Got Lemons? Good 4 you!

I love it when I’m out with my 5 sons and complete strangers infer that my oldest is my brother. We are not too far away in age but it does tell me that I’m doing a decent job keeping myself up! Sure I’m not the 19 yr old in college anymore BUT I know that I’m healthy from the inside out. …and if someone else notices it-AWESOME! My secret? Well I’ll share one of them. It’s LEMONS and WATER!  So affordable and effective.

In this post I’ve not only listed why everyone should try it , but also supplemental resources to assist you in getting started.  Who knows, one day you can look like Ms Ernestine Shepherd, 70 yr old bodybuilder. That’s  if you choose too of course The point is; it’s NEVER to late to begin.

Number 1
It balances pH–Lemon is an acidic food, but once metabolized, it becomes alkaline. I work very hard at keeping my body alkaline. Why?

To put it most simply, alkalies help keep the oxygen in our blood at a safe pH level, and this helps our body heal itself, assimilate nutrients and fight off unwanted sickness.

I have read of many people who have fought their cancer nutritionally by focusing on the body’s pH levels. K Carr, a local pal has halted tumors growing in her liver for over 7 years by focusing on nutrition, including alkalizing foods. I think that is crazy cool. Even a little crazy sexy cool!!

I regularly check the pH of my body using these little pH strips. I now know what foods –GREENS!–will keep my levels where they need to be. I also believe lemon water helps this process.

Number 2

It not only freshens your breath BUT- it keeps skin clear and glo

wing! I have noticed this. Hydration from drinking lemon water is great for moisturizing our skin from the inside out. Lemon also contains lots of Vitamin C, which helps with wrinkles and blemishes. (Ok, look what I found for you! 🙂 )

Number 3

It kick starts the digestive system–a big glass of lemon water is a great way to start the day. It encourages the liver to produce bile which in turn aids in digestion. It increases urination which helps purify

it. It also helps with heartburn and constipation. (Here’s more info on amazing health benefits of lemons I found online!)
Number 5Number 4
It helps with weight loss–I have read that keeping the body in an alkaline state helps people lose weight faster. Lemons are high in fiber pectin, which helps keep one full, longer. They also have a diuretic effect, which helps with water weight gain. (Here’s more info I found on weight loss with lemons)

It helps control the coffee habit–I will drink coffee on very rare occasions, but only if I have had my entire glass of lemon water.

…which brings me to bonus Number 6:It sizzles!  “Lemon Spritzer”–lemon +sparkling water+ice–is the perfect solution! (Here’s another great source of info that I had to share!)

I have found that if you add a little sex appeal to your daily water intake, you are much more likely to drink it down. Start by choosing a pretty vessel. Fill it up with fresh, filtered water. Slice up some citrus fruit (I used grapefruit that was too sour to eat and some lemon) and toss it in the water. Or, instead of citrus, try thin, cucumber slices. Go ahead and splash a few ice cubes into the mix so that the outside of the pitcher gets a little slick with perspiration.-KP 

Add on notes:

I use 1/2 lemon, add ice to a 24 ounce mason jar, and add water to the top.

I save the second half for a refreshing “Lemon Spritzer” (see #6) later in the day.

When I pour freshly squeezed lemon juice over ice, I get the same feeling one might get when popping the top of their pop can and fizz leaks out, Ahhh…. or maybe the same feeling of the champagne cork popping?  Ok..maybe not THAT good..

*Tip..use a straw to keep the acidic lemon off your teeth. (Remember, it is acidic until digested, then it turns alkaline)
Use glass straws. They are strong, durable, and GORGEOUS.

Tip: Drink your warm lemon water in coffee cups that has coffee or tea stains. The lemon water will help remove them.

Tip: Grind the used lemon rinds in your garbage disposal to help deodorize it.

Ok, I’ll close with a few questions:

1. What do you think of drinking lemon water, have you tried it?

2. Have you heard of the importance of pH levels in the body?  

3. If you drink lemon water first thing in the morning, how is it going for you?

So if a little lemon water can help I say do it!!! A.P.

Enjoy and give your liver a hug!

Now what says YOU?

-QC SuperMom

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