Wednesday Wow: QC Super Mom leaps!

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Have you ever had a life coach? Not many have. Some people just walk into their “life” as naturally as the breath they breathe.  I happen to fall into that other  category that needs a little push every now and again. It’s NOT that I’m unfocused one bit. For me, I have to keep updating my strategy in order to remain on my goal.  Can you relate to that?

Finding your purpose in life is a blessing in  itself. Once you find your reason for living, it’s like eating mentos forever……or wasabi sauce if you need something stronger to take your breathe away. The point is, there’s nothing like it.

‘Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.”

During my little 36 years here on  Earth this time around, I’ve had the priveledge to have a praying mother, dependable father, great sisters and a honorary grand mother-Odessa Thompson,  that always loved me, even when I was too crazy in youth to understand what that meant. (talk about wasted youth) Anyhoots……….

 Moving forward!

I got out of college with 2 degrees. One in Marketing management and the other in Tourism management. Marriott Corporation was great and the management  money was lovely, but I still wasn’t certain what I wanted to do. It took me almost 10 years before it snapped for me.

In 2005, my 1st daughter passed from AIH at age 11. At that moment, I became an avid researcher on health, stress, nutrition and alternative wellness.  I seen the real ugly side of the medical field. I learned that an uninformed, parent makes a aweful advocate for their sick child. I also witnessed the power of free will.

I believe life isn’t just about me, but includes those that love you unconditionally. A child’s love is and that’s more than enough for me.

I had to choose. To live, thrive, be happy or to live in a limbo of broken heart and  being broke. There is a difference, you know.  At that time, with 3 other kids in the house, I had to ponder FAST! …….TALK about a no brainer. One of the saddest things I have seen is to allow others to speak over your life. THAT’S A SURE WAY TO CRIPPLE YOURSELF.

 I was a mean youngon. If it was picky, or mean, I was in it. Alot of folks can still recall that to this day. They are supprised to peices to discover that I’ve changed. Not by much, but for sure- the better.

My husband and kids, I pity them, many days, but mostly I marvel at them! They got me. Kelle Keisha, AKA  QC Supermom. The official brander of Total Children Wellness.

Gods gift to me, is so much bigger then my mind can see. I keep doing my best and God does the rest.

I don’t care what anyone says. There is greatness within a person who confidentally keeps to the speed of their own car. There is no one better to emulate.

I believe that success is now possible despite all of my fears and i will make it real by actually succeeding at SOMETHING!!!!!!!

Visit me….I’m building a quality (and very rewarding) list & need your awareness and “like” signature.

Talk to you later!

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