Sesame Street Live – Elmo’s Super Heroes in the QC review


TeHun and Telly

Did you answer the call?

  We did.  

Super heroes from all over the QC showed up in wonderful and colorful attire to greet Super Grover and his Fabulous 5.

Poor Elmo lost his super-ness, and everyone was sad but the reminders the kiddos got today will help them remember the rules to being a super hero for a long time to come.


They answered the call! Eaim 5 and Amen 3 wore capes and cuffs.Amen had on super underwear.


Brush your teeth kiddos...I mean private super heros!

It was simply amazing to watch as my boys sat, dance, sung and cheered in acceptance of the messages of wellness. The fabulous friends sung,danced, hugged and shook hands with the kids while sharing fun lessons on healthy habits, exercising, resting, nutrition and good hygiene!  I’m so happy I was able to take my boys to see the show.  I think it will make my job a whole lot easier.  My 5 year old actually began explaining events in the show to me.  How cool is that?  Every parent with small kids should’ve been in the house. It was totally worth it! 

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In short, the show was really  great!  It was just 90 minutes; and offered affordable food,souvenir items, interactive entertainment, educational intensive theme  fun and oh so wholesome! I felt like a big kid myself  recalling my younger days sitting in front of the t.v., waiting for Hooper’s Store to open for the hour. 🙂

Until next time folks!


Did you like the review? It was my very own opinion (with the help of my sons of course) I was lucky enough to be selected to be a part excitement. Till next time Be Well! -QC SuperMomImage

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