Wednesday Wow: The big sweep through

Donnie McClurkin is building a relationship with his son, Mathew

Video: Donnie McClurkin Mends ‘Broken’ Relationship With 12-Year-Old Son Matthew!

He’s never spoken that much about him in an attempt to protect him (which is quite understandable) . However, when his radio show first aired his son was on with him one morning. He has also discussed him BRIEFLY in past interviews and mentioned that part of the inspiration for his song “We Fall Down” was the fact that he fathered this child out of wedlock with Kim Artis.

JC and I next! It’s our time to build. She’s a little older, but I know it can get be done. I’m picking her up  in the morning!

It’s gonna be one quite ride back across the state line. I’ve been on more bonding sites over the last few weeks than I can count at this time. Honestly, it can’t be too much to stress over. My two in the house and I get along great so far. We’ll see!

Here are a couple of tips I want to share: Q: When your daughter starts to pull away, what does that mean?

A: Part of a teen girl pulling away is simply growing up and becoming autonomous, making choices, suffering some consequences, and learning to stand on her own feet. But there’s another pulling away that’s a warning sign. It could be your daughter’s been hurt by someone, or has lost trust in Mom, or is trying to hide something. A well-timed, non-judgmental, loving conversation might restore the relationship. But don’t push too hard — a bit of space between teens and parents is healthy.

Q: What does your teenage daughter want you to know but will never tell you?

A: While it’s different with every girl, it usually involves her insecurities. But she doesn’t want to tell you that because it’s like admitting to feeling like a failure. But the primary insecurities teen girls deal with are usually related to 1) her appearance, 2) her friends, 3) boys, and 4) her place in the world at large. This page had some great ideas too!

O, well time to pull out all the COURAGE & miracle juice I can find.  What a BIG  job ahead! Any tips to share?

Pray for me.

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