Wednesday Wow: scary lab test

Ta-da! 20 years ago, my inner superhero revealed herself. In the right situation, talents I never knew I possessed sprang into action. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound — if one of my beloved children was in peril, that is. Then comes Mother’s Day. The big pay back day! 

I hope everyone had or gave a great Mother’s Day! Mine was great. Everyone was healthy, fed and sheltered. I even got hot wings , fuss free diaper changes, texts phone calls and awesome hand made gifts to celebrate with it.

In the light of  such a celebration, came darkness. Monday I went to see my practitioner for this pregnancy. She gave me some really scary news about my recent blood test.  She & I hope it’s a false positive. Lord knows I hope it is…..The lab will call with new results within 48 hours.  When she gave me the news, all I could think of was my kids, sisters, dad, and husband.  In that order.  I didn’t even have the heart to tell my husband. I’ll just wait to hear the results  before I get anyone worked up.  He did noticed a sad look in my face when I got home.Even asked what’s going on lady.  I didn’t bother to say anything. My husband tends to over react  So far today, I’m in the motions. I’ve already gave the boys their lesson, fed them, -the usual and just sitting here staying busy till my girls get home. No need to worry too much, my life is not my own.  I just cringe on the idea of being without my children. I  LIVE for them & my mothering isn’t done quite yet.  Keep me in your thoughts for peace & strength.

-Kelle, QC SuperMom

………this is the topic I was gonna write on. Yeah, it’s equally important.

Chemicals to avoid

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