Friday Four: Friday the 13th


ImageI ain’t ‘fraid of no Friday the 13th!

As a matter of fact, I’m counting on today being the best one yet! Why you ask? Just check out today’s Friday four!

  1. The Husband Store. I found this poem years ago & rediscovered it in time to share with a loved one.  
  2. Free Secret Breakfast Party at Subway     This is a GREAT offer- you should make it a date with a friend. It’s quick and easy to get ( you have to make a reservation at your restaurant of choice.)
  3. FREE Christian Concert in Charlotte NC.   T.D. Jakes, and about 5 other spiritual leaders will be there. Very culturally diverse platform. I think EVERYONE will enjoy the blessing!
    1. Fight cancer with food! I refuse to be ignorant, or allow my loved ones to continue to parish! Let’s eat & do better. Starting with our mouth!

    Ok, ladies and gentlemen, I got to get on the road. My 1st born has a college game on Saturday & I have all the driving to do!!!!! Toodles.

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