Wednesday Wow: Thank you!

     I’m so Thankful! And it’s because of YOU! 


As I breastfed my baby one evening, I opened my laptop. I scoured the internet for my own nourishment: information, friendships, connections… anything. And I wrote. I started a blog, and I wrote. I didn’t write much. There were no pictures. Just words.

And then I wrote again. And then distracted with life, children, husband, church, schooling and sleep deprivation, I forgot about it. Well till my business coach kicked suggested that I get back on track with it.

As the months wore on, the writing became more regular. People started to respond and connections were made. The seeds of friendships were planted, and flowers began to blossom. Before long it was a part of my life, and one I cherished.


Enjoyment always came first. Writing was always for me, and no one else. There was no money in my bank account, and no deals being made on the side. Just writing, sharing and connecting.

The months passed by, and the flowers were soon fields of color. I began to realize there was a whole blogging community, potential friendships from all corners of the world.

Not only were there friendships, and nourishment from other people’s words… but eventually there were opportunities.

There was always a niggling concern of what I’d do when I no longer nursed or hmeschooled. I always thought I’d just end up being a play date organizer, creating and going from event to event, scouring the QC for new partner and new moms that would never pay their membership fee.  And I was okay with that. I would always do what I love, no matter what.I didn’t know what else I could do.

But then someone saw something in me, something that I hadn’t even noticed myself. And in a matter of months I went from being a professional play date organizer with a blog on the side to an  total Children Wellness Consultant with a blog on the side, and a career ahead of me.

“Dear God, please help me to be an encouraging and supporting friend to
the people You bring into my life. And help me not to be too proud or
afraid to ask for help when I need a friend to lean on. And thank You
that I can always ask for and receive Your help as needed. Thank You for
hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully in Jesus’ name, Amen.”Image

And now, 100 posts later, I’m here. Still blogging away… with flourishing friendships, fellow bloggers and a whole lot of hope and promise.


Blogging hasn’t been easy. There have been days when I could have thrown it away. Days of self-doubt… days of seeing into the dark side {where I’ve since learnt that not all bloggers are seeds of friendships just waiting to blossom}. But the good definitely outweighs the bad.

One hundred posts on… I want to say thank you. Thank you for dropping by and reading, even if it’s only been once or twice, or even if it’s every day. Thank you for your words of support, your love, your friendship, your laughter and sharing your life. Thank you for inspiring me, listening to me, thank you for being you…


Raise your cup of ice water, your glass of green tea, or your sippy cup of juice and say cheers. Here’s to another 100. Here’s to living, loving and everything in between.


Thank you. Kelle, QC SuperMom

Upcoming shopping trip for The Ronald McDonald House

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