Friday 4: DinoSauer Train, time tunnel to MOM

“Time Tunnel, Time Tunnel Approaching!”

If you have smaller children, you maybe familiar with the PBS show Dinosaur Train. It showcases Buddy, a Pteranodon and all their Theropod friends as they travel the Dinosaur Train to meet, explore, and have adventures with all kinds of dinosaurs.

You gotta check out this video! Click here!

I have 2 favorite dinos on there.

Tiny is a Pteranodon who approaches dinosaurs with much confidence  Every time she sees a different dinosaur as her new friends, she introduces herself and her family with her. Among her siblings, she is the only one who looks exactly like her mother. She is the smallest of the family, and sometimes likes to hide in holes and crevices in the trees, which she calls her “Tiny Place”.

Another one of my favorite characters is Mrs. Pteranodon  The mother of Tiny, Shiny, Don, and Buddy.  She is a teacher, companion, and very nice.  Her children introduce her to other dinosaurs as “Our Mom, ‘Mom’. Just as my kids do.

I guess I could call myself Tiny, as I’m the youngest in my family. I too look the most like my mom & is always with family. This Mothers Day, I want to take a ride through the time tunnel to see my mom again.

Here are my four reasons why I want to  jump on the dinosauer train with my children to see my mom.

1. She was the salt of the earth. Being in her presence was always peaceful & inspiring.

2.  I do what I do because I learned from her. At times I think a left many lessons on the table that she laid out for us girls. Although she made it look so easy, I know she did ALOT  for us.  One lesson, she taught us well. “Don’t blame people  for what’s wrong in your life. Take your power back & realize YOU co-create your life with The Uni-verse.”

3. I wanna to see her love up on all these grandchildren of hers. Theirs something about seeing the love  & promise between a mom & her grandchildren. To see her hugged & kissed up with my mall ones—priceless!

4.  She was my living easy button. My husband & I are VERY SELECTIVE as to who has access to our kids. Not everyone will care for your children as you would. My husband  I could use a real date night. (Gosh, that sounds selfish- didn’ it ? Yeah, it’s my truth and besides that we we’re always good about “Suga-Mama” perks!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Besure to honor and respect your moms 365.  There’s no darn time tunnel back.

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