Friday Four:Short and Fast February

This is the busiest month of the year for me yet & it isn’t even half way  through yet.  No complaints though, we are loving every minute of it!  No couch potatoes under my roof! Yet even faster than the month, is our lil Tehun. Look what  he’s doing now. (see below) Is that the new pregnancy test?


Here are a few other things going on this month. You should join us!

1. PUMC Black History Program (Deanna& Cassie on schedule)

Each Sunday this month, the youth will introduce an amazing African American unsung hero. My girls chose to do theirs on their great-grand father;  Bro. Kelly Cesaer Pressley Sr. I couldn’t think of a better man to choose.  He was incredible! Here’s one of his favorite quotes: “An empty wagon makes a lot of noise.”

Mr. Pressley                                         February 19 1917 – January 23 2009

  • In his budding town, he was a founding father of the chapter #358 lodge masons.
  • Self taught shoe repair man and barber.  His skills benefited both his children and community folks heads and shoes.
  • Built & ran a couple of different businesses, from foundation to accounting.
  • Purchased land for all of his 12  children.
  • Was known as a dynamic person of integrity, humor and respect.
  • Became an honorary sheriff of his home town,Nesmith, SC.
  • Hunted for the bulk of his family meat, although he was afraid of snakes .

2. Huggie Potty Dance Party– February 25th  I’m hosting a party yall! It’s for moms who will be starting potty training. They’ll get exciting and  FUN tool to use including The Pull-Ups® Potty Dance dvd, stickers, charts and other incentives. The parent- child dance routine help everyone get started and stay motivated along the way.

3. The Junior League of Charlotte, Inc. presents Go Kids Go from 9am-12pm every Saturday in February! Go Kids Go is a FREE community event for children ages 0-12 and their families which aligns with the JLC’s Healthy Child Initiative. The program encourages and educates children about fun ways to stay active, eating nutritious meals and leading healthy lifestyles. At each event, kids will participate in various fun-filled

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  physical activities, learn about nutrition, safety and disease prevention.

  • February 18th:  Yoga, Open Play, Healthy Snacks Preparation, Infant & Toddler Activities, Educational Lessons, the Presbyterian Hospital Community Care Cruiser and an appearance by Chubby Checker!
  • February 25th:  Athletic Drills, Gymnastics, Fruit Kabobs Preparation, Infant & Toddler Activities, Educational Lessons, the Presbyterian Hemby Children’s Ambulance and an appearance by Homer the Dragon!

Billingsville Elementary School
124 Skyland Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28222

4. Pre-teen Roll Bounce (Skate Night)-Starlight Roller Rink -I’m giving away passes to all my paid QCSAHM. It’s a night for the older kiddos to just hang out and have some fun! If you haven’t seen my other page, check it out here.

YES, I am a doting mom- watch my 1st born in a interview!

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