Clean Up Time

I did a little research, I’m not a helicopter mom or an attached parent.  

The term, “attachment parenting”, was conceived by pediatrician William Sears and his wife Martha, to describe a highly responsive, attentive style of caring for a child. Attachment parenting promotes physical and emotional closeness between parent and child through what the Sears refer to as the “Baby Bs.”

Helicopter parenting describes parents who hover over their children and become too involved in their lives, including interfering in college or career decisions later in life. Take the quiz!

I’ve never really fitted into any one box. EVER! I’ve even found a web page for “Mama Types” on the playground. None of these title work for me. Go figure!  I do know this that we’re all trying to figure this parenting thing out as we go, making mistakes along the way,protecting , loving our children more than life itself and sometimes wanting to strangle them.  In short I’m a MOM and  this is my most important role. If I fail at this, I fail at everything.”

Wiping off titles:

I’m still trying to figure this one out. But I’m totally spiritual. Not Islamic, Buddha,  Judaism, Christian* or any other of those monotheistic religions. (although I love GOD and actively attend and love my Methodist church family, teach children’s church and even assist with putting on service programs, etc )  I do have a relationship with God? My relationship is MINE. MINE, I tell ya. I study the Bible, pray*, attempt to  live according to the teachings of the Bible, give tithes and offerings, and try my best each and every day to be a good example of a follower of Jesus Christ. I selflessly give myself to the work of the ministry.As a mom, it’s important to me to teach and model in a way that says  there is a greater power and that power is the source of every and all things.

A chicken’s prayer doesn’t affect a hawk.

As a mother and  professional you learn to protect. Protect what you say, do, eat, think -consume. REMEMBER THAT MOMS! Always think twice and react once.

One does not use a sword to kill a snail.

The point to all of this sharing is simple. I’m just Kelle. What I shared last week was true Kelle. It’s something that I would have (and did) share with my 12,13 & 14 year old daughters. (maybe not so much with my mom or pastor-out of respect of course,may  God continue to rest their souls) I felt that the 31+ year old woman that I allowed in my home, pot, circle and heart betrayed me by sleeping with my son. I felt that it was very undignified and used by blog as a platform to express myself. Which wasn’t the best route. It was the most read post I ever had……I see why there are talk shows in long running, but it wasn’t the best platform for my ever inspiring, product reviewing, mom inspiring,community building  business space.

I’ve learned over the years to express myself, to be honest, not to be afraid of rejection – the perfect people will always stick around.

You can’t do it alone, you need a team. Find the best people and let go of the rest!

Thanks to my FRIEND Shannon and Sista’  Tip for SPEAKING from a place of courage and wisdom. I couldnt believe the gall of that “woman”. Through all of my thunderstorm and flashes, they were the voices of calm, saying “Kelle- think about your wonderful brand!”  I hope that I didn’t shock anyone to the point that you couldn’t relate and ran the other way. I enjoy sharing my lessons in motherhood and this too will be added to my list of stories to laugh about when he is married with kids.

Looking forward to more incredible times of sharing,encouragement  and growth- Thanks For Joining Me!

“This is my most important role. If I fail at this, I fail at everything.”

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