Friday Four: Home school to Public School week 1

Ok, so yesterday made the girls 1st full week back in public school. I already built a decent repore with the principle and staff.  Lunch prep is going well. Uniforms  inventory is great. Thank God for GoodWill and hooray for me! 

They both like it. Our 12 year old seems to re inventing herself as a tough girl.  I did tell her that the West side of Charlotte is nothing like the East, and reminded the both of them not to show any signs of weakness. Deanna got it down pack. She says that the kids and teachers alike are calling her “D”, and she has a few movies dates in the working.

They even are accepting the uniform policy of khaki and navy.  I love the way they jazz it up with cute  embellishments and girlie  assecories. Now that’s the good part, now here’s the other side.Yeah, there’s always two.

Tuesday was “Career Day.” The students were allowed to dress in office professional attire. Deanna decided to wear this really cute outfit. It was really BANGING!’  Minutes later, the phone  rings, Deanna needed to change clothes. Seems as though she chose to alter the guidelines to fit her own preferences. I politely told Mr. Brown from her school to keep her there. She could go sit in ISS  (In school suspension).

Maybe  that would help her remember to listen better in the future.  TODAY, as in this morning- Mr. Brown called again. I couldn’t imagine  why he was calling this early. They had only been in the school for just a few minutes. He begins his conversation with a hello & how are ya Mrs Pressley. I didn’t think too much of that. I was actually thinking that he wanted to soften  me up to go into the big “Can you volunteer pitch.” To my surprise, he had Cassie in his office. See there’s a new game in the school called 31 seconds. Long story short Cassie played it, had a nose bleed and suspension letter for 5 days in hand. Now she thinks I’m coming to get her….NOT! She too can sit in ISS. I’ll see her at 3:15 today when I pick them up. I’m loving this public school thing a whole lot!

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