Finding balance and humor in Noah’s World


My O’ My how time is flying! Noah is now 6weeks old. It’s like his essence  is the missing part to our family’s large puzzle. These red eyes, and sore nipples are so worth it.

My next self challenge is to get back into the gym. I want my body back ya’ll! I got to figure all this stuff out. Time is spreading thin these days.  Eaim & Amen social calender would make an NBA basketball player tired. They are always on the go.

Now it’s all about getting back in balance……..

After two weeks of non blogging it took me a while to settle down long enough to create a complete string of thoughts worth sharing. So, I’m BACK ya’ll and I brought gifts!

Today, check out this cute list of Dr Seuss quotes. I seen it online and thought it was a great gift to share this morning, you like?   I love just about all of these & may even make bookmarks with it for my children, while I make my morning brew of memory tea (Rosemary, Dandelion Flowers (contain Lecithin), Beans and Lentils (Fava beans in particular), Stinging Nettle, Sage (use VERY sparingly and for very short durations. Sage can cause convulsion is used in excess) and Gotu Kola )

and  get ready for lunch- Spicy Chicken Soup Hearty Beef Chili

Enjoy it while I go nurse Noah! Catch up with you later.


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