Friday Four:If I had to do it all again!

You know that song by Faith Evans, Again? I like that song. I really do. It has much wisdom in it. With hooks like ‘ I’ve learned so much from my mistakes…… She even states that if she had to do all again, she would because it made her who she is, because she knows that God is watching her- Lovely right?  I can related. I can also learn to do things a bit differently. Here are 4 things that I would change the second time around:

1. Ensure my kids understood what money is. I’m mean Really. Why give them money to just blow? I still don’t understand why I did it. Are they going to buy ——mess, mess, and more mess! Allowance my behind. I’ve even tried to implement, pay for performance. They end up winning that game too. I had to come up with some unique:

For my 10 & 11 year old girls: I took them to Justice Just For Girls and asked them to price their favorite bras. Them gave them the money, but told them, they owed me lunch & gas money.

For my 18 year old, we went over the cost of gas and the cost to raise a child v\s pay at Bojangles.

2. Teach. and live healthy from day one!  I have my moments. Lord knows that I do. I’ll eat a balance diet, but know that I should get up & move more. I have yet to figure out why I just don’t ‘ Do it! I want my kids to know how to “fix their bodies” when something is out of whack. So as of TODAY…… out for that incredible shrinking women.

3. Be firmer NOW! It’s when they are babies that they need the most structure.It maybe the hardest thing in the world to do at times. But if you wait till they hit 10….it’s a wrap! I have found that it’s much easier to be their friend when they are in their 20’s. Right now, as they are babies…….Say ‘No,’ ‘Do it now’ & I know you must be tripping’, & mean it. Have a discipline plan and stick to it. Let them “hate you” now. I guarantee, they will grow up & call you “blessed” ( Proverbs 31:28)

4. Be more hands on with my child’s interest. Or maybe just communicate/bond or just know your child. I’ve learned that giving others a little control can still be too much later. Never give up your influence for major life changing decisions. Although you can’t choose your child mate, theirs a lot of things you can lead him ,…….I meant them to! Use your Supermom power!

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