My husband is required to celebrate 02.14



Each and every year I have to remind my husband not to mess up. He has one day to pull it off. If he fails – punishment is a week of living hell ( at least, it could be more.)  Why would a supermom put SO MUCH pressure on one man? Because I deserve it. He has made me the Supermom that I am today. I’ve made life so comfy for him, this one day, he has to be MY Suga daddy for that one day. Not a bad trade off.

Here’s his must do list:

  1. Roger must have my tea brewing when I awake in the morning.
  2. He must have my grown & classy perfume, and  gift wrapped earrings before 12noon.
  3. My hubby “should” take the kids for at least three hours that day.


So, I got the earrings. You should see how that nut wrapped it. (see the slideshow on the bottom) The lil boys made me a wonderful heart with a magnet on back. The girls made me a yummy Ice Cream sand which, and my college student sent me a healthy, thoughtful professional edible arrangement all the way from Towson, MD.

We stopped by Trader Joes & a friend slipped me a dozen of blood red roses. Even a guy at the gas station gave me some pretty  flowers! Roger said that he was desperate. I say that he was “hating.” That guy just knows a hot ticket when he sees one.

What a great day I had! As you can see I’m not a traditionalist.

Never have been. I believe in practicality and being as green as possible. I don’t need chocolate, cut flowers die to fast, and I would rather have my family words  than the thoughts of someone else. It shows me that they are somewhat articulate.  Now, what did I give my husband for fulfilling his marriage duty……..well, let’s just say that we locked that door that connects our room to the kids room for the night!

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