Ringling Bros.Barnum & Bailey FULLY CHARGED circus-Review

Opening Night was a BLAST!!!

It seemed as though this day would NEVER come. We were counting down the days on the c alendar and everything! ALL 6 of us. From the 2.5 yearold to the 12 year old.  When the morning of the circus came, we couldn’t leave S.C. fast enough.

Since they offered a pre-show we took advantage of it. We seen the small elephant with his easel. Amen, our birthday boy, had a chance to get spiffy in the performing cast’s creative wardobe. The kids even got a chance to get in a photo with the “tall man”, that was there.  It was AWESOME.

They opened with a huge electrical plug; and why not? the theme after all is “FULLY CHARGED!” And that is exactly what they were for the entire show. Fully Charged bills itself as the most electrifying edition of the circus ever presented, and the entire storyline revolves around energy, and boy did they have LOT’s of it!

All the performers were fabulous- costumes and all! The look of the clowns has been heavily updated to appear a bit more hip hop and less traditional. The tigers, elephants, and horses were all beautiful and behaved perfectly.  The live acts were even more death-defying ! We loved every moment of the show, and I clare it looked like a sold-out show.

EVERYONE had a favorite part of the show. Me being the mom, I appreciated the live music, the imaganitive play, and the non stop action that satisfied everyone. I’m always looking for affordable and  smart ways to nuture their social wellness and last night, by far was a winner! I can’t imagine ever missing it!

My 12 year old loved the different clowns and the animals; even the tight rope walkers thrilled her.  I honestly thought that the tiger show was the highlight for her. She was at the tip of her seat for the whole act.

My 11 year old, Cassie, she’s a bit of a critic, her’s what she said” The clowns made transitioning from one act to the next very fun. The ringmaster was good, but the clowns stole the show! The only reason I did not give this circus 5 stars was because it lacked the swinging trampeze.” (I’m thinking about getting her a blogg going. Does she have an opinion or what?) She also warns: the people selling lemonade, snow cones and cotton candy do not give change so an 8 dollar snow cone becomes 10 if you dont have exact change.

My 5 year old, Eaim- I will never forget the look on my sons face through the whole show. I didn’t hear a word from him…..and that’s a great thing. He compared himself to the strong men.  They were built like sumo wrestlers, the men performed classic feats of strength during their main performance.

My newly 3 year old, Amen  began his night sort fustrated because he got a few no’s that day, but that changed quickly & his attention was held and challenged the entire time!

Even my 19 month old loved it. He even made a new friend.

I’ve included a few bits and peices from the show, but you’ll have to grab a few tickets go your self with your lil one! MY KIDS AND I HAD A BLAST!! Hope you get a chance to enjoy it also!!!!

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Yep, we had a ball and so did our winner, Mrs Valerie Mason. I copied  and edited this from her Facebook page:

Valarie MasonWe were in section 108.. We had an awesome time… thanks again Kelle!!

14 hours ago · UnlikeLike · 1
  • Valarie MasonOur seats were superb!! I’ll definitely be a QC Supermom contest stalker 🙂 for a loooooong time coming….

    14 hours ago · LikeUnlike

                                                                                     This really is The Greatest Show On Earth.

Now folks, don’t get upset, you can STILL see the show before it leaves AND with a discount, Just  use the QC Supermom code “BIGTOP.”

Did I tell you about that guy that caught on fire & flew thru the air ?……………………………

2 thoughts on “Ringling Bros.Barnum & Bailey FULLY CHARGED circus-Review

  1. The show was great!!! When my 18-year old was younger, missing a circus was unheard of, we participated in every moment, from the animal walk, to the amazing show. With the change in economic times and our family status, it has been more difficult to attend annually with the younger children. For daughter, Denver (11), this was only her 3rd circus run, for son Zion (9), this was only his 2nd and for baby girl Kelonnie (1), this was merely her 1st. I must say that the clowns were great this year, and I loved the stilt walker. The strong-men were great, and we simply adored the fluorescent costumed people on the strange gazelle – looking bouncy shoes. I missed a few of my favorite acts this year…the motorcycle riders, the swinging trapeze, and the clown car..but there were other acts that made it a great show. I adored the way the clowns rotated from spotlight to spotlight mimicking each act, that was cute…and in lieu of a human cannon, a human fiery bow and arrow….awesome…now the costumes in the western act were a bit challenging to hold our attention, but the act was an incredibly talented display and super–entertaining. The kids had a blast and the elephant act was very intimate, at first I was like where are all of the elephants, but after the act, I was content with just a few. The horses, and big cats were awesome!!! I can’t express just how grateful I am to Kelle-QC Supermom, for making this opportunity possible!!!!! Thanks again!!!

    • Wow Valerie. I’m so happy that it was a blessing to your family. My children and I enjoyed the show as well. No one was board, I’ll tell you that!!!! Thanks for the awesome review. See you soon.

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