Boxer Joe F., singer Heavy D. and “The Fair“NOT!”

Last week was such a WEEK!  Anything that could happen just about did & you really just had to charge it to the game of  life!  

One of the worlds greatest boxers, Joe Frasier died, then R & B singer, his Hotness ‘ Heavy D. followed. (My cousin dated him- when he was just Dwight) but that wasn’t how my week started.

Oh no. no. no‘!

Sunday evening , I got a call & I was told that I couldn‘t have the fair at my church because of structural and other liability issues. OKAY!!!! Now- Really? I‘m thinking- Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – heck- 6 days BEFORE  the wellness fair & I‘m JUST now being notified??  What planet does that make sense on????    So Monday, I took that day to regroup. I battled with the idea of just canceling it or finding another spot quickly. To me securing another place would prove 2 things; where’s there a will there’s a way, & that I was totally committed to the kids, event partners, and event sponsors. So Tuesday I got to calling & typing. I had a new spot by Wednesday. Now, I had to do everything all over again. (Yes, I micro manage, & yes I‘m working on that) From the list of 17 partners we started with, it had dwindle down to just 8- oooooookkk!

Job Corps- ran out of supplies, Curvy All Over, was getting out of the hospital, Carlos. V., Smile Starters, caught – a brain draft……..I could go on & on with the list, but I’ll save that for another post. I could understand why they were no shows for the most part, but I wont take much from their professionalism.

But Earth fare South Park ( Children Chef competition), Jr..League WearHouse,(Re-Fashion show) Niki Barbar of Aquarian Hands, (a birthing consultant)“Jamel”(oooooooooo- that boy can sang- click the link!), Hope S. Piggie, a certified C.P.A. (She hosted a dynamic workshop called from Piggy bank to bank accunt) Photographer, Alvin was there to take “Shutterfly”sponsored photos,  (inbox me if you want a few free prints for the holidays) Oneaka Mack, the beautiful choreographer, shared a wonderful African dance demo- (video will be in next fb post.) and Wanda B, of Physical Perfected, (completely held it together ) – they came out and just ripped it for our crowd of less than forty chaps from the neighborhood.

We didn’t waste anytime. The workshops were hosted, {CHECK} the awesome door prizes were awarded, {CHECK} the youth gained great insight to wellness {CHECK}, our event partners felt that their time was well invested {CHECK} we listened to “Jamel” {Ooh-DOUBLE CHECK} and we left! {Yes, sounds like another successful Total Children‘s Wellness fair to me!} Folks that arrived after 1pm was shocked to see the parking lot of the Boys & Girls Club on Milton Rd. was cleaned out. To them I say, enjoy the soon coming photos and videos  and of course be on time next year.
God willing, the Total Children Wellness Fair will be hosted again on the 2nd Saturday of September, from 11-2pm. In closing, look what my horoscope said yesterday about me.

Sunday, Nov 13th, 2011 — Once you make up your mind, no one will be able to talk you out of your decision. You are ready to stand behind your commitment today, making you a formidable opponent if your judgment is questioned. Nevertheless, your stubbornness can be misleading because you’re interested in discovering what’s real, and are not as close-minded as you sound. Back up your penchant for the truth by showing your intellectual flexibility when it’s appropriate.
Yup- that’s KelleKeisha- QC Super mom!


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