Fathers Day Weekend 2011

First off, let me apologies for announcing the Juneteenth event. I was so disappointed with this year’s results. Totally not what it should have or used to be.

The girls are off to bible camp and they hated going. Truth is,I just wanted a vacation from them. The camp is way down in G.A.  The good thing about that is they did get to see my dad before Father’s day to load him up with hugs, kiss, and love! That dad of MINE……….I love him & ended up marrying a fella that’s like him in so many ways.

  1. He loves his family
  2. He is involved with family activities
  3. He isn’t too manly that he won’t do household chores
  4. He listens first & settles last
  5. He is “manly”.
  6. The list can go on and on. But ill end there. The guys are just a blessing!

 In the meantime, I am here with the boys & Roger -what is a girl to do? Well, while taking care of Tehun I figured that I could use some help with the house and other babies………SOOOOO I got a temporary live in replacement! She cooks, clean, drive, play, and is super duper smart! My niece, the college student is here! Yay Me!

The sermon my pastor spoke on was about father’s daddying up. How appropriate was that right? I only wish that more men were in attendance to hear it. I do believe that it was recorded for purchase. I’ll have to find out about that this week.

Then came dinner time: We got items for Roger’s honorary dinner. She prepared asparagus, mint tea, soy chicken, and creamy stuff ravioli and for desert homemade peach pie, topped with soy vanilla ice cream… It was so good ya’ll!

Now, I gotta tell you, my plan was to put that other “Kelly “on. (Kelly Rowland)  But we ended up taking Tehun to the emergency room for a high fever. The only thing I learned that night was that I had Irish triplets. (1 kid that is the same age as two other sibling for a time during the year). Other than that, we were told to keep swabbing Tehun down to lower the fever while the virus runs its course.

Although Father’s day didn’t end the way I planned, I am so happy that it was no worse.  I was truly thankful for that day.

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