Wednesday Wow: EOG’s are back again!

N.C. End of Grade tests: Love, hate or all of the above

EOG’s, EOG’s, EOG’s -Different day, Same  test!  One daughter did well, the other not so much!  Seems as though we seen these results before. My 8th grader feels that she should have done better on her Science scores  So retaking it is.

Yesterday, speaking with one of my daughters teacher’s, she shared some interesting news with me. She said ”

My kids took the EOG’s this past week. It was not good. I have a fairly bright bunch and I was shocked at how poorly they did. Only 6 of my 16 passed both tests. So next week we start reteaching before they test again. I will be dong remediation with the kids who didn’t pass reading. Does anyone have any good ideas for remediation? I can’t get them reading on grade level in 5 days.The frustrating thing is that of my 9 who did not pass reading, 7of them missed passing by 1 point.

So why is it again we don’t want teachers teaching to these tests?

This is the week to officially hate our North Carolina EOGs. Go ahead. They’re too high-stakes. They don’t measure different kinds of learning. They’re stressful for students and teachers and parents.  We have two students taking it this year. A 7th and 8th grader, for the 8th grader, the tests will be a factor in classroom placement for high school next year.

For many of those teachers, the issue with tests isn’t how you measure learning, but how to measure teaching. They worry that high-stakes tests don’t calculate the intangibles they provide, or the challenges students bring from home environments. They worry, too, that tests don’t measure all the things and ways students learn.

That’s true, but it’s an argument for better tests, not few tests. Because unless CMS chops its classes in half, standardized testing is the best way to measure broadly how students are learning. The alternative is knowing less about what our children know. It’s trusting that all of our teachers and principals are as good as we hope, or that they’ll tell us if they’re not.
I do not like this test and am not sure how valid scores are when the kids have to test for so long. It used to be that the kids could not go to the next grade unless they passed it, but now it is just 1 piece of info we use to decide on promotion.

Our schools have already taken that test, and we know the result.

Say No to the Test!

Check out this page on understanding NC ‘s many student test.

I found a few pros and cons about the NC EOG’s here!

Bubble test that won’t pop!  Why HOMESCHOOL  

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