Wednesday Wow: Graduation plans

My oldest son is graduating this year! Whew Lord, I am thrilled about that! The door of  my helicopter mothering closes while the doors of structured explorations opens. Dang! What will a mama do……………..I’m gonna PAR-TAY!

I won’t cry when they call his name as he accepts his diploma. As  I will be thinking of my mom and daughter, wishing they were here to share in the joy, in the flesh.  I won’t even cry as we drop him off on campus. Since the plan is to visit him once a month for college game nights in Maryland.

If my past is any indication of my future, I will drop a few tears when I get up that next morning and see that he’s not in his bed or later in the night when he doesn’t call and tell me that he’s running late, but is on the way home. I will also get a little ruffled on Sunday mornings when everyone wakes up rushing to get to church and he won’t be in the kitchen making me and his brothers a quick southern breakfast.

Graduation is in 4 weeks. I can barely beleive it.  So far we are having a 4 day celebration. A roast /cookout on the Saturday before the ceremony. Later that night he will be having an “EXTREME Boys Night Out” and I will also hang out a bit as  my own little reward. Sunday, we will be in church together, then Monday we are playing it by ear,  then the big day, Tuesday. We are gonna eat out after graduation. Like most families do. I ‘m still searching for a new graduation tradition for my family.I know that it will begin with prayer of thanks for all of the blessings we’ve enjoyed thus far. (I know I’m making it sound like he has no life outside of me BUT  I’m maximizing as much of his time that I can get!)

 I’ll let you know what we come up with when I figure it out. Any suggestions? What should we do with our graduating senior?

That’s my boy! Keithric Jervon Kelly Pressley

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