“To All” – A message from Troy Anthony Davis

“To All” – A message from Troy Anthony Davis.

Today is just a sad day. My heart is SO heavy right now. How can this be ya’ll?

Honest;y, what can you do? How do you protect your child when there is so much against them?  I trust God to protect & provide. Call me a shaker if you will, BUT I fear that if any of my sons would fall into this crazy system, & faced the same end as Troy, I would blow up the entire prison, executors homes, the D.A.’s  home, and the judge. I’m SO serious ya’ll. That crew wouldn’t be able to make a call like that again on anyone else. Sure they’ll get immediate replacements but I would defiantly send a message  that mess aint right!!!!

May peace  and mercy be in the spirit & heart of that mother. If I saw his mother, here’s what I would say to her:

Ms Davis,

While no one can imagine what you are going through, just know that I am thinking about you. As a mom, you have to know that there are some questions that can’t be answered. I’m sure that you’ve had many over the years. We can’t put them in a bubble as they grow up. To protect them from the evils that be. I know, I’ve tried.  Your son could have been any of our sons, brothers, uncles, fathers, husbands. They say things happen for a reason…..& that God does not allow mistakes.  Please trust that. In this pain, strive, grow and share!  Be a comforting voice for others. (You know there will be more, unless something drastically changes ) Don’t let the pain demise you. Position yourself to allow God to make your later be your greater. A old friend of mine, by the name of Mr. Jones told me something very significant in 2005, when I lost my daughter. He said “do what you have to do to get strong so you can get back!” To me that meant to cry, to yell, to sit in my quiet place, to write, to do what ever I needed to do (not what others think that I should). I’m grateful he took the time to say those words to me. In truth, I have became a better person, mother, friend. In closing, God is still in the details. Trust that & choose to be blessed!


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