Friday Four-My Insane ideas

So, how do you celebrate being 38? I Googled it & look what came up?

 Birthday Gift for a 37YearOld Married Woman | eHow.com › Holidays & CelebrationsShare

Gift Ideas for a 37YearOld Woman · Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Mom’s Birthday
                                                                                           Maybe I read it wrong……-should I assume that they are inferring I’m old?
I’m getting up there. I know it…..but in so many ways I still feel 21. Is 37 suppose to feel this great? It just sounds so old to me.  I would love to do something different. Being 37 and married brings with it a certain degree of sophistication and a desire for trendiness.Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

1. Go to a fancy art & wine tasting party OR  some other out of the box social event. I haven’t done anything like that in awhile!

2. Then I thought about going on a date with my husband, but I know for a fact it would end up like any other date. All of the kids would end up tagging along & remember, I want something different.

3. Soon, I pondered having a  Girl’s Night Out with some girl friends. One of them sell relationship tools. Rethinking it, I think I’ll pass on that as well.

4. Right about now, having a day to myself sounds good. Maybe not an entire day; let’s say 4 hours. That’s enough time for a shower, magazine, take out , meditation and if I’m lucky, a sandwich all to myself.  

I JUST found out the kids and my husband have something planned for me…….ok, I’ll take that too.

Whatever I do, it will be in  Pink T & matching tutu, like my friend below-

I’m gonna make it myself and save some mula!

Mrs. Kelle Pressley

-QC Supermom

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