day”. Get it Birth-day. Most of my deliveries have been decent, why not share a little that I’ve learned right?

I figure that when it comes to helping a mom get as comfy as possible ,translating doctor talk, informing parents of their options, and teaching the new mom how to nurse I know I can do that. It sounds like a lot, but really it’s second nature to me.  Heck, I’ve done it 8 times already! I’ve added the pictures to prove it 🙂

BREASTFEEDING………….One thing I would encourage to all moms is to feed their child. That’s what her boobs are for -right? (Only if she can, of course)

MEDICINE- Unlike many doulas, I feel that you should know everything that is available to you! I would never say refrain from drugs. Only mom knows when to throw in the towel.

DADDY EDUCATION- I’m not sure if every dad wants to see everything, so he will know that he has a green card to run in the case that it gets too bloody for him. Of course theirs more for a dad to know, but that’s just summary for now.

The above were small tidbits as to what I will do once I become a doula next year! Oh, yeah, my prices…….$300 per birth. Teens half price after motherhood classes* (I am taking free moms now)…….Now what say you?

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