Friday Four: Why I blog!

I love blogging! I am entering my third official year practicing the craft. 

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At least twice  week I sneak away and let my mind and fingers take control. They recall funny, sad, discoveries and just about anything else that comes to my vivid sphere of awareness.  However, once I tell people how many children I have, and the list of hats that I wear.  I usually get one of three  reactions.

A. “Wow!” How do you do it? How do you get your child to do, eat, wear, or learn this or that?

B. Ain’t no way! Not my body, my  money nor my time! Mama gots bills to pay &  a huge daycare bill isn’t one of them!

C. Beautiful, I wish I could have more……….But da- dah dah dah da!

Well, I can actually understand those reactions and would be a fibber if I said that I entered motherhood knowing all of the answers. If someone would have told me that at the age of  36, I would be married, working in the hospitality industry, I would’ve  said “Yeah, I can see that!”  On the other hand, if they’d add 8.5 children and a crazy husband, I would ask them if they had hit their head on a brick wall or something! What sane person does that in the 20th century? We don’t have a farm.  But I am a certified Fertile Myrtle on a mission, and that’s one reason they call me QC Supermom!

I earned the Supermom title years go from the Charlotte Mecklengburg County Health Department. They thought the way that I promote healthy habits in my family and community was impressive. After that, I sort of ran with it, adding QC to the Supermom title and picking up ideas of grander. I just knew that I could help more moms! Years later, after several community engagements; both private and public, blogging just felt like a natural thing to do. Here are my four reasons why I blog.

1.  It’ s my time- One thing I’ve learned is every mom that practices building her home must make time for herself. This is how I do it. I vent, share and hopefully inspire. Often times it’s through my “me time” that I rejuvenate and refresh.

2. I help others. I am a proactive mom, thoughtful wife, sister, open minded friend, a value shopper, organic gardener, a children’s chef instructor, educated play date organizer and at any given moment an attorney.  I have a lot of life experiences and solid common sense to support it. Children don’t come with instructions. I certainly don’t think all  moms are stupid. Some may indeed be ignorant (which is different) and may search for certain guidance and emotional/ educational stimulation.

My theory is simple, “They’re blind Kelle. They don’t know! You’re the one that’s been doing this with not only your 8.5 kids but many others, a husband and all within a structured budget. Help them girl!” I believe in offering gentle pushes, and if I’m lucky enough, I may learn something as well.

3.  I help my family As a ambassador of total children wellness. I believe wholeheartedly in all seven branches of wellness. It includes spiritual, social, educational, emotional, financial, nutritional, and physical. I cover them all and still secure quality time with each and everyone of my children! How you ask? They are my “lab rats”! My children age range from 19years old to 20 months. I always have something to talk about based on a current, past or future event. One thing that I love about blogging is the opportunities to attract like minded moms as well as sponsors that want me to participate in a review or other promotional opportunity that relates directly to a need. These opportunities usually saves my family money and allow me to share my experience with others. Are we smart or what? 🙂

 I think certain businesses, appreciate my approach to motherhood and the respect other moms have for my views on life. I LOVE to share. I have never meet a stranger and is always read to share ideas. It’s a great opportunity for me, the mom, and the right business owner/company. If it’s good, bad, ugly- I’m telling it!

4. I keep my professional skills current, competitive and highly in demand. Johnson and Wales was expensive!I didn’t receive a boat load of scholarships and honor money like my son had. Once I got my papers I was happy none the less! I LOVED working with Marriott! It has proven to be a priceless experience.I honestly think that Bill Marriott is a genius when it comes to interacting with people. His book, “In the spirit To Serve”,still sits as my life reference book, right beside Wayne Dryer’s The Power Of Intention and the No BS bible to Marketing. I often call myself a G.R.I.T.S. (girl raised in the south) …….Now just stop for a second and just think of that powerful combination. Recently I took a industry readiness class.My mission is to stay home with my children during their formative years, while assisting my husband in keeping up with our children and our home. My long term plans include building something very meaningful for moms long term in the line of a 501c(3).  I figured the better I prepare and maintain my skills, the more goodness and mercy shall follow me!

Wednesday Wow: Sesame Street LIVE! Elmo Super Heros!


Sunny days sweeping the clouds away………….LET ME TELL YOU HOW TO VISIT SESAME STREET!

Sesame Street Live is coming to Charlotte, NC  {the Bojangles Arena    2700 East Independence Blvd, Charlotte}

The show is titled, “Elmo’s Super Heroes.” and I couldn’t be more pumped!  This will be our first Sesame Street live show!

Amen LOVES Elmo from Sesame Street – what toddler doesn’t?!  So, this show should be exceptionally thrilling for him! Look for my pictures on Monday!

Want to know what the show is going to be about?  Here’s the synopsis:

Calling all super heroes!  Super Grover has lost his super-ness!  Never fear, the fabulous five Super Heroes are here — featuring Elmo as Captain Fuzzy!  Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Zoe and all their furry friends are on a quest to put the “super” back in Super Grover.  Singing and dancing their way through fun lessons on healthy habits, they discover how exercise, rest, nutritious food and good hygiene can save Super Grover — and turn your children into Super Heroes, too!  You’ll be feeling good when Elmo’s Super Heroes! comes to town!  Image

There are going to be 8 performances.  Each of the performances are 90 minutes long with a 15 minute intermission.

Friday  10:30 am & 7:00 pm

Saturday  10:00 am & 2:0 pm

Sunday  1:00 pm & 4:30 pm

Ticket prices: Tickets cost $15, $20, and $25. Golden Circle for $35 and Sunny Seats for $60. Sunny Seats feature front row seats and a pre-show meet and greet with the performers. For more info, call 704-335-3100 or visit

  • Additional fees/surcharges may apply.

:: Save $3 on Select Tickets! ::

Enter the code “Ernie” in the Promotion Box during check out.

::  Two lucky families will win a family pack of 4 tickets on Friday morning at QC Supermom’s Facebook page! 

Here’s  a chance to win them-

Okay here are the OFFICIAL, gotta follow to the “T” rules for entry. You must be a new LIKE. (Sorry current friends)  I want to know more about you. So tell me what’s your favorite video from Sesame street. Then post it here! It’s just that simple. You have till FRIDAY MORNING AT 7 am to enter! My most favorite Sesame video is I LOVE my Hair’. Oh, & one last bit of info…..because the show is this weekend, & traffic is really low right now on my page, it’s anyone’s tickets!  I have 2 family four packs to give away- it can easily be yours!  – QC Supermom

I have been provided with tickets for my time on this post/project.  Participation in this program is voluntary.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Friday Four: Home school to Public School week 1

Ok, so yesterday made the girls 1st full week back in public school. I already built a decent repore with the principle and staff.  Lunch prep is going well. Uniforms  inventory is great. Thank God for GoodWill and hooray for me! 

They both like it. Our 12 year old seems to re inventing herself as a tough girl.  I did tell her that the West side of Charlotte is nothing like the East, and reminded the both of them not to show any signs of weakness. Deanna got it down pack. She says that the kids and teachers alike are calling her “D”, and she has a few movies dates in the working.

They even are accepting the uniform policy of khaki and navy.  I love the way they jazz it up with cute  embellishments and girlie  assecories. Now that’s the good part, now here’s the other side.Yeah, there’s always two.

Tuesday was “Career Day.” The students were allowed to dress in office professional attire. Deanna decided to wear this really cute outfit. It was really BANGING!’  Minutes later, the phone  rings, Deanna needed to change clothes. Seems as though she chose to alter the guidelines to fit her own preferences. I politely told Mr. Brown from her school to keep her there. She could go sit in ISS  (In school suspension).

Maybe  that would help her remember to listen better in the future.  TODAY, as in this morning- Mr. Brown called again. I couldn’t imagine  why he was calling this early. They had only been in the school for just a few minutes. He begins his conversation with a hello & how are ya Mrs Pressley. I didn’t think too much of that. I was actually thinking that he wanted to soften  me up to go into the big “Can you volunteer pitch.” To my surprise, he had Cassie in his office. See there’s a new game in the school called 31 seconds. Long story short Cassie played it, had a nose bleed and suspension letter for 5 days in hand. Now she thinks I’m coming to get her….NOT! She too can sit in ISS. I’ll see her at 3:15 today when I pick them up. I’m loving this public school thing a whole lot!

Praying for peace and strength for the family of Trayvon Martin

Oh how my heart ache for Trayvon’s family. Their loss can not be compared to anything else. Their child was taken away from them because of racism,in such  violent way!  This did not have to happen, and it shouldn’t have. His mom looks numb…..and I understand why she would be. She didn’t have a chance to protect her son.  But then again how would she? you can’t prepare for this type of mess!

SANFORD, Florida (CBSMiami) – Emergency calls made to police in Sanford, Florida showed that a black teenager was terrified as he fled from a white neighborhood watch volunteer who eventually shot him and that the volunteer was not acting in self-defense, according to the family of Trayvon Martin, 17.

Sanford Police released eight 911 calls made during and after the shooting of Martin. George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer told police on the first call that he was following Martin and said Martin was running.

A dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow Martin.

“This guy looks like he is up to no good. He is on drugs or something,” Zimmerman told the dispatcher. He also said the teen had his hand in his waistband and was looking at homes as he walked.

“These a******s. They always get away,” Zimmerman told the 911 dispatcher.

(You can read more here!)

But it did happen, no thanks to this murderer! ImageBut rest assured George Zimmerman…this Trayvonesty of justice will be served on you a thousand fold! I will continue praying for Trayvon’s loved ones.

Who is TayVon Martin Listen to what his little pal said.(The video is on this page somewhere!)

Google this:

Title XLVI
Chapter 776

My take on this:

He had no reason what so ever do do what he did and there is no law in this world that can back up his wrongful doing. I could see if he fought this young man in the middle of doing a crime, but he did not. He could have followed the young man and not even get out of his truck to see if he was up to no good or he was just walking home, but no he took it in his own hands to do a job he was not suppose to do, and sad that he still free and this young man that had so much life to look forward to is no longer here. Shame on you Zimmerman. Image

To my people in the fight: via Steve-I never want to know the pain that these two parents are feeling. To have your son taken away from you as he walked home from the store. Hearing the phone call of their child screaming, “help” at the top of his lungs after being followed by someone who is known by the local police department as a habitual 911 caller. Then hearing the gunshot that took their son’s life.

Every last American needs to stand up for Trayvon. Every last one of us needs t take a stand and see to it that George Zimmerman needs to be brought to justice for the injustice that he served upon an innocent child.

We ALL need justice for Trayvon just as we would want for our own children. His parents do not need to feel alone in America.. Remember Trayvon, stand HIS ground from this over-zealous, trigger-happy wannabe. He gives gun owners and neighborhood watchmen & every other upright citizen a very bad name. But, until this law is changed altogether, educate your kids to back away or stay strapped ’cause y’all have been thrown back to the wild west out there. Stay in groups and record any altercations as evidence. This jack-hole deserves prison time and everything that goes with that.


To the family of Trayvon: Don’t wish death on Zimmerman. Death would be taking the easy way out and he certainly doesn’t deserve that. He needs to be locked up with the biggest, meanest MuthaFooger in that joint.

From Carla to Trayvon-

A Cry From the Grave

I once was blind
Now I see
Look what this fool
Has done to me
Now I lay
Empty of life
And now I pray
With all my might
You will fight for my last rights
Cause you know this ain’t right
A cry from the grave
I want you to be brave

To my 4 male sons;

Dear Son, (Keithric, Eaim, Amen, & TeHun)

I want to start by apologizing to you. This is not the world I wanted you to be born into by any means. Your life won’t be easy and no amount of my love can change the way people will see you. And for that I apologize. I never wanted this for you.

Do you know that you are handsome, brilliant and powerful beyond measure?  My dream for you is that you will grow to possess incontrovertible knowledge of your beauty, intelligence and infinite potential.  I pray that you will come to see your dark skin and your coily crown as the physical manifestations of your ties to the proud and resilient African Diaspora. I hope that you will love yourself and in loving yourself you will love and be good to all others.  Always hold your head high and be proud of the person that you are. I don’t mean to frighten you or harden you to the world that awaits you. But I, more than anyone, want you to keep your spark, your penchant for laughing and your thirst for life. I want you to keep your drive and desire to do well. And if you’ve lost it, don’t worry. We will work together to piece it together. Image

The worst thing that can happen is that you start to take the portrait that society paints of you as reality. At some point in your life, someone will think that you are something that you are not (a criminal, a rapper, an athlete, suspicious) because of your race. I will always love you, respect you, protect you, fight for you and be the biggest fan of your existence.  In my eyes, you are and will always be a magical miracle from the Almighty.  I pray that in truly knowing that you are a miracle you will not feel in any shape or form tempted to prove your self-worth or manhood by harming others. Image

Before you throw up the white flag!

Kids will try you! I declare they will!

Sometimes it’s all about perspective though.

Just because your children do not think as you do doesn’t mean they are wrong. Children must learn to express themselves, to understand who they are and grow into who they are through their own thoughts.

However, when strong will and progression hits the crossroads, you have to make a few decisions. Your choices are simple- 1. Throw in the white flag or 2. Address and correct it.

Our 3yr old is going through a change right now. He has a new saying “I’m mad at you!” He’ll even go as far as telling us to put his older sisters in the corner when they work his last nerve. Now, he is swinging stuff around. Dude must be out of his mind! My husband will send him to me for discipline. Ye friends, I’m the bad cop! (and I like it!)

One time we were in the market and he felt the need to really turn it up a notch. He wanted some silly, over priced toy. Once I told him no, the boy went off- crying up a storm. Of course people were staring, but I could careless. My opinion is this: That’s My child & I got this!  Keep shopping and mind your business. I rather deal with it my way. It will get handled, but me alone will decide how, when & where.

    Most times,  our solutions work that & way we both win. Take a look at my tips:

  • Choose your battles. Teach children how to make a request without a temper tantrum and then honor the request. Say, “Try asking for that toy nicely and I’ll get it for you.”
  • Keep a sense of humor to divert the child’s attention and surprise the child out of the tantrum.
  • Give children control over little things whenever possible by giving choices. A little bit of power given to the child can stave off the big power struggles later. “Which do you want to do first, brush your teeth or put on your pajamas?”
  • Reward children for positive attention rather than negative attention. During situations when they are prone to temper tantrums, catch them when they are being good and say such things as, “Nice job sharing with your friend.”
  • Distract children by redirection to another activity when they tantrum over something they should not do or cannot have. Say, “Let’s read a book together.”
  • Never, under any circumstances, give in to a tantrum. That response will only increase the number and frequency of the tantrums.
  • Provide pre-academic, behavioral, and social challenges that are at the child’s developmental level so that the child does not become frustrated.

Wednesday WOW! Rewarding Good Grades.

All children and teenagers alike will jump for joy the second their parents tell them that they are going to get a cash reward for their good grades from school. However, giving cash as a reward for good grades does not come without its negative sides. There are both pros and cons associated with giving cash for good grades to kids and teens.

 Do you reward your school age children for good grades & such?

I do! Here’s why-

Concrete rewards can motivate students to attend class, to behave well, or to produce better work. But if you are not careful in choosing what you reward, they can prompt students to produce shoddy work–and worse, they can cause students to actually like school subjects less. The important guidelines are these: Don’t use rewards unless you have to, use rewards for a specific reason, and use them for a limited time.


I often hear parents say, “I’m uneasy with this whole concept of paying children to do something they should be doing anyway. I want them to study out of a real love of learning, not because they are being paid.”

This is probably the most common comment I hear about “Contracts”. Parents are concerned about “bribing” or “rewarding” behavior they would prefer came naturally, or from a “love” or “feeling of responsibility.”

I understand the question: Parents don’t like paying children for doing what they think should be done for free. My response is, “Very rarely do we do anything for free.” The two greatest motivators (rewards) in life are self interest and social approval. Simply enough, human beings really like to be rewarded. This is the way things really are – not some pie-in-the-sky mumbo jumbo.


  1. To paraphrase Albert Shanker, the late president of the American Federation of Teachers: “Kids are just like adults. They’ll do whatever they have to in order to get what they want. If they can get what they want – inflated grades, social promotion, diploma by attendance, open admission to college, free money and privileges – without any real work, then don’t expect them to work. Kids aren’t stupid.”
  2. Going to school is a child’s job. Since I get paid for my job, I believe my children should also have the opportunity to earn for doing theirs. No one complains when an adult is paid for doing a good job, why do we complain when we treat children the same? Many parents are willing to pay for chores, why do these same parents hesitate to reward their children for effort that is far more critical to their future success?
  3. The idea of studying out of a “love of learning” is a little specious. Yes, it’s a goal, and a path towards that goal is to catch children doing the right thing when they are studying, and rewarding them. Should they develop a love of learning, or not, at least they learn that appropriate academic behavior in this life earns, and that inappropriate behavior sets them up for failure. Now, that is a lesson worth learning.
  4. Children need stuff. There are only two choices, either we give them what they want arbitrarily, or we allow them to earn what they want. I far prefer being out of the middle of the “I wants” and being able to say, “No problem, when you earn it you’ve got it.” This allows the child real power and is a very powerful lesson that can’t be learned too early. The problem is, of course, many parents will undermine this model in their desperate need to be liked and to have a friend. Consistency is the key to effective contracts.
  5. Paying for chores and other family responsibilities is of the devil. I do not get paid for doing chores, my wife does not get paid, why should my children? Children, as part of the family team, are responsible for certain unnegotiable chores.
  6. Rewarding good behavior is how children learn the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. What we are doing is accelerating the learning process. Parents and teachers, certainly, have no problem catching children doing the wrong thing and punishing, why does catching them doing the right thing and rewarding appear so foreign?
  7. Reward behavior daily that leads to good grades on report cards, not the report cards themselves – they are weeks and months down the road.
  8. Keep in mind, you don’t reward studying, you don’t reward good grades. The only thing you reward are three easily observed behaviors: starting on time; staying on task; completing assignments.
  9. A person is fortunate to be born with one or two “talents,” or , “loves.” We discover those things we love by doing them.
Bottom line. Encourage  your children to succeed! 

This is what I really wanted to share. Make sure you call the business firstImage to check if they are participating.

Baskin-Robbins — Free scoop of ice cream for good grades on your report card.

Blockbuster — Free movie rental for A’s or B’s on your report card if you bring it in within 30 days of issuance. Kid’s grades K – 12 are eligible and multiple students from each family are eligible.

Cheryl & Co — Free cookie for every A on your report card!

Chick-fil-A – Free 8 pack of nuggets for your all A’s and B’s report card.

Chuck E. Cheese – Have your child bring in their most recent report card and they will receive Free tokens for good grades, up to 15 tokens maximum per child. (Food purchase required.)

Family Video – Free movie rental for each A on your report card. Students K – College are eligible.

Krispy Kreme – Receive a free donut for each A on your report card (up to 6 A’s).

Limited Too – Report cards may be taken in to any Limited Too retail store within 30 days of issuance and receive $5 off their purchase that day.

Noah’s Bagels – Kids in grades 1 – 8 will receive a free bagel for each A on their report card.

McDonald’s – Free Happy Meal if you have a straight “A” report card.

Peter Piper Pizza – Free 7 inch, 1 topping pizza with good grades on report card.

Pizza Hut – Free Personal Pan Pizza and a small soft drink or carton of milk with 3 A’s on your report card. Dine in only.

Sbarro Pizza – Student with A’s and B’s on his or her report card gets a free slice of cheese or peperoni pizza and a small soda plus one for the accompanying adult.

Topps – Free gift when you bring in your report card.

Homeschoolers don’t feel left out! You can bring in your report cards too, and there are even some free printables HERE that you can use. Image

Positive Reinforcement


Whether parents choose to offer a reward or an incentive or not, positive reinforcement is a good parenting strategy. Letting your children know you appreciate their hard work or they have done a good job can be as simple as praising them or offering encouragement through words and actions

Wednesday Wow: Reward your child for her good grades!


 Grownups get rewards for well-done work — employees receive year-end performance bonuses, raises, sometimes even vacations. Shouldn’t kids benefit in the same way? They’re not equivalent situations, most experts agree. School-aged children should get pleasure from just learning and discovering. They should learn to feel that academic success is the result of hard work and that there’s a reward in the work. But that doesn’t mean you should never reward or praise them.

Here are some tips on how to recognize your child’s efforts:

  • Be spontaneous: Kids who are aware of grade-incentives lose interest in the task twice as fast as those who didn’t know a reward was coming. So have dinner out to celebrate a good report card or the completion of a tough project. But don’t promise it in advance — and don’t do it for every success.
  • Praise effort, concentration, and hard work: Make a point of emphasizing (and celebrating) progress over absolutes: The child who pulls up a C to a B probably worked as hard, or harder, than the one who coasts to an A every time.
  • Teach your children that their brains will get strongerand work better the more they use and challenge them — just like their muscles.
  • De-emphasize grades: Students who focus on grades tend to lose interest in learning for education’s sake. Instead, note your child’s efficient use of her time, praise her careful preparation for a test, or commend her for putting all her work away when she finished it. Together these are all tasks that make her a better student. Help her see that while grades do still matter (for college admission, for example), it’s education that will really fuel her long-term success.

Now this is what I really wanted to share with you all. Check out these offers. They vary by location, so be sure to call the business first to check if they are participating.

Baskin-Robbins — Free scoop of ice cream for good grades on your report card.

Blockbuster — Free movie rental for A’s or B’s on your report card if you bring it in within 30 days of issuance. Kid’s grades K – 12 are eligible and multiple students from each family are eligible.

Cheryl & Co — Free cookie for every A on your report card!

Chick-fil-A – Free 8 pack of nuggets for your all A’s and B’s report card.

Chuck E. Cheese – Have your child bring in their most recent report card and they will receive Free tokens for good grades, up to 15 tokens maximum per child. (Food purchase required.)

Family Video – Free movie rental for each A on your report card. Students K – College are eligible.

Krispy Kreme – Receive a free donut for each A on your report card (up to 6 A’s).

Limited Too – Report cards may be taken in to any Limited Too retail store within 30 days of issuance and receive $5 off their purchase that day.

Noah’s Bagels – Kids in grades 1 – 8 will receive a free bagel for each A on their report card.

McDonald’s – Free Happy Meal if you have a straight “A” report card.

Peter Piper Pizza – Free 7 inch, 1 topping pizza with good grades on report card.

Pizza Hut – Free Personal Pan Pizza and a small soft drink or carton of milk with 3 A’s on your report card. Dine in only.

Sbarro Pizza – Student with A’s and B’s on his or her report card gets a free slice of cheese or peperoni pizza and a small soda plus one for the accompanying adult.

Topps – Free gift when you bring in your report card.

Homeschoolers don’t feel left out! You can bring in your report cards too, aImagend there are even some free printables HERE that you can use.

Friday Four: Spring Time Push From HIM


Daylight savings 2012 is this Sunday March 11 dont forget. It always begins on the second Sunday of March and ends on the first Sunday of November. Remember to “Spring Ahead” move all those clocks an hour ahead.

This is the time of year where time travel is possible. Yes you can go forward or back in time one hour on this great day! All you have to do is get up at 2 AM.

Daylight Savings Time, first established in 1918, is designed to add an hour of sunlight to the end of the day during the warm weather months, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The period of time was extended in 2007 by one month to encourage energy savings and more after hour shopping. (As if more people are gonna be less tired after work.Oooook Congress folks!)

While surfing I found some cool facts about DST, the history of it and all.  Did you know that Arizona chose to be exempt from DST. The entire state does not observe DST with the exception of the large Navajo Indian Reservation.

Spring brings changes. Right now I have noticed a few pushes of my own on the arise. Have you ever had that feeling that situations just push you toward something new -different? I’ve been having a lot of that lately. So to keep the universe from totally driving me insane, here are my four goals for the spring:Image

  1. Complete the ‘housing issue.”- enough said.
  2. Begin the 501(c)3 – The Pink Grasshopper (it’s been in the works for years now)
  3. Secure a family YMCA membership.
  4. Determine if I’m gonna sista lock my hair or keep the big happy fro.(Oh, how I LOVE my fro! )

Spring it forward folks!


Friday Four: God Pushes-but I don’t wanna go,,,right now.

There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.Image

This have been such a week..  Have you felt pushed? Not by any person but by life, God?

I’m feeling that way.I guess when you ask for change and you think it, breathe it, yearn it…. you’ll get it if the creator agrees. I just don’t think I’m ready- Right now? Does that make any sense at all? I see quite a few folks from my circle growing, progressing and I’m so proud of them. I honestly am. I don’t envy. I feel that I’m next in line, but I want someone else to get in my spot. Dang I sound stupid as I write this. But let me explain. There is a lot of work ahead of me I mean a lot. Start-up isn’t cheap or easy.I heard and feel the need and desire to be apart of my vision, but have no one passed me a fifty yet! 🙂


Right now my simple human eyes only see the right now. The kids, housing issue, etc. and I get a spirit of fear. Which isn’t like me at all.Not at all what I’ve been brought up to trust in. All of my needs have always been provided. Always! My biggest fear is doing it halfmoon. I take my calling as a mother,and professional so seriously. My goal of helping other mother raise full circle well children just won’t escape my hearts strings.  I’m not sure what to do. But I won’t give up. I’ll continue to do what I’m doing……till the next big push. So far here’s my four occurrences that have happened:ImageImageImageImageImage



Wednesday Wow: From homeschool to public school they go!


What does it take to be a great home-schooler? Passion, energy, creativity, high ideals and whole-hearted devotion to your kids.

What does it take to spoil home-schooling? Passion, energy, creativity, high ideals and whole-hearted devotion to your kids.

Well, I lost the home-school  battle to burnout  —and I’m OK with it!

Oh yeah, it’ s party time! Today while my husband was recovering from a slight case of food poisoning, I was registering our daughters for public school. 

Yes, D & Cassie are out of the home school sect. for now!

It’s a good things because homeschooling wasn’t gong as I planned since we began the moving process. I have been feeling like I was failing them-and that’s the main reason I pulled them out. Well, Deanna anyway. Cassie was pulled because of the move. So I guess they will be joining the ranks of other back to (public) school  chaps. As it seems, more than 1.5 million children, about 3 percent of the school-age population in the United States,are home-schooled, and every year a number of kids go from home-school to traditional school, and vice versa.

I know they are gonna miss being with the boys & I but there’s always after school and the weekends! No turning back!!! they’ll be fine, it’s not like they didn’t start the year in public school. The transition will be a piece of cake even if it’s a brand new school.

{Homeschool is awesome and it was a interesting experience for them while it lasted. As home schooled kids, they are out and about in their community every day, going to museums, parks, stores, galleries and shows. They interact with local merchants, relatives, store clerks, librarians, and artists on a daily basis. They develop relationships with kids and senior citizens, and all ages in between. There are no artificial barriers drawn where “learning” occurs. Learning is simply a part of living.} and besides that on standardized tests, homeschooled children test one year ahead of their schooled peers, on average. By eighth grade, homeschooled children test an average of four years ahead of their schooled peers.- So if you are contemplating home schooling don’t let this discourage you. When I homeschooled them years ago, they skipped an entire grade level- both of them!}  Image

If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.  ~Edgar W. Howe

I, on the other hand, burnt out. I remember finishing up a math lesson one day. Usually, the little  boys do everything they can to derail the girls’ lessons, but this time, there was peace and quiet, not a peep of protest. I marveled, until I found out why. The toddler had clambered up onto the kitchen counter, where, after stripping off all his clothes and decorating his face, belly, arms and legs with wild tribal magic marker, he proceeded to have a private little boxer shorts party: Cornstarch, popcorn, cinnamon, tea bags, toothpicks and fruit snacks, peanuts and chicken bouillon all came pouring down. And he grabbed the other two boys and did a little dance in the wreckage.

Well, we’d had worse days than that, but somehow this particular stunt summed everything up for me. Once I stopped laughing, I realized I just couldn’t do it any more: I couldn’t handle everything I needed to handle. The constant tension between soaring ambition and crushing guilt finally wore me down, and I took a good, hard look at where our family was.

I still love home-schooling. I just don’t love it right now.

The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires.  ~William Arthur WardImage


In the end, it’s not about being a great home-schooler or a terrible one — it’s about being a good mom.